Tis the season to be… {coping}.

When I used to hear or read “coping” I would often think of it as a bad thing. Now I realize it’s not… or at least it doesn’t have to be. It all depends on how you cope.

This holiday season has already proven to be incredibly difficult. Where typically I would be enthusiastic and excited to the Christmas season, I find myself dreading the “season to be jolly”. It’s another reminder that my girl is gone and we will be celebrating this season without her. That is so hard for me to wrap my mind around. It’s an incredible confusing time and emotionally draining to be in a season of “cheer” while everything in you is grieving. It’s actually kind of traumatic.

I’m going to be spending this holiday season not only pouring my heart into Ted and Chase and family but also in creating. I began “A Handmade Thanksgiving” with the hope of getting myself up and inspired to continue moving forward and found creating to be {very} theraputic. I guess right now it’s one way that I have found to help me cope.


So I’ve decided I am going to do the same for the Christmas holiday and winter season as well. It might sound bad, but I want to keep myself busy so I don’t sit and wallow in an unhealthy way. I will grieve every day and especially as Eisley’s due date nears, and Christmas comes and I’m wishing she was celebrating with us, but as I want to create as I grieve. I need a healthy outlet and I’ve found this to be one.

Good news is that YOU will benefit from my outlet ;) as I will be sharing handmade gift ideas, DIY projects for Christmas and winter home decor, some yummy dessert recipes (I’m not a cook, but I’ve recently learned, I love baking!) Stay tuned tomorrow, I will be posting 3 gift ideas!

One thought on “Tis the season to be… {coping}.

  1. Wayne and Ann says:

    Your posts always bless and inspire me! We made the pumpkin cookies and they were a huge hit here! You and your family are in our hearts and we pray for you all consistently! Our love, Ann and Wayne


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