Ever’s First Bath

It was a celebration of sorts the day Little Miss Ever’s umbilical cord stump fell off (eww, right? Yes.) The boys were OH SO EXCITED so we made it kind of a family ordeal.

Though her facial expressions share otherwise, we believed she liked it… ;)

EverlysFirstBath-1EverlysFirstBath_Collage .jpgEverlysFirstBath-8EverlysFirstBath-12She reminds me so much of Chaseyboy here. EverlysFirstBath_Collage4 .jpgEverlysFirstBath-14EverlysFirstBath-9CHEEKS.
EverlysFirstBath-16EverlysFirstBath-15Like I said… family ordeal :)

EverlysFirstBath-2I held her hand for comfort because HELLO …bathing with brothers…EverlysFirstBath-18Tradition post bath photo with momma.

EverlysFirstBath_Collage5 .jpgChaseyboy, Shai and Ever.
EverlysFirstBath-19So relaxed. EverlysFirstBath-20EverlysFirstBath-21EverlysFirstBath_Collage2 .jpgGotta have some shots of the boys, but of course. EverlysFirstBath-25

First bath, Everly approved.

a few Shailo ‘firsts’

First bath at a little over two weeks old (took that long for his umbilical cord to fall off)

I had to do some major cropping of these pics because I forgot to strategically place a washcloth below ;)

First Thanksgiving where he was held and cuddled by many of my relatives the entire day long.


First time under the tree, watching the lights.

First smile- the real non-gas related kind -11.22.11

note: this photo was taken today and besides my memory of it, I did not document that smile :)

Shailo’s first monthly photoshoot.

I did a monthly photoshoot for Chasey-Boy with stickers on onesies and this time I wanted to do photos of each month but do things a little different. I decided using paper letters (1/2 price from Hobby Lobby) It’s amazing how quickly little ones grow. I’m in awe of how fast time is flying by and how quickly things are changing. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do this photoshoot until this week which puts him at 3 weeks so his 1 month and newborn shoot won’t show much change ;)

I believe Shailo, at 3 weeks, is just now reaching Chase’s birth weight of 8lbs 150z. I’m in awe at the fact that his newborn clothes are just now starting to be tight on him! Love it!

Hi, preshy boy!

“Hold baby Lailo, peeease?!”

Chase wanted to join in the photoshoot which sparked the idea to do this every time! We’ll see if he’s willing to every month ;)


{my boys}

They’re going to be the best of friends, I just know it.

Zero; A Photoshoot

Chase’s 3rd week has been a lot of fun; seriously! I find myself falling more in love with this little guy; with each smirk, grin, facial expression, coo, etc. I am bias, but he is the most adorable, lovable baby. Now, don’t get me wrong, we definitely have our cranky moments, hard times and rough patches! But we are adjusting well and learning and growing together as a family through these new changes.
Side note: in these photos he is wearing a “zero month” sticker. Each month we will do this. We got the idea from a friend who also did this with her kiddo. Interested? pickysticky.com
He’s a pretty playful little man and now gets really excited. We’re loving it!

As you can see, no worries in the weight department!

Probably one of my favourite things is his many facial expressions. He has us laughing a lot. This one I can his “stinky face”. He’s not upset, he just makes this face!

He enjoys looking at lights, our red walls and the “hooter hider” colors although he can only see the white, red and black right now.

He is a super alert little guy and has been since he came.

