why you {should} buy that ugly thrift store decor.

Thrift stores have a ton of wood – all different shapes and sizes. Some with weird quotes or sayings, some with cheesy holiday paintings, etc. But oh the possibilities!


Here are a few reasons and ideas for WHY you should buy that ugly decor…

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Yes, yet another chalkboard project, hehe. I’m obsessed. This gift was for our dear friends who got engaged over Christmastime!

I used a drill and added knobs I bought from Hobby Lobby so this can be used to hang keys or jewelry, etc.

diys (5 of 9)My sister is also getting married this year (August!)

diys (3 of 9)

She used this as decoration at her engagement party :)

photo 2-17

Supplies used (for the above projects):

-thrifted wood

-chalkboard paint (pictured above) -this particular kind I have found is my personal favourite! SO incredibly smooth. It is expensive but you wouldn’t believe how far a little bottle can go. $5/6 Hobby Lobby (probably any hobby store – and use a coupon! :)) and ALWAYS let the chalkboard paint dry for at {least} 24 hours preferably 48 hours before using it.

-stickers for the words – make them yourself or buy. I made mine with a Cricut.


-chalk – you can buy an assortment of coloured or white chalk (boxes) at Hobby Lobby for just $2 (for 48 pieces). You can either give an entire box (12 pieces) or use little baggies like I do with just a few pieces with the gift you’ve made them.

DIY gifts for grandparents (or other possibilities!) 

diys (9 of 9)

supplies used:

-thrifted wood

-mini canvases

-printed photos (wallet size)

-modge podge

– mini hooks (painted then screwed into wood) bag of 8 for $2

-ribbon (used hot glue to attatch them so the canveses to hang)

-stickers (I used my cricut but you could buy them)

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My mom sings this song with Chase often so we thought this would be a cute idea :)diyblog
The above was for my mother-in-law. I am kind of regretting not doing something a little more in the middle – like a cute quote. This was for her office so she could see her grand babies everyday (she lives in AK.)

Supplies used:

-This particular project I actually did {NOT} thrift the wood – here is an example of a time it was cheaper to use a coupon and visit a hobby store (it also came with little hooks to hang it)

– ribbon

-photos printed – wallet size

-little mini frames (that actually had little canvases in them which I used for the above gift for my mom) Hobby Lobby $2.80 a piece but used for 2 gifts.

– little hooks (I just screwed them into the bottom of the wood)

-stickers or Cricut and vinyl

Other thrifted items turned gifts:


Left: Gift for my grandparents for their front yard.  Right Top: Jewelry holder for my sister Abie (knobs from Hobby Lobby) Right Bottom: I found a HUGE beer lid and couldn’t pass it up. Made this for my future brother-in-law.

Some things to look/look out for while sorting through thrift store decor:

-Look for ones with a way to hang the piece. Obviously you wouldn’t want to pay more on a piece of wood from a thrift store than one at a hardware or hobby store. The plus about thrifting it – even if the price may be similar to a blank piece you could buy – most of the time the thrifted piece already has a way you could hang the decor.

– Look out for paintings that aren’t smooth on the wood. Because you would most likely paint or modge podge, etc on the wood you would want to be sure the surface is flat. Sanding is an option too, but a little more work for you.

-Look for deals within the thrift store. After holidays most thrift stores put their holiday decor 50% off and I’ve even seen it 75%! This is a perfect time to search for pieces of wood to repurpose.

(not many tips, but I hope that helps)

Below is a photo to show that I DO indeed fail at things I try to create… I tend to show the things that have worked… well, here ya go ;)…20130123-103231.jpg

My friend Brittany and I attempted to make the Starbucks peppermint cake pops. BAHAHAHAHA.

Thanks for popping by! Hope you are inspired and that you look like you have HORRIBLE taste when you now buy that ugly thrifted decor you once turned away from.


12 Days of Creating: Simple Holiday Tree Decor

Day 10 is a super simple way to add some Holiday cheer to a mantle :) You may remember a Paper Tree DIY from a few years ago (shown below)… Well, we’re adding a few simple steps to create a new look.

