DIY paper heart garland {2}

Hi there! I wanted to hop on tonight and share two quick DIYs! I’m kind of a sap who loves Valentine’s Day – well, this whole month really. I love any excuse to decorate our home, treat and gift fun, love-y things to loved ones and also the emphasis on loving in general. LOVE it ;)

Here’s a super easy DIY that’ll add a cute and cozy touch. Holiday, party or year round decor (if it wasn’t super girly looking, I might actually consider keeping it up longer! :)

Above are all of the I supplies used to make this. I looked through my scrapbook paper and chose grays and pinks for our decor.

I drew a heart, traced it, cut it and hole punch my hearts.

Then lace them (you can use twine or yarn or whatever you can think of as well) and your finished!

(“we’re” on a monster truck kick in this house currently and yes, that is a monster truck tattoo my husb bought for Chasey-boy ;))

Like I said, super simple! Hope you have a wonderful Friday (or Saturday depending on where you’re from ;))!

Click here for more Valentine’s decor or my first heart garland DIY.

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