He loves looking directly into mommy’s face and he’s beginning to do the same with daddy. He watches our lips as we speak and our facial expressions like we are so interesting ;)
It’s so true what you read about your baby’s different cries and how you will learn them! Chase has many and I feel like I finally have them down; the sleepy cry, the overly tired cry, the “I’m hungry” cry (SO got that one down!), the “I want to be held” cry (which is quite pitiful and makes me laugh sometimes), the uncomfortable cry, and my least fav. the I’m in pain cry (circ week was awful).
“Quick” updates
Each night varies, but for the most part we still have 2 “bad” nights out of 7. Not too bad. This week was different because of his 3rd week growth spurt and wanting to nurse almost literally every hour. I’m serious. One night it was literally every single hour! We slept in the next morning. It wore Chase out too! I’ve been told the the feeding so often this week is him building up my milk supply (even more…?!) to be able to fit his needs as he grows.
I’ve had to really pray in the late evening/early morning feedings for strength and patience. I’ve asked God to keep reminding me that I am capable, adequate and able to do this and that I am giving life to Chase, with each feeding. You need to be reminded of these things, even though it should be so obvious, in hard/tiring times it’s really not!
I had a friend share some awesome advice with me about “taking one day at a time” and finding a “new normal”. So I have been doing both of those and have felt a lot better. Somedays our “new normal” is sleeping in because of a bad night, having cereal at noon, shower in the afternoon and dressed by the time daddy gets home. Somedays it’s getting up early, shower, cooking a meal. Somedays it running errands and then coming home and taking a nap. You get the idea. I am loving this week though, really I am.
I AM healing… Although I don’t always believe that, it IS happening. I just feel so odd. The nerves are so touchy around my incision. Lately they’ve been uncomfortable and slightly painful. Normal from what I hear, but I really hate the feeling. It has only been almost a month.
Sorry this is long… but I am so relieved to be able to have time to blog (obviously)! I really enjoy it and miss it when I don’t have access or time. I like to write immediately when I think of something to blog about, not days after. I feel like I am missing something I wanted to share :)

A Recommendation and An Update.

A friend let me borrow this book and I am now purchasing our own copy because I can’t stop looking things up and realize how much I really need this! Check it out Mommas!

A few quick updates (Chase is napping and I am on my way to nap with him);
Still eating a ton and gaining weight. I love his little chubs! He has been pretty clingy since his circumsision on Monday but Ted and I are loving his cuddles and comforting our son. He is alert when awake and trys to hold his head up when you place him on your shoulder. I don’t want him to grow up too fast, but I really can’t wait for more of his smiles and his personality to come out. He has such a serious face when he is awake, it’s hilarious!
Okay, so up until last night, things were going really well. What happened? He was awake for most of the morning yesterday, slept then entire afternoon and into late evening (minus the waking up for feedings). So last night he was wide awake for 4 1/2 hours all together. I was wiped out by this morning’s feeding and had to lie on my side, for the first time since the c section, and feed him. After that feeding, I slept until 10 am and I am still pretty wiped out. Let’s pray tonight is different!
Breast feeding:
I am a milk machine. It’s actually quite amazing that God creates our bodies to do this. I had to begin pumping more often now because my milk supply feels like it just doubled. It’s actually painful sometimes. Yesterday I pumped 4 1/2 oz from one side in only 8 minutes (then stopped because I was sore)!! I actually just finished pumping again because of the engorgement. It’s nice to have bottles ready, but I rarely use them because I’m afraid he is going to become used to instant gratification again, like when they fed him formula in the hospital. What do you think? I also don’t want to waste perfectly good breast milk, but I just don’t want to form bad habits for him!
I am feeling GREAT! I didn’t expect to feel this good after only 19 days since his arrival. I also never thought I’d recover though, haha. I can finally laugh, sneeze, cough, and get up and down with minimal to no pain. Thank you God! Seriously. For those of you who’ve had c sections, you know what I mean. Laughing even hurts sometimes!
I’m not even going to really touch on this subject. I keep getting my hopes up as I step on the scale each morning and realize the number keeps going down… but how long can that last? Really? Yeah, I need to just quit that right now.
p.s. since this is my blog, I can write the “TMI” stuff here; did i mention i finally went number 2? Yes, I am saying this. It was a miracle and I even thanked God! My mom told me to weigh myself after, I did and weighed 4 pounds less. Sickening!!!!

This New Journey.

I am a mother.

It’s still so surreal to me.
And boy, am I in love with this little guy.
Chase Journey Davis
Bringing him into this world was exactly like his middle name; a journey.
40 plus hour of labor resulting with a c-section.
But brought such a beautiful baby boy.
All 8lbs 15oz of him.
It’s been such a transition, being a mother.
I find myself becoming a mother with each new day.
If that makes any sense. I am a mother but I am also becoming one.
It’s hard, sometimes draining,
But he is worth it all.
Tonight I am aching a bit.
I realize that I am now different than I have ever been before,
I don’t think it’s a bad thing though.
Well, deep inside I know it’s not.
It’s just a lot of change.
I feel more matured in some ways,
Yet so unsure of myself in others.
I’m trying to let this change come without being afraid.
I also don’t want to become apathetic if I do need to cry because of this change.
Tonight I want to cry,
But can’t.
I want to be myself but I am learning who that is now,
as a momma.
I’m sometimes worried about my relationship with Ted too.
I feel like I am distancing myself or that I’ve changed too much.
Especially physically.
Oh there is so much more inside that I can’t express.
I am not depressed, really I am not.
I am just working through this change.
I am still the same old me, only this me is intermixed with being a momma.
Father, guide me as I walk blindly through these changes.

