Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas (1-3); gifts with frames.

Here are some fairly simple, resonably priced and most importantly, heartfelt handmade gift ideas.

This group of gift ideas are different gifts based around a picture frame :)

 Supplies needed for gift # 1:

frame (check your closets, we had a few just lying around)

paint (maybe pick colours that would match their home or a favourite colour of theirs)

scrapbook paper or fabric


needles (or a marker if you want to just write instead of hand stitch)


quote or verse or words describing the person you’re creating for

Use a pencil to lightly draw/write what you want. Make sure you double and triple check your spelling, dates, etc. I made this and my stomach dropped as I realized, I had written the wrong date! 

(mine wasn’t actually a gift, as you can see, but you can make it a gift)

Gift idea #2 (below):

This framed gift uses most of the same supplies as the above gift minus the paint and needle and thread.

I used a quote, a fram e the $1 frame section (at either walmart or target), scrapbook paper, scissors, maker & tape.

Gift Idea 3:

Supplies needed:

frame (I bought the ugliest frame for super cheap at the thrift store click here to see frame before)

paint and paintbrush

scrapbook paper

tissue paper (optional)

quote, verse or words


buttons and ribbon

More gift ideas coming soon. Along with DIY Christmas decor but mostly winter season decor which is able to stay up longer :) AND I’ve recently realized I enjoy {baking} and am planning on making ONE holiday/seasonal dessert a week, not a night, we’re trying to be healthy so that would be kinda silly :)

Stay tuned friends! A {REALLY} cute, fun, fairly simple and cheap DIY coming December 1st!!!

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