our new health blog & a small victory

Today I created a new blog called Our journey to health where I will post about our journey as a family to a holisitc approach to health. We’re starting from scratch though and we need your help. If you have advice, please comment on our health blog. Thank you much :)


I also just really wanted to share… remember The Paper Mama Photo Challenge; Fall I entered?! Well my photo was picked as #2 in the top 5!

The Paper Mama

Check it out here and be sure to check out the #1 photo too, it’s so awesome. I was just really excited and had to share with you all :) It actually really was an encouragment to me that day I found out. It brightened my day.

15 Months.

I’ve enjoyed living without this for over a year. Ladies, you know what I am talking about because you can see the pain in my eyes. Okay, maybe not. ;)

Yes, it’s back, that good ol’ “time of the month”.

And yes, I am writing about this on my blog. I am just kind of in shock because I believed people when they told me this wouldn’t happen while b-feeding! Obviously, that’s a wives tale!

Also, I have to put working out on hold because of the pain of the above and the pain of falling down hardwood stairs at my parents yesterday! I had my arms full, but thankfully not with Chase!!! We don’t think I broke anything, although I do have swelling and bruising in my left shoulder, hand, hip and bum! Please pray for a quick recovery. :)

Can you believe I am whining about pain, having gone through a day of my labor without meds…?! (Birth story part 1 coming soon!)

Yes but this pain is without a purpose! Hahahaha :)

Oh, The Nerve.

Here I am, trying to be punny, haha.

Basically here is the short of it. I’ve been doing the 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels since New Years Day. As well as walking and jogging every other day (or trying to).
I overworked my abs causing what I think was a pinched or raw nerve. Friday evening I was in so much pain, I could barely walk. I felt horrible. With the help of my friend Petra, who has had, not just one, but two c sections, I was able to realize, it was probably a raw nerve.
I took two nights off of working out, in order to let my body calm down. I am now pain free and jumping back into working out today, only this time, I will take it easy on my abs. Pray for me?
I will say, I’ve been AMAZED at the results of working out, already! Yay for that!!

A Mini Conquering of the World.

My own personal Jillian Michael’s aka CayeDee Rhoades (my dear friend) is helping kick my butt back to shape. I am so grateful for her. I personally see the advantage to having accountability. For some reason getting myself back into being healthy has been very hard this time. It’s like I had lost all self control.

I am relearning to be {disciplined} and honestly, I am loving it. I already feel so much better!

As cliche as this may sound, we began working out hardcore on New Years Day. Yes, that was just a few days ago, but I am so determined to keep this up. Why? Because I am already feeling GREAT.

I desired to run by the time Chase was 6 months old and I didn’t think it was possible, but I am proud to say I was able to jog!

We also worked on strength mixed with cardio with my christmas gift from CayeDee “30 Day Shred” by Jillian Michaels. I was even able to do ab workouts, and I did feel twinges with my incision but nothing painful!

I finished the first day and literally teared up. I felt like I had conquered the world. I had been telling myself “I can’t, I can’t, I can’t.” and I did!

Anyways, just wanted to update. Pray for me to continue to have discipline, self control and a healthy view of myself.

Goal Accomplished and My New Do.

I lost 7/8 pounds by Christmas Day!  Honestly ALL due to dropping soda! Amazing, isn’t it?!
However, I am still pretty far off from my main goal. I received a lot of gift cards for new clothing and honestly, I was pretty disheartened when I went shopping at Plato’s Closet with my husb. I still have a little ways to go. I am trying to be okay with where I am at, having a healthy body image. Pray for me in this!
I am setting another goal and will post that soon. For now, here is my new do. Just wanted to share. :)
I am still growing my hair out, but this time with layers and bangs!

DP Free!

I am officially 3 pounds away from my goal of losing 10 pounds by Christmas!! Remember my last post, one month ago?! Yeah, since then I’ve lost 7 pounds! Okay, so not a lot or even double digits but something.