First, follow the steps from this previous post I wrote DIY paper trees – to make the base. (Excuse the quality of all of the below photos – taken with my phone like most of my DIYs of late!)DIYHolidayTrees-1Once you’ve made your paper trees, grab a hot glue gun and begin winding your material around them. I would start from the tippy top. For material – I used leftover beads, gaudy silver garland ($1 Target section) and lace I had.

534079_10151166887361989_954852192_nMy cute little helper!DIYHolidayTrees-3

9658_10151166888256989_1399975745_nTa-da! You’re done :) Chaseyboy even helped a little!DIYHolidayTrees-4Super simple, and they add a fun, festive touch :)

Our “mantle” until we have a real one someday.


<3, Jami

12 Days of Creating: ‘Days Until’ Chalkboard Sign.

Day 4 is one I’m especially excited to share because it’s one I feel many of you could really enjoy! I found a sign at Hobby Lobby that read “Days Until” but it was around $35 which was a bummer. I looked at the sign and really wanted it but not at that price. I knew I already had chalkboard paint (I’m a little obsessed with my love for chalkboards) and wondered if I could re-create my own! DIYDaysUntilSign-2

Supplies used:

Thrifted piece of wood or probably even a 2 x 4 – I searched the ARC and found this La Toilette sign (it is cute, but not at all my style!) for $1.50.

Chalkboard paint- there is also a spray paint kind but I prefer the can kind. It can be kind of expensive right off the bat ranging from $4-15 but I have used my can for multiple chalkboard project, some of which I will show you here.

Paint brush

Stickers or a cricut and vinyl – I just used what I had leftover from a previous project and it has stuck very well.

9a256c24195311e299e022000a1fb043_7I have already put our sign to good use. I LOVE it! And it’s so simple to make!


Step 1: Paint it. (I put 2 coats on ours)

Step 2: Give it 24 hours to dry (I am not very patient but have learned that this is really important)

Step 3: Add words. You can also have it read “days ’til” or “sleeps until”. After I made it I kind of wished I had done “Sleep until” because that is what we say with Chaseyboy!DIYChalkboardFrame-1

Another use of the chalkboard paint. I decided to find a few pics I had on the computer to show you just how far that little can of chalkboard paint can go.

DIYChalkboardFrame-2See that HUGE chalkboard? Another example of the amazing little can, it even has 2 coats on it! (wall pic is pre- our crazy gallery wall. Hope to blog that soon.)

(chalkboard paint was also used in the little window)

I really hope you enjoyed today’s post! Would make a fun gift or just a great thing to have around for those who love countdowns to fun events/goals/holidays, etc!

xx, Jami

12 Days of Creating: Simple Mason Jar Decor

Hello friends! Welcome to day 2 of 12 Days of Creating! Today is SUPER simple but cute. Let’s spice up some jars to look holiday ready! Don’t worry about ruining your beloved mason jars because this DIY is 100% removable. So with a new season, you can easily slip off the holiday pretties we’re about to add!
diyjarsCollage4Supplies used shown above. The twine/string was from the $1 section at Target. Also helpful to put cute but super active baby in jumperoo and visit HGTV.COM and watch Design star while you create… Oh wait, that’s what I sometimes do! :)


Step 1: Measure your fabric

Step 2: Carefully glue the fabric pieces together without a) burning your finger and b) getting it on the jar. Use paper/cardboard if you need to.

Step 3: Tie a pretty bow and if you want, dab a small piece of glue behind to straighten the bow.

For the second jar look, follow the steps below:


Create a cute bow!embroideryhoopDIY-1-4

Simply follow above steps as you glue the fabric carefully on so not to glue on the jar. Hope you are inspired! These particular jars were decorated for a Ugly Sweater Christmas Party we just had this afternoon. I will post pics of that soon! Stay tuned this week and next for more DIYs and even a few gift ideas!

xx, Jami

Simple Fall Decor.

I don’t know about you, but I am just blown away by how fast this fall – this year – has flown by! I mean, it’s Thanksgiving week already?! Whew.

