Week 29: Brown Nose & Swollen Toes.

I have had the mask of pregnancy since about 6 months prego. Which is basically darkening of my skin on my face, not in a way which makes me look tan either! I guess it supposed to look like a mask, which mine doesn’t quite. I have a nose that looks more and more brown each week- basically because of my freckles darkening! I also have a few blotches on my cheeks too. I feel like Rudolph only with a brown nose! Another slow, steady change is my swelling feet, which I think I previously referred to them as troll legs and that definetly still applies. I love the morning times, when I can see my ankle shape because usually by the evening they are swollen!

Baby E/C:
Our baby is about 2 1/5-3 pounds and is between fifteen and seventeen inches tall from head to heel. His/her brain can detect rhythmic breathing and control body temperature, so he or she is less likely to need breathing assistance if baby was born early. Baby is growing eyelashes, adding fat, and developing his/her brain. Because of brain wave activity, researchers have speculated that babies can even dream at this time! (Incredible)!11 weeks (give or take) ’til we know if our baby is an E or a C! If this baby has blond hair like daddy or dark hair like mommy, blue eyes or hazel, long baby or small, personality, facial expressions………..!

I just read that as levels of prolactin increase in my body, my breasts may secrete colostrum. This is true and is happening, I kind of freaked out at first! Um, yeah never had this happen before! The process has begun, maybe and hopefully this means I will produce a lot of milk for our baby! Prolactin also has a sedating effect, and I seriously feel like I need to take naps the way I did in the first trimester. My uterus is now in a position where it exerts pressure on my bladder and I make even more frequent trips to the bathroom! A little crazy-yet-fun fact… my uterus is now 1,000 times bigger than when I first began!

I enjoy the sunny weather lately and go for at least one walk a day, which has made the swelling a little better! Ted’s been amazing and patient; walking with his little prego waddling wife. Um, yes I am a waddler now, the farther baby grows out, the more I waddle! What used to take us minutes to talk or run, now takes us twice as long!

I added “current cravings” on the list of things > to your right. I’ve gotten a little obsessed with polls and held back making another, but I did add that fun little guy. Enjoy!

Love much!
Jami & Baby E/C

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