Little Baby D, 3 Months.

Today we had our appointments in Arvada; a weight check-up for Chase and a 3 month check-up on little baby D.

(Side note: Even though we are 1 hour & 20/30 minutes North in Ft. Collins, we still travel down for appointments. I really like Chase’s pediatric clinic and i love, love, love my doctor who delivered Chase. So we’re sticking with the drive down because we feel it’s worth it.)

Baby decided to play some serious hide and seek when it came to finding his/her heartbeat today, which to be honest, terrified me. Ted said he was worried too. Finally we heard it’s little strong and steady heartbeat! Little baby D is growing well and shockingly I’ve lost 1/2 pound, haven’t gained anything since last months appointment. Odd, because I’m eating all of the time and have only thrown up twice now! I won’t lie, I didn’t mind. This pregnancy I do not need to gain a lot, so I’m not at all worried. So wanna see the baby bump?

I’m showing a lot sooner than with Chase and can’t help but wonder if this belly will be bigger than with him. Whew, that would be crazy!

Okay, a little about “Chasey Boy”. He’s has gained 2 lbs and 9oz since his checkup where we realized he hadn’t gained a pound in 2 months. (Remember, I didn’t realize I was prego, so my milk was running out then.) So he’s back up, I mean he’s getting there. He’s a healthy 20 lbs 9oz nd he is walking everywhere now! There is a video here of him walking. Check it out.

Thanks for checkin’ in on us! I love comments and knowing who reads this stuff, so feel free to do so ;)

Today’s Appointment

40w 4d
At 11:40 we had an appointment, where I was hoping to hear news of some kind of progress. Nothing. :/ It’s still in the same position, high and posterior.
I was discouraged, but I kind of expected that nothing was happening. Our baby is really comfortable the way he/she is and I am beginning to think that he/she is going to stay that way until the end.
They then had us go out for lunch so I was well fed and ready to be monitored for an hour or so, and to come back. So we ate and hurried back. They began monitoring baby and me, and I was having random contractions, but nothing special. Our baby is “text book perfect”!!! A sigh of relief today.
Today the midwife had to see me because Dr. Hill was in meetings, so we had to wait all afternoon to hear what he had to say about my check up and what he wanted to do.
My blood pressure was high today, which might have been anxiety, but we’re not sure. Tomorrow we have a 10:20 am MST appointment. If my blood pressure is still high and the baby has not shifted down then we will have to have a cesarean…
The past 5 days, since our thursday morning appointment, have been emotionally draining and challenging. I know that if I was overdue, but they still thought I would have the baby naturally, then I would be at peace. Because I know that the possibility of me having a c-section is very high right now, it’s been a long weekend and today was the worst. Ted and I are just ready and done with this waiting game. We don’t like hearing, “come back tomorrow and we’ll decide what to do…” every time.
I am so anxious to meet our baby and having him/her in the safest way possible is my greatest desire.
I am thankful that I didn’t have to have a c-section so suddenly that I wasn’t prepared. What I mean is at least I have had the weekend to really think about this as a reality and prepare emotionally if this really is my reality.
Please pray for us, for tomorrow’s appointment. Our Doctor is a christian man and please pray that God really guide him in what is best for our baby. Thank you for caring, praying and encouraging us!
We’re SO excited to become parents, most likely this week, and to meet our baby. I personally can’t wait to find out BOY OR GIRL and to call him/her by name!!!!

Because I’m Still Waiting…

40 weeks 2 days (today).

40 week belly. Taking one of yourself, just doesn’t do it justice. I’m huge!

Garage sale find: $1.50 play mat

Garage sale find: $2 Lamaze baby toys

Today’s thrift store find: $12 changing table!

This one’s for mom. All set up!

We rearranged. Our crib is no longer right next to the bed.

Thrift store find: $1.50 brown, green and white elephant pillow!

Matches our baby bedding! I laughed when I first saw it! I had to buy it!

