Zero; A Photoshoot

Chase’s 3rd week has been a lot of fun; seriously! I find myself falling more in love with this little guy; with each smirk, grin, facial expression, coo, etc. I am bias, but he is the most adorable, lovable baby. Now, don’t get me wrong, we definitely have our cranky moments, hard times and rough patches! But we are adjusting well and learning and growing together as a family through these new changes.
Side note: in these photos he is wearing a “zero month” sticker. Each month we will do this. We got the idea from a friend who also did this with her kiddo. Interested?
He’s a pretty playful little man and now gets really excited. We’re loving it!

As you can see, no worries in the weight department!

Probably one of my favourite things is his many facial expressions. He has us laughing a lot. This one I can his “stinky face”. He’s not upset, he just makes this face!

He enjoys looking at lights, our red walls and the “hooter hider” colors although he can only see the white, red and black right now.

He is a super alert little guy and has been since he came.

He loves looking directly into mommy’s face and he’s beginning to do the same with daddy. He watches our lips as we speak and our facial expressions like we are so interesting ;)
It’s so true what you read about your baby’s different cries and how you will learn them! Chase has many and I feel like I finally have them down; the sleepy cry, the overly tired cry, the “I’m hungry” cry (SO got that one down!), the “I want to be held” cry (which is quite pitiful and makes me laugh sometimes), the uncomfortable cry, and my least fav. the I’m in pain cry (circ week was awful).
“Quick” updates
Each night varies, but for the most part we still have 2 “bad” nights out of 7. Not too bad. This week was different because of his 3rd week growth spurt and wanting to nurse almost literally every hour. I’m serious. One night it was literally every single hour! We slept in the next morning. It wore Chase out too! I’ve been told the the feeding so often this week is him building up my milk supply (even more…?!) to be able to fit his needs as he grows.
I’ve had to really pray in the late evening/early morning feedings for strength and patience. I’ve asked God to keep reminding me that I am capable, adequate and able to do this and that I am giving life to Chase, with each feeding. You need to be reminded of these things, even though it should be so obvious, in hard/tiring times it’s really not!
I had a friend share some awesome advice with me about “taking one day at a time” and finding a “new normal”. So I have been doing both of those and have felt a lot better. Somedays our “new normal” is sleeping in because of a bad night, having cereal at noon, shower in the afternoon and dressed by the time daddy gets home. Somedays it’s getting up early, shower, cooking a meal. Somedays it running errands and then coming home and taking a nap. You get the idea. I am loving this week though, really I am.
I AM healing… Although I don’t always believe that, it IS happening. I just feel so odd. The nerves are so touchy around my incision. Lately they’ve been uncomfortable and slightly painful. Normal from what I hear, but I really hate the feeling. It has only been almost a month.
Sorry this is long… but I am so relieved to be able to have time to blog (obviously)! I really enjoy it and miss it when I don’t have access or time. I like to write immediately when I think of something to blog about, not days after. I feel like I am missing something I wanted to share :)

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