Goal Accomplished and My New Do.

I lost 7/8 pounds by Christmas Day!  Honestly ALL due to dropping soda! Amazing, isn’t it?!
However, I am still pretty far off from my main goal. I received a lot of gift cards for new clothing and honestly, I was pretty disheartened when I went shopping at Plato’s Closet with my husb. I still have a little ways to go. I am trying to be okay with where I am at, having a healthy body image. Pray for me in this!
I am setting another goal and will post that soon. For now, here is my new do. Just wanted to share. :)
I am still growing my hair out, but this time with layers and bangs!

2 thoughts on “Goal Accomplished and My New Do.

  1. Little Mrs Mason says:

    So cute, I love your hair!! It looks great! Also, I will be praying with you about the body image thing.. I know personally how hard this can be. I am so proud of you for remembering to be nice to yourself with your weight loss goals. The weight will come off, but what is lasting is the relationship you create with yourself about it.. xoxoxo


  2. Andrew and Meagan says:

    So cute, Jami! You and your sisters are so adventurous with color and cuts- you defintely inspire me to get a little braver! Anyway, way to go on meeting your goals. believe me, i think all girls struggle with body image to some degree no matter how big or tiny they are! you're doing great!


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