Momma’s go thrift/garage saleing! The only problem about going garage saleing while prego is when people see your belly, they try and get you to buy everything they have that is baby! I kept telling them “I don’t know the sex.” Which still didn’t help!

Week 39: Progress!

Bags packed and ready to go!

Me & Baby @ 39 weeks


He/she continues to build a layer of fat to help control his body temperature after birth, but it’s likely he/she already measures about 20 inches and weighs a bit over 7 pounds! The outer layers of his/her skin are sloughing off as new skin forms underneath.

Still pretty active inside and definitely getting lower and lower with each day. Some days I feel as though he/she is going to fall out!
I’ve had a few new ailments this week, which is a good sign! Beginning on Wednesday morning I’ve had cramping off and on along with pretty strong but irregular contractions. I know this sounds terrible, but for me it makes me feel like we are getting closer! I am also extremely exhausted by the time afternoon hits. The past month I wasn’t napping regularly because my mind would not rest and so I didn’t even try to nap. Now it’s a must! I can’t function unless I nap some days!
Part of that could be that I’ve overworked myself this week, more than I have in a while. My mom was in town from Tuesday – yesterday and we did so much deep cleaning in our house to finish everything I wanted done!

Thank you Mom, you’re such a blessing. You’re amazing!
Oh and my swelling has gone up a level! Since Tuesday I’ve only really seen my ankle bones occasionally. I’ve never seen my feet and ankles like this. I officially have kankles by evening :)
I’ve been pretty impatient since the #4 of the 5 of us had her baby. I was just a tad anxious. The past few days I’ve calmed down a bit. I’ve been trying to find ways to naturally get our baby to come a few days early (mostly because I have 3 friends leaving town on Tuesday and one of them is from Australia). I’ve been walking a lot. This morning Ted really pushed me to do 3 laps at the park’s trail next to our house. He is pretty anxious too!
Baby will be coming soon, and with every cramp, ache and strong contraction I know we are getting closer! 6 more days until the actual due date. It’s hard to believe!
p.s we arranged our room and moved our crib! I finally gave in after feeling so claustrophobic and it’s great and spacious now!

Week 33; Oh, This Belly!

33 weeks and counting!

Up close and I still don’t think this does me justice. I AM bigger than this!

Baby is sticking WAY out.

From my point of view, I have no toes.

Well, here we are! 7ish weeks away! And just look at this belly of mine- it’s insane and only to get bigger (which is so unbelievable)!

Baby E/C:
Our baby weighs approximately 4.5 pounds and has passed the 17-inch mark. He/she rapidly losing that wrinkled, alien look and his skeleton is hardening. The bones in baby’s skull aren’t fused together, which allows them to move and slightly overlap, thus making it easier for him/her to fit through the birth canal. Rapid brain growth has increased the baby’s head size approximately 3/8 of an inch this week. And fat continues to accumulate which turns the baby’s skin color from red to pink.

Our baby is measuring a week ahead (so 34 wks) as of yesterday. The funny thing is the past two weeks I’ve been experiencing the most intense back pain during pregnancy yet. I asked her about this and when she measured me, she said, “This is why you’ve been experiencing sudden back pain.” Now, this unfortunately does not bring our due date a bit closer because at this rate the baby is packing on fat and inches and each baby grows at it’s own pace. So while this week our baby is measuring a week ahead, two weeks from now I could be right where I am supposed to be.

It’s really only ONE weeks difference and I am trying to not get my hopes up!

Good news; baby is head down still ( I thought one day he/she wasn’t, and I was wrong) AND is dropping, but hasn’t quite yet.

I think I am more in awe of my growing baby and bump then ever before. I can only imagine this will get even more incredible by the time I am 40 weeks. I keep peeking down and holding a mirror to see my stretching belly and wondering why on earth I still have no stretch marks! I can guarantee by the end I will, I mean I have to! I am not sleeping very good at all right now and thankfully I am about to take my maternity leave. I honestly didn’t think I would need it, but the closer we get to our due date, the more tired I become. I’ve heard horror stories, so really I can’t complain though. I’m 33 weeks in and feeling really great! Um, other than when they weigh me at the doctors. I’ve officially hit the 30 pound mark! YIKES! I try and calm myself by subtracting the baby’s weight, my chest weight and all of the fluids, etc… (ha) and still can’t believe it!

