Life outside the Womb.

He falls asleep instantly when I hold him like this. It’s a lifesaver, plus I love snuggling him.

Light hair like his daddy, at least for right now.

I adore him smiles, even if it is just gas.

He already has little rolls!

Property of me, haha. His little heels and toes are still sore from being pricked before every feeding since being born. (To check his glucose levels)

His going home outfit. It was 3 mo. but I couldn’t resist putting it on him!

Here we go! I was incredibly thrilled.

Lil gangsta (JK, let’s hope not)

Holding his binky in.

I can’t even express how much I love this little guy.


So strong.

Feed me momma!

I will post more as they come and as I find time. My mom is spending next week with me because Ted has to go out of town for a week :( , Anyways, she is going to help me write our birth story. It’s gonna be one loooong blog I’m afraid. I’m hoping writing it out with help me to process it better and also help me to really want to have more kids later WITHOUT fear. Cause right now I still want more kiddos, but I am afraid to be honest.
More later… oh wait…
Healing/recovery is going okay. I feel like I’ve stepped into another person’s body. I’ve cried a lot, I won’t lie. It’s such a transition. My muscles are still recovering from labor and they are quite achy. My incision, I still haven’t looked at because it freaks me out. It’s such a mental thing for me, I need to get over that one. Ted says it shocks him how small it is and how it just looks like a wrinkle now. Interesting, but not enough to look at it. Also, please pray for me, because I’ve had the hardest time, em… going number 2. In fact I really haven’t. Not enough to count for anything. I am going to research some natural ways to get things going… any tips?
I don’t think I’ve had to ask for this much help in my entire life. I have to ask help for almost everything. The only thing I do not as help for, it getting up and down from chairs, bed, the car, etc. Because my nurses told me that I need to do it myself. Supposably I will heal faster if I just get myself moving. Ouch though. I’ve been loving the pain killers but am slowly weening myself off of them. They aren’t helping the constipation plus I don’t need to become addicted :)
Chase is gonna wake up soon to eat. Take care!

3 thoughts on “Life outside the Womb.

  1. Simply Me says:

    i took stool softeners. it's tough after a c-section as its so painful but that helped me a lot. jami i will be praying you can have another kid without fear. I have to admit I was pretty nervous having atticus after my birth experience with Lyric. But I felt God's presence so strongly with me during his birth.and i can't wait to hear your birth story…i'm sure i'll be able to empathize. no offense but I think it's funny that it's hard for you to look at your incision. it just looks like a scar. that's it. and the best part is that no one will ever see it because it's so low. my 2nd one was right on top of my first and actually made my first smaller when they sewed me up


  2. Adrienne says:

    hey girl. i couldn't go #2 for a week. don't worry too much. i took stool softeners a couple times a day. i'm saying a prayer for you girl! i didn't have a c section so i can't sympathize but i know it's hard getting back into things after giving birth and all you want to do is be with your little one. get lots of rest and enjoy the help while you have it! blessings love!


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