I am {encouraged}.

I’ve been walking when I can and I have dropped Dr. Pepper completely! Yes, It’s true and I think I am even more proud of THAT than even the weight loss! When I did decide to have a glass on a date night with Ted is just wasn’t as satisfying. I don’t need it anymore!

I’d like to thank my own personal Jillian Michaels (biggest loser) aka CayeDee Rhoades for really, really challenging me to move forward and not settle for where I am at.

When I am home with Chase I will sometimes watch morning shows, like Regis and Kelley, the Today Show  or Rachael Ray and it seems like lately they’ve everywhere I turn it’s about walking, running and being fit! I also watch the Biggest Loser and am inspired. I want to be running by the time Chase is 6/7 months!

WOOHOO. So, so encouraged! I can do this!

FOREVER 21 here I (almost) come!

Forever 21.

I am still walking, not everyday but most! This past week food poisoning knocked me out for 2 whole days! Ugh!

I can’t wait until I feel ready to run! I am still a wimp with my incision. I still feel the twinges and sharp pain here and there. Once I feel ready, probably in two months at Chase’s half birthday, I will run!
Please pray for me to be strong in self control! I really need to drop another 17 pounds in order to be healthy for my height, but most importantly I want to be healthy!
So far breast feeding has only helped keep the pounds off from how awfully I’ve eaten since I had Chase. So yay for that, but I can’t help but wonder where I would be if I would have started right away.
Oh well.
I set a goal of 8-10 pounds by Christmas which is 48 days away. I could lose just 2 or even 1 pound a week, that’s attainable! If I reach my goal, then my sister and I are going to Forever 21 and pick out a new outfit for me!
8-10 pounds. Forever 21. Here I come!

Starting Over.

I’ve had my reality check. I’ve had my meltdown.

I’ve set more realistic goals.
I was reading an article in BabyTalk and in it, it encourages you to “focus on your health, not whether you can fit into your jeans”. It also talks about being realistic, buddying up and giving yourself credit where it’s due.
“Creating life is a sacred experience. It can offer a new perspective on what matters most. And we can assure you, it’s not fitting into your old jeans.”

This made me laugh. And encouraged me.
I did gain an unreasonable amount. Somehow (it has to be breastfeeding), I have managed to lose almost all of it, but we still have a way to go to “being healthy and fit”.
Today my friend Emma went walking with me. She is so encouraging and inspiring. In fact, she just ran the Denver Marathon (26 miles) on Sunday last week! She’s amazing and is encouraging me during this time. Anyways, we began walking together. And I am also choosing to get up and walk on my own.
I’ve walked a total of 5 miles so far this week. Which may not seem like much, but to me it is huge! It’s a step.
I’ve decided the best thing to do for me, is to lean on Him in this time, recognize who I am in Him, have a healthy perceptive on my body image and begin taking care of myself.
Here we go! Um… again. :)

Let’s Be Honest…

I am SO disgusted with myself.

I am DOING TERRIBLY and have been since I had Chase. I eat worse than I did when I was pregnant. I still drink Dr. Pepper daily.
Did you hear me? I eat WORSE than I did when pregnant.
Unfortunately a weakness of mine is that I am a 0 to 60 kind of girl with eating, working out, etc. I either give 110% or barely anything.
Right now I am just walking occasionally. I mean that I can step up for sure, but at least I’m walking! The eating and drinking part is that hardest.
Please pray for me. Today I was just disgusted with myself as I ate lunch. The truth is we cannot afford to eat healthy all of the time, however, I CAN make better choices for sure.
I AM thankful for the fact that somehow I am losing weight.
I can’t help but think of how much more I would have lost if I would have immediately began working out and eating healthy! I couldn’t officially work out until week 10 BUT I could have eaten healthy and do portion control!!
I am now 6 months away from my goal and I am feeling more discouraged then ever.