15 Months.

I’ve enjoyed living without this for over a year. Ladies, you know what I am talking about because you can see the pain in my eyes. Okay, maybe not. ;)

Yes, it’s back, that good ol’ “time of the month”.

And yes, I am writing about this on my blog. I am just kind of in shock because I believed people when they told me this wouldn’t happen while b-feeding! Obviously, that’s a wives tale!

Also, I have to put working out on hold because of the pain of the above and the pain of falling down hardwood stairs at my parents yesterday! I had my arms full, but thankfully not with Chase!!! We don’t think I broke anything, although I do have swelling and bruising in my left shoulder, hand, hip and bum! Please pray for a quick recovery. :)

Can you believe I am whining about pain, having gone through a day of my labor without meds…?! (Birth story part 1 coming soon!)

Yes but this pain is without a purpose! Hahahaha :)

One thought on “15 Months.

  1. Petra says:

    yeah it completely is an old wives tale. it happens for some women that they won’t get it back until they stop breast feeding. not in my case!

    But hey, maybe you’ll be like me…it takes me a full 6 months for my cycle to get regular again…meaning it’s longer than a month (sometimes 2) between cycles until I completely stop breastfeeding.


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