Today’s Appointment

40w 4d
At 11:40 we had an appointment, where I was hoping to hear news of some kind of progress. Nothing. :/ It’s still in the same position, high and posterior.
I was discouraged, but I kind of expected that nothing was happening. Our baby is really comfortable the way he/she is and I am beginning to think that he/she is going to stay that way until the end.
They then had us go out for lunch so I was well fed and ready to be monitored for an hour or so, and to come back. So we ate and hurried back. They began monitoring baby and me, and I was having random contractions, but nothing special. Our baby is “text book perfect”!!! A sigh of relief today.
Today the midwife had to see me because Dr. Hill was in meetings, so we had to wait all afternoon to hear what he had to say about my check up and what he wanted to do.
My blood pressure was high today, which might have been anxiety, but we’re not sure. Tomorrow we have a 10:20 am MST appointment. If my blood pressure is still high and the baby has not shifted down then we will have to have a cesarean…
The past 5 days, since our thursday morning appointment, have been emotionally draining and challenging. I know that if I was overdue, but they still thought I would have the baby naturally, then I would be at peace. Because I know that the possibility of me having a c-section is very high right now, it’s been a long weekend and today was the worst. Ted and I are just ready and done with this waiting game. We don’t like hearing, “come back tomorrow and we’ll decide what to do…” every time.
I am so anxious to meet our baby and having him/her in the safest way possible is my greatest desire.
I am thankful that I didn’t have to have a c-section so suddenly that I wasn’t prepared. What I mean is at least I have had the weekend to really think about this as a reality and prepare emotionally if this really is my reality.
Please pray for us, for tomorrow’s appointment. Our Doctor is a christian man and please pray that God really guide him in what is best for our baby. Thank you for caring, praying and encouraging us!
We’re SO excited to become parents, most likely this week, and to meet our baby. I personally can’t wait to find out BOY OR GIRL and to call him/her by name!!!!

2 thoughts on “Today’s Appointment

  1. The Wellingtons says:

    So it's kinda crazy that we don't actually know each other, but it seems we have definitely been on a very similar journey. I found out today that my cervix is also very high/posterior. The dr. I saw on Friday had casually said it was really hard to reach, but I didn't really understand the implications until today. My dr. told me the same thing as yours… that if I was to go in labor today, I'd surely have to have a c-section because of how high my cervix still is. I'm going Wed. (my due date) for an ultrasound & NST and then she said we'll wait until Monday to discuss options if it still hasn't dropped and he's still in there. I don't know if I totally understand it… if I start having contractions or my water breaks or something, is it possible the cervix could still be high and I'd end up having to have a c-section? Or would I just not go into labor naturally unless it had also dropped? I didn't really digest any of it until after I left my appt today, so I'll have to ask more on Wednesday. I'm trying to just stay open-minded because I realize I'm not in control here. We're just praying and regardless, we'll do what's best for the baby. It's definitely not what I imagined though… if your blood pressure isn't high tomorrow, will you continue to wait it out?


  2. Simply Me says:

    Let me know what happens tomorrow even if you don't blog about it. If you do have a c-section and want to call me about what to expect again or any questions that you or Ted might have please feel free!X


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