My newest “ailment” is my right hip. I think, wait I know, my hips are spreading. I feel this terrible pain in my right hip and thankfully the baby is most comfortable when I sleep on my left side, otherwise I don’t know what I would do. Two different nights this week, I was walking like I needed a hip replacement. One of those times was when Ted and I were trying to pick out a movie for our home date. I could barely walk!  We don’t have a bath tub so that has been hard this pregnancy and now before I go to bed I take a hot shower and aim it towards my back especially. That seems to help a ton most nights. So I guess that’s a prayer request. Everything else seems good!

A funny story before I get off;
Every night Ted and I sing ‘You are my sunshine’ to the baby and the more tired I am, the more hysterical the singing becomes, with every word I am breathing it out sometimes instead of singing. It takes a lot more of my oxygen, having our baby growing so big inside! Last night topped every night so far. I was lying on my back (I can’t lay on my right side and Ted always wants to put his mouth to my tummy when singing) and we started singing and I was so wiped out that I started out fine and by the time I was at “sunshine” my voice went super high and shrill. Ted and I just started laughing. It was pretty funny. Our poor baby! No, really he/she loves it. I know this because we can honestly say, as soon as we start our singing, baby begins to move even despite his/her mommy’s tired singing. We adore it, but definitely can’t wait to have him/her lying between us when we sing. Oh golly!!

Sorry about the not so great prego photos this week. I was impatient and did self portraits (which are always interesting) and this morning Ted finally took one for me as we rushed out the door.
Well, love yas!

Maternity Photoshoot Part1

This is what I’ve decided to post for now. We weren’t able to do everything I wanted to because of the time- we ran out!! So Ted and I will be heading out again very soon and finishing the rest of what I wanted. This was such a blast. Hope you love and enjoy them as much as me! We also did shots with our baby girl and our baby boy name but obviously that won’t be posted until after the birth. Something to look forward to!

Mile Marker 30!

Okay so I was going to just use the painted face belly photo as our week 30 picture. But today I freaked out and realized how badly I will probably want pictures later on of the 30 weeks baby bump! It’s a mile marker. 10,20,30 then the big 4 0 !

I had to post the top photo cuz check out the booty I have! I’m liking it at least right now, haha. We’ll see at 40 weeks.

30 Weeks Already?!

Above photos:
My mom, sister and I painted our bedroom/baby room yesterday! Here is a pic of my 30 week belly and a painted face which I did from the top. I couldn’t even see the lips til I looked in a mirror! haha. I also added a lip ring for Ted just for memouries sake. Sneak peak of the colours behind me!

10ish weeks ’til we meet our precious baby!

You know your prego when- you love to touch your growing belly and find your hand on your tummy more often than not!

Baby is about 16 inches long now, and he/she weighs almost 3 pounds. A pint and a half of amniotic fluid surrounds baby, but that volume will decrease as baby gets bigger and takes up more room in my uterus. Baby’s eyesight continues to develop, though it’s not very keen; even after he/she’s born, baby will keep her eyes closed for a good part of the day. When baby does open them, he/she’ll respond to changes in light but will have 20/400 vision — which means he/she can only make out objects a few inches from his/her face. (Normal adult vision is 20/20.) His/her grip is now strong enough to grasp a finger too! Our baby has the hiccups a lot, in fact most of the time it is when the baby is head down. Poor baby! Today he/she had them so hard that my whole tummy was rocking to the rythym. Just like mommy in that way already – I seem to get hiccups a lot.