I realize this post is a little bit late in coming, for the DIY-ers out there but maybe this some of this can spark ideas for your Thanksgiving this week or just ideas for next year decor. Here are some simple fall DIYs:

I was asked to make centerpieces for a non-profit event. It was super fun to think of ideas! I went with simple, because of the quantity and picnic-like because of the setting. Mason jars and used cans (washed) wrapped in muslin. Coffee filter flowers. Little candles wrapped with twine. Super simple but cute!

Painted pumpkins, little owl from the $1 section at Target, felt leaves hung from twine and little clothespins. Rug $5 from IKEA and hand painted: so many possibilities!Very simple DIY using nature, a wreath ($1 section at target), fabric scraps to make rolled flowers and a hot glue gun. This is my twist on an idea(found here via Pinterest) making a twig wreath. Chaseyboy even helped with this one.

Super simple and cute! I saw this cinnamon stick wreath idea not long ago on Pinterest that I might have to try out, since I love this one so much and will be sad to take it down!

I am SO anxious to get the ball rolling on Christmas decor! I have already pulled out our boxes of decor from last year and have begun creating new decor to add to this year. Favourite holiday of the year. And it’s even more fun now that Chase is so into helping out.

Anyone else excited about Christmas time?! The season and traditions?! The smells?! Hehe, can’t wait! Putting our decorations up this weekend you can guarantee.

painting with trucks.

We started a fun tradition when Chaseyboy was a year old and that was, around each of his birthdays he would do a painting of some sort. This year the painting was especially fun for him! I am sharing way late, as he did this right after his 3rd birthday but here it is (all photos taken with my phone);
This year he painted with trucks (I saw a similar idea with cars on Pinterest!) He helped me choose 4 trucks to go in each of the 4 colours.

Super fun and really easy. What a cool project!!

We also made Thank You cards for his birthday gifts. I just cut copier paper in half, folded them in half and he painted them! Very easy and very fitting with his Cars themed birthday party!

If you have a boy or girl who loves cars/trucks this is the {perfect} craft! And could also make the perfect gift for a grandfather’s garage! ;)

DIY paper heart garland {3}

So now, for an even simpler DIY…

So this picture actually lies… I didn’t end up using a hole punch after all, so scratch that :)

You can buy twine at any hobby store or if you’re brave enough, venture to wal-mart. Wal-mart also carries mini clothes pins for half the price of what a hobby store does. $1.97 a bag here. Not bad!

I just cut out little hearts and hung them on twine with mini clothespins.

I added some black and white photos of our little family as well.

Ta-da :)

Easy peasy cute decor.

Night, world.

(Click here for more Valentine’s decor or DIY paper heart garlands {1} and {2})

DIY paper heart garland {2}

Hi there! I wanted to hop on tonight and share two quick DIYs! I’m kind of a sap who loves Valentine’s Day – well, this whole month really. I love any excuse to decorate our home, treat and gift fun, love-y things to loved ones and also the emphasis on loving in general. LOVE it ;)

Here’s a super easy DIY that’ll add a cute and cozy touch. Holiday, party or year round decor (if it wasn’t super girly looking, I might actually consider keeping it up longer! :)

Above are all of the I supplies used to make this. I looked through my scrapbook paper and chose grays and pinks for our decor.

I drew a heart, traced it, cut it and hole punch my hearts.

Then lace them (you can use twine or yarn or whatever you can think of as well) and your finished!

(“we’re” on a monster truck kick in this house currently and yes, that is a monster truck tattoo my husb bought for Chasey-boy ;))

Like I said, super simple! Hope you have a wonderful Friday (or Saturday depending on where you’re from ;))!

Click here for more Valentine’s decor or my first heart garland DIY.

the boys’ room {part 3}

I’ve been doing a little series with photos of the progress on the boys’ room. If ya want, you can check out Part 1 here and Part 2 here. See what we started with :) Their room is really small and one of the main walls (with the window) is all cement (ick!) I was considering painting but since we’re renting and I’ve already painted on huge wall in our home (I needed colour in the living room for my sanity ;)) We decided against painting and instead have made the most with what we could. It’s turning out fun and bright! Chase is loving it! Especially the paper lanterns which he calls balloons :)

I added the boys’ names to the cement wall for colour. Boy S’s name isn’t being announced until Tuesday next week, so I couldn’t share a photo with his name. His name is painted in the aqua blue.

