insta-friday {4}

joining in with Life Rearranged for Insta-Friday fun :) Here are bits and pieces of the last 3 weeks

If you follow me on instagram you’ll sure see a lot of these two :)

Middle: Chase is currently obsessed with Cars 2 that Grandma Anisa bought him. Here (middle pic) he was picking up his cars and showing Shailo each one; “Franchesso” “Liking Makeen” and “madar”. So stinkin’ cute!

Right: We also found our Bumbo seat for Shailo and he {loves} it as he prefers to be upright and looking around.

Shai turned 3 months old this past week.

Chase and I working on a wreath. He peeled off every sticker on the back of the felt and “we” made a million-bazillion flowers for this particular wreath. A bit of a DIY coming soon (for the flowers).

Left: One night while crafting (on my current crafting space which is our living room floor) I turned to find my littlest man had rolled for the first time ever! {Shocked} me! Right: clean baby smells and smiles.

Left: Chase enjoying a mustache pop that was from a frozen bunch from our Mustache or Bows party. (I don’t like them anyways, but ew? he loved it.) Middle: Chase is a good big brother but has had a rough go round the past few weeks. We decided to start taking him out, with just one of us – daddy or momma – and {just} Chasey-boy on mini dates to even just simple errands like a late night Target run, or a grocery or bank run, etc. He’s really loved those special times. Right: Chase enjoying the crazy wind that blew one day.

{oh my heart} enough said.

(both Pinterest inspired) Left: made some cute hair pieces. Right: boiled leftover orange peels and a little bit cinnamon.

left: Chase wanted a drool bib on like Shai. too funny. middle: waiting for momma to blow on their bellies. Right: morning crawl-in-momma’s-bed-and-snuggle, pillow talk.

yet another pinterest inspired idea. Chalkboard canvas. I made a mini one for Chase so now he too can join me in doing a weekly chalkboard quote/verse or in his case – rad art.

for the first time in MONTHS I got my hair cut and layered by my sister. I had to get 2 1/2 – 3 inches of split ends cut off. :( it’s still longer than my usual short layered style and now, WAY healthier. Thanks, sis :)

Thought it’d be a blast for daddy and momma to take Chase sledding for the first time. WRONG. He hated it and cried and cried and cried. Shocked us both! I may just have to post the hilarious pictures Ted took of the experience. :)

It snowed quite a bit here this past week so we enjoyed some time outside! (no sledding ;))

DIYs for both of these coming to the blog this weekend and next week!!

and now for my fav…

my all time fav of Shai. little smirk. oh my word…

Have a great weekend!

(instagram: @colourherhope)

life rearranged

5 thoughts on “insta-friday {4}

  1. Ashleigh Dean says:

    Such cute photos! I think that is such a sweet idea to take Chase out with you guys sometimes on little mini-dates :) I bet he really enjoys those! And you should share the sledding photos – I can’t believe he didn’t like sledding at all. haha. poor guy!


  2. Karey says:

    too sweet. you’ll have to write a post about balancing your time with two children. i’m due in may with my second, and i’m feeling anxious! would love to hear how you do it.


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