Growing baby = growing belly. Loving my baby and baby bump. I am getting more achy and it’s been harder to sleep lately, but nothing unbearable yet. I awoke to heartburn one night and had it for 45 min. straight! I was confused because I thought it had to do with indigestion. My swelling is 10x better due to drinking lots of water and going for walks whenever I can, so that’s a blessing. Somedays I do wish I wasn’t naturally petite and 5’1, but that is something I really need to get over and face the reality that I will always be this small, so in pregnancy I will always be this big and almost abnormal looking. Actually… most definetely abnormal looking! Seriously, it’s a miracle my body can stretch this far and carry this baby so far out! Kind of amazing!

I’ve truly enjoyed this experience of being pregnant so much. I realize more and more each week the reality of this and the fact that God’s entrusted us with our baby and he/she will be arriving before we know it! Sometimes it scares me but most times I have this excitement within that I can’t explain.

Ted and I went for a walk around the pond by our work and talked about how much God has really been preparing us, molding us and really challenging us in our integrity and in our walks with Him. All in preparation to being parents. We’ve really grown in this season, the past 30 weeks, in many ways and it excites me so much for what is just around the corner. God has really and truly lovingly challenged me to trust Him completely. For those of you who know me, this part is the hard part. Trusting Him completely means letting go of everything and putting it in His hands. Please pray for me in this, because it is something that I have struggled with for years. I want to bring our baby into this world, letting him or her know how trustworthy God is and how they never need to doubt Him. But it is something I myself kind of need to understand and believe first!

The past month I have also struggled with feeling extremely lonely, which is something I haven’t felt in a long time. I think that it’s some kind of attack on me before becoming a mommy. Please pray for me! I want to bring our baby into this world in joy and peace. Ted has been amazing through this all but this is something we both want to see change. I want to walk in truth of who I am!

Oh and about our maternity photoshoot… we had to reschedule due to something that came up on saturday and we are now doing a 31 week photoshoot. I told our two friends that will be helping us with this, that if I get a stretch mark between now and then, how crazy that would be! I’m hoping for a beautiful day and good memouries to be captured. So look forward to them!

Much love,
Jami & Baby E/C

Week 29: Brown Nose & Swollen Toes.

I have had the mask of pregnancy since about 6 months prego. Which is basically darkening of my skin on my face, not in a way which makes me look tan either! I guess it supposed to look like a mask, which mine doesn’t quite. I have a nose that looks more and more brown each week- basically because of my freckles darkening! I also have a few blotches on my cheeks too. I feel like Rudolph only with a brown nose! Another slow, steady change is my swelling feet, which I think I previously referred to them as troll legs and that definetly still applies. I love the morning times, when I can see my ankle shape because usually by the evening they are swollen!

Baby E/C:
Our baby is about 2 1/5-3 pounds and is between fifteen and seventeen inches tall from head to heel. His/her brain can detect rhythmic breathing and control body temperature, so he or she is less likely to need breathing assistance if baby was born early. Baby is growing eyelashes, adding fat, and developing his/her brain. Because of brain wave activity, researchers have speculated that babies can even dream at this time! (Incredible)!11 weeks (give or take) ’til we know if our baby is an E or a C! If this baby has blond hair like daddy or dark hair like mommy, blue eyes or hazel, long baby or small, personality, facial expressions………..!

I just read that as levels of prolactin increase in my body, my breasts may secrete colostrum. This is true and is happening, I kind of freaked out at first! Um, yeah never had this happen before! The process has begun, maybe and hopefully this means I will produce a lot of milk for our baby! Prolactin also has a sedating effect, and I seriously feel like I need to take naps the way I did in the first trimester. My uterus is now in a position where it exerts pressure on my bladder and I make even more frequent trips to the bathroom! A little crazy-yet-fun fact… my uterus is now 1,000 times bigger than when I first began!

I enjoy the sunny weather lately and go for at least one walk a day, which has made the swelling a little better! Ted’s been amazing and patient; walking with his little prego waddling wife. Um, yes I am a waddler now, the farther baby grows out, the more I waddle! What used to take us minutes to talk or run, now takes us twice as long!

I added “current cravings” on the list of things > to your right. I’ve gotten a little obsessed with polls and held back making another, but I did add that fun little guy. Enjoy!

Love much!
Jami & Baby E/C