Not much change here with the changing table. A few baskets and the elephant my mom sewed for Chase when he was a baby.

The canvas you see was canvas I got on sale a year ago. I finally used all but two up! The paper lanterns I got on sale at Paperlanterns.com (AMAZING prices!) The curtain was thrifted at the price of $2.50! It is super thick and retro-ish but matches pretty well. I still need to cute and sew the bottom so it fits the window better, but for now…

This was a seriously fun project. I used tape to make my own chevron style pattern. I also used my cricut and vinyl to create the words you see. The “puffy” words are from 2 packages of stickers I bought half off at Hobby Lobby!

The boys’ closet is tiny so we added 3 poles to hold clothes and also a over the door rack for their coats and hoodies and such. I’m in awe how much a tiny closet can hold :) When I shut the door, I can pop up this thrifted green chair which I sit on sometimes as Chase falls asleep in his bed.

I still have some work to do on this wall but here is what it looks like currently. I need to move the You are my Sunshine canvas up so I can add a frame with a copy of Boy S’s footprints and stats.

I still need to hang this IKEA bar and hooks below the frames and above the dresser to hold little buckets of things.

The little tricycle you see was a thrifted find that I painted to make it a bit more modern to fit the boys’ room style. At some point, I want to hang the kid skateboard up on the wall (which isn’t pictured because it’s blank and unfinished) above S’s bed. I have a plan to do that entire wall with shelves like the skateboard and photos from pregnancy, newborn and different stages in both boy’s life.

The boys’ room is really, really bright during almost all hours of the day. This curtain is pretty thick and it helps to keep the room looking softly lit for the boys’ naptimes.

I’m pretty excited that their room is {mostly} finished before S comes in just {6 days} now!! Thanks for popping in :)




Gifts made with modge podge.

I am pretty crazy about modge podge and here are a few simple and cute ideas using this amazing stuff! I follow the Prudent Baby and she absolutely inspires me. She posted a few easy coaster DIYs on her blog and I decided to do these as a small gift for a bunch of my extended family members.  Because I know a lot of my family reads our blog, I will post some that I made for our (future) home!

I made gift sets of coasters and magnets and will be sharing both on this post. So heads up, this is probably going to be a long post!

Supplies used to make coasters;

6 3×3 tiles – (16 cents a piece from home depot!)

modge podge

paint brush

crafting paper/scrap paper – (I bought individual sheets at Hobby Lobby because then I could pick, choose and piece together what I thought matched my family member’s homes or personality)

paper cutter (or xacto knife or scissors)

felt (or cork) for the bottoms

hot glue gun (or rubber cement) to put the bottoms on


Trace and cut

I cut mine a little less an 3 in by 3 in because I like the white edged look. You’ll see what I mean in a sec :)

paint one layer of glue on tile and carefully place paper

set a timer for 20 min and then add a layer of modge podge on top. Set time again for 20 min. You’ll do this a total of 5 times.

(optional part) Once completely dried,  dampen #400 sandpaper and lightly sand until smooth.

The final step is to add felt or cork to the bottom and then you’re done!

(I did ours to match my dream living room colours. I’ve shared before but our colours are teal, with black and white accents and splashes of pink which remind us of Eisley :))

How to  make magnets:

Supplies used:

glass gems (big pack for $3 at Hobby Lobby)

paper scraps from coasters

modge podge :)

paint brush

scissors or xacto knife

magnets for back

hot glue gun (for magnets)

How to DIY:

Trace and cut.

Add a light layer of modge podge and carefully place paper in center.

I let it try for 20 min, added a layer on top. I did this twice.

Once dried, hot glue magnets to back and you’re finished!

(This is a little saying I like and a cartoon my grandpa cut out for my brother)
These are fairly simple and hopefully the recipients will enjoy them!

This will be my last DIY post for this week (probably). Please keep us in your prayers as it’s already proven to be an incredible hard week but we’re pressing into each other as we miss our sweet E. Thanks for loving us so.

Much love, Jami