“Falling” Felt Snowflakes DIY

Hi friends! Can you believe it’s already December?! Hope you’re enjoying this new season.

As I made the “falling” felt leaves, I immediately thought of how pretty felt snowflakes and a snowflake garland would be. Hence this pretty DIY project. Our decor is a little bit of Christmas but mostly winter season. Our colour scheme is white, silver and teal so my projects will be in those colours, but remember you can do whatever colours or patterns you want!

You should make these while all cozied up to Christmas music or movie.

Supplies needed:

Felt – I bought half all white and half sparkle white. The sparkled ones are my favourite but they are 10 cents more at a hobby store.

Scissors, marker for tracing, fishing line to hang.

I used a x-acto knife for the more entraquite parts but you don’t have to.

After some time my finger was really hurting. You really only need a few to spruce up the windows, if that’s what you want. I kind of went over board.

My finger is actually bruised, haha. 

SIDE NOTE; I googled snowflake patterns and I found this site and they not only had the cutest snowflake patterns, they also had a pretty snowflake garland so if you want to make that instead… there ya go! (I am making a snowflake garland with a different type of string then what they chose. Will post photos when finished, because I still need to add some teal felt to it as well.)

Wanna Do It Yourself?

Print off this pattern.

Cut out and trace onto felt.

Cut out.

Use x-acto if needed.

String with needle and fishing line and then hang them.

Stand back and admire :)

Side note: You may be wondering how we close the curtains? These all just slide smoothly to the center and I fix them in the morning when the curtains are opened. Takes a sec.

I will be posting a few more handmade Christmas gift ideas this week. Next week stay tuned for a simple and cheap DIY winter display, as well as other DIYs. Maybe a yummy Christmasy dessert too! 

 {Happy December}

9 thoughts on ““Falling” Felt Snowflakes DIY

  1. MaryEllen says:

    Are these patterns still available by any chance? I’d LOVE to work on this project with my girl scouts this winter!

    Thanks so much!


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