Today I was able to blog surf a bit and I found this cute idea to post your Instagram photos on your blog once a week. I have a bunch of other blog posts I should be doing, but they are more time-consuming. So for today, something simple; Insta-Friday.

life rearranged

This is what Chase was doing just happened minutes ago. He loves the iPad for musical purposes; drums, guitar, sitar, piano, xylophone.

My son might be a crazy one, but he’s also a quirky one as well. Very particular with some things. Like the above photo shows. This was at our church Sunday.

This here is my setup almost daily. It’s my cleaning buddy. Music makes cleaning and doing dishes more bearable. Speaking of dishes…

A DISHWASHER! My grandparents found this beauty at a garage sale. I almost cried when I saw it. Still haven’t been able to use it once because we’re waiting on a part, but she’s sure pretty! It’s the kind that hooks up to the sink because there isn’t a wall attachment. I am oh so excited!

Family trip to Windsor Lake “beach”. Ted would build a sand castle and Chase would destroy it :)

Boy zoning out, with an english muffin in his mouth, while taking daddy to work.

This week I finished a custom ordered wedding album (this was for a rehearsal dinner). So much fun!

No matter what I do, I’ll {never} be as blonde as my boys :) Maybe Boy S will come along and be the first of our 3 kiddos to have brown hair?!?! Curious and curiouser.

Side note: While I’m here, talking about my blondies, I get asked all the time if Ted is albino or if he colours his hair. So just FYI if you’re super curious… the answer is NO to both :) Not albino and it’s all natural!

THE best thing we received in the mail this week! TOMS gift card for shoes for Boy S from our friend Courtney!

Thank you, Home Depot, for your awesome carts which make shopping ten times more fun (and easier for us!)

Our hallway chalkboard which I change once a week with a new challenge or encouraging quote, verse, or saying.

Chase’s artwork for daddy.

Yep, there was a skunk in our window well.

In our household, this is how we fight dinosaurs.

My love.

I’ll end with this recommendation. Ah-mazingly adorable movie. I am a lover of animated movies and this made it to my list of animated faves!

Well, that was kind of fun. This proved to be a fun and simple weekly blog post idea!

I am playing major catch-up with the photo challenge I did last month. I finished but not with editing. Blog post on that and also about this pregnancy part 3, I think and a few other posts I have lined up, one is a DIY! Thanks for popping in.

{Happy Weekend!!} 

Tomorrow we’re celebrating Chase’s 2nd birthday with friends and family!





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