A Random Scrabbled Blog.

Remember our 31 week maternity photoshoot? Well, we didn’t actually share them all. It would have given our names away! Here is one now.

Ted needs to edit them, because I did it tonight on picnik.com and it rarely turns out that grand. He will make the letters pop so you can actually read them :) Anyways, I just remembered we took these, so I had to share.

I chose this cloud layout for one day during the pregnancy and decided against it because it was too boyish. And now, all along it was just perfect. Let’s see how long it lasts. I am considering making a blog with my gmail account- that way all 3 of our blogs will be in the same log in and I can choose a different link name because we will definitely be having siblings for Chase (someday, a little overwhelming to think about right now, ha), so jami & baby bump doesn’t really apply anymore. Didn’t think that one through when I made this blog ;)
I had a bit of “free time” because Chase actually let me set him down in his bouncer. He’s wanted to be held since his appointment this morning and I have literally held him ALL afternoon and evening. I love his snuggles & his little sighs while sleeping, but I am wondering how tonight is going to go. We might be sleeping in the recliner tonight.
Oh and one more thing… please pray for our car to get finished at the shop so Ted & his mom can get back here. They are 6 hours away in KS and Ted was telling me tonight just how much this is killing him. I’m guessing he will be the one holding Chase all day when he returns. They are hoping to be back by tomorrow late afternoon/evening and are now 2 days late and Chase and I are missing them!
He’s awake, gotta run!!

An achy morning leads to afternoon cuddles.

This morning was a bit rough for Chase. A circumcision and getting his heel pricked, yet again.

The plan was that Ted would be home in time to come and be with Chase during his circumcision, but yesterday around noon Ted called me from Kansas and told me our car had broke down and that he was hoping to be home by monday (today). My mom and sister had to leave last night, so my grandma drove down so I would have a ride to Chase’s appointment this morning. Well, and I didn’t want to go alone to this particular appointment.
Chase is definitely a growing boy and today he weighed in at 9 lbs 14 oz, 22 inches long & a 15 in head and is in the 75% with each. Remember he was born 8 lbs 15 oz, 21 in long & a 14 in head! He is now 16 days old and hasn’t lost an oz since birth.
I couldn’t stay to watch the circumcision because I didn’t want to see my baby go through that. They told me he didn’t feel a thing, so that was comforting. Well, he is feeling it now. I changed two diapers since the appointment and almost cried along with him both times…
He is a cuddly boy and today he is extra cuddly. In fact he is lying, sound asleep, on my chest.
I love this part the most.
I am now going to take the advice of most mommas and nap while he is napping… sounds amazing right now.

Two Weeks Old.

It’s hard to believe that Chase is already two weeks old. He is getting so big too. Ted will be shocked at how much his little man has grown in one week. At his appointment Friday after we came home from the hospital he weighed 9 lbs 1 oz, which meant he didn’t lose any of his birth weight and I am anxious to see what he weighs at tomorrow’s check up.

Just a quick update on a few things while I have time…
Pray for him because tomorrow he is not only getting his blood drawn but also a circumcision :/ Poor boy! They didn’t want to circumcise him in the hospital because it would probably cause his blood sugar levels to drop back down due to stress and they had just gotten them up to a healthy number.
He basically eats, sleeps, poops… but when he is awake, he is so alert! I love it and can’t wait for his little personality to begin to show.
Breast feeding:
I was just thinking today about how smoothly this has gone for Chase and I both. Considering the fact that from birth he was given formula and a binky immediately (both of which I didn’t want him to have, but didn’t have a choice), he does awesome. He learned right away how to latch on! At first he was pretty impatient because he was used to being bottle fed and the immediate flow of food, but now he is a little pro. He eats all of the time, but he is a growing boy. I am never out of milk, I’m always filled and in need of the pump or him!
We had a lactation appointment at the hospital on Monday which went really well. They weighed Chase before feeding and after to see how much milk he was getting. Usually infants eat 1 1/2- 2 oz and Chase ate 3 oz and was hungry an hour later! So I’m not too worried about his weight gain ;)
Chase is really great at night time. I’ve heard horror stories so I really can’t complain. He eats around 9/10 pm and then again around 2 or 3, then around 5 or 6 am. Not bad. Plus I’ve enjoyed getting a really early start to my day and Chase loves to cuddle after the morning feeding…. I love it.
My healing:
It’s only been 15 days since he was born, and I constantly have to remind myself of that. My muscles are finally beginning to not ache as much everywhere. I know it sounds crazy, but I really do think the muscle aches were from the laboring even though they lasted a while! I usually feel like I’ve done a crazy workout and my muscles are feeling it, and we all know that didn’t happen :)
My incision, well I finally looked at it… It does look like a wrinkle and it’s a lot smaller than I imagined. I recently began to get scar tissue build up on the left end. It’s a lump under my skin a little bigger than a quarter. It freaks me out, but our Doctor told me it’s scar tissue so that helped my mind calm down a bit.
My stomach muscles are coming back. Weird… I really can’t even explain the feeling. It’s getting tight, I mean I still have what I am calling a “jelly belly” but I can feel my muscles, especially around my incision.
I am getting in and out of bed, chairs, the car, etc… a lot better now. I can bend and pick most things up on my own now too. I really believe which each new day I feel better and better.
I still have a long ways to go, but I am beginning to feel hopeful that I can get back to feeling great and like my old self again.
Chase is super precious and making this all worth while. I hope someday you all get a chance to meet our sweet boy!

Here They Come…

Tears galore.
As if I couldn’t possibly get anymore emotional…I did. Shocking, huh?

Yesterday was incredibly emotional. I am running on a few hours of sleep per day, so that doesn’t really help much.
Baby blues didn’t fully take effect on me until yesterday. And it hit me full blown. I’ve cried only a few times since Chase was born. Mostly because Chase was in the NICU and not with me.
My birth story tears:
I will write the birth story at some point, maybe tomorrow. It’s just a lot to process right now and I am torn between being completely real or cutting a lot of my true feelings out of it. In fact, remembering the birth story was the majority of why I was crying a lot yesterday.
It’s all begun to settle in. I feel disappointed in myself. I’m believing a lot of lies right now. Well, according to my husband.
My baby tears:
I was also crying because my little guy eats all of the time. I really am not exagerating. I knew that infants eat a lot and it’s become such a reality to me now. I was crying mostly because if he is awake and in my arms he thinks he must eat. Sometimes I want to just hold him while he is wide eyed and awake and have him cuddle that way.
I am torn though because I love the way he looks up at me when he is eating. One thing he does though, is latch on and then look up at me… he doesn’t really eat, only sucks as if I am a binky. I think it comforts him, but I’m wondering if this is a bad idea… I’m just confused and learning a lot right now. It’s really overwhelming, but I do feel like I have a routine kicking in and I am adjusting.
I also need to remember that it’s only been 12 days… wow.
I love his little grins and the way he looks up at me. I truly do. I am thankful for him, I really am! Please don’t get me wrong. I’m just emotional and wondering what is normal and what isn’t. I’m learning how to be a momma and how to best love my son.
My body tears:
Another thing I was crying about it my body. It feels like I’ve stepped into another person’s body. I feel so awfully huge compared to my natural weight.My appetite just kicked in again since delivery, and I am hungry all of the time… well at least after most times breast feeding. I feel like I will never ever get my shape/figure back! I’m serious, how?
Also, my body aches pretty terrible sometimes, when I over work myself. Honestly though it’s been less than two weeks and I am feeling great. I really thought I would recover incredibly slow and I am surprised each day with how much better I am feeling.
Chase is so helpless right now, it’s incredible how much a little being needs me!
Ahhh, he is SO lovable though. And that helps this entire process a ton.

I’m thankful for time to blog today. Phew…. I guess I needed to.