Oh, The Nerve.

Here I am, trying to be punny, haha.

Basically here is the short of it. I’ve been doing the 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels since New Years Day. As well as walking and jogging every other day (or trying to).
I overworked my abs causing what I think was a pinched or raw nerve. Friday evening I was in so much pain, I could barely walk. I felt horrible. With the help of my friend Petra, who has had, not just one, but two c sections, I was able to realize, it was probably a raw nerve.
I took two nights off of working out, in order to let my body calm down. I am now pain free and jumping back into working out today, only this time, I will take it easy on my abs. Pray for me?
I will say, I’ve been AMAZED at the results of working out, already! Yay for that!!

A Mini Conquering of the World.

My own personal Jillian Michael’s aka CayeDee Rhoades (my dear friend) is helping kick my butt back to shape. I am so grateful for her. I personally see the advantage to having accountability. For some reason getting myself back into being healthy has been very hard this time. It’s like I had lost all self control.

I am relearning to be {disciplined} and honestly, I am loving it. I already feel so much better!

As cliche as this may sound, we began working out hardcore on New Years Day. Yes, that was just a few days ago, but I am so determined to keep this up. Why? Because I am already feeling GREAT.

I desired to run by the time Chase was 6 months old and I didn’t think it was possible, but I am proud to say I was able to jog!

We also worked on strength mixed with cardio with my christmas gift from CayeDee “30 Day Shred” by Jillian Michaels. I was even able to do ab workouts, and I did feel twinges with my incision but nothing painful!

I finished the first day and literally teared up. I felt like I had conquered the world. I had been telling myself “I can’t, I can’t, I can’t.” and I did!

Anyways, just wanted to update. Pray for me to continue to have discipline, self control and a healthy view of myself.

Goal Accomplished and My New Do.

I lost 7/8 pounds by Christmas Day!  Honestly ALL due to dropping soda! Amazing, isn’t it?!
However, I am still pretty far off from my main goal. I received a lot of gift cards for new clothing and honestly, I was pretty disheartened when I went shopping at Plato’s Closet with my husb. I still have a little ways to go. I am trying to be okay with where I am at, having a healthy body image. Pray for me in this!
I am setting another goal and will post that soon. For now, here is my new do. Just wanted to share. :)
I am still growing my hair out, but this time with layers and bangs!

DP Free!

I am officially 3 pounds away from my goal of losing 10 pounds by Christmas!! Remember my last post, one month ago?! Yeah, since then I’ve lost 7 pounds! Okay, so not a lot or even double digits but something.

I am {encouraged}.

I’ve been walking when I can and I have dropped Dr. Pepper completely! Yes, It’s true and I think I am even more proud of THAT than even the weight loss! When I did decide to have a glass on a date night with Ted is just wasn’t as satisfying. I don’t need it anymore!

I’d like to thank my own personal Jillian Michaels (biggest loser) aka CayeDee Rhoades for really, really challenging me to move forward and not settle for where I am at.

When I am home with Chase I will sometimes watch morning shows, like Regis and Kelley, the Today Show  or Rachael Ray and it seems like lately they’ve everywhere I turn it’s about walking, running and being fit! I also watch the Biggest Loser and am inspired. I want to be running by the time Chase is 6/7 months!

WOOHOO. So, so encouraged! I can do this!

FOREVER 21 here I (almost) come!

His First Cold & A Secret Exposed.

Chase’s first cold began yesterday. Poor boy. I noticed he sounded congested yesterday afternoon when we were doing tummy time. Since then it’s gotten worse but thankfully he isn’t running a fever! We got saline drops to help loosen up the mucus, and I am hoping that will be all it takes to beat this thing. I just don’t want him to get a fever! That would frighten me.
Last night I ended up sleeping in the recliner with him, in order to keep him upright. I didn’t get much sleep, but it’s really incredible how your mommy instincts truly kick in and you just do what you’ve got to do in order to keep him safe and secure. He is extra cuddly and clingy today, which I don’t mind at all. I just want him to feel better!

Still smiley as ever though!
Today was my 6 week appointment. I can’t believe it’s been 6 weeks… and I can. I’m serious. Some days I am in awe of how fast it’s flown and some days I feel like I had him months ago!
Okay, so my incision is going to heal on it’s own and it actually looks better. I’ve really been taking care of myself and not lifting things I shouldn’t. It freaked me out enough to teach me a lesson. It’s still going to be a while before I am fully healed, in fact another 4 weeks. That was kind of disappointing, but I’m going to obey this time.
I lost 7 pounds since my check up 4 weeks ago. Not great, not terrible. I’ve ate terribly the first 4 weeks, so I am just glad I didn’t gain any weight. Here is a funny story about the jelly belly…
Today Ted and I went through the drive thru at our bank. Out of habit, I turned the pen over and pushed it against my belly to click it open. My pre-prego belly and my tight prego belly 2 would instantly click it open, this time it just went into my skin and nothing happened! HAHA! Gotta love this jelly belly.
And for looking like this only 6 weeks ago… I should be grateful for where I am today. Seriously, when I saw this prego picture, I started laughing. It’s so crazy how big I got!!

So Jami, just how much weight did you gain?
Here is something I will share NOW because as much as it may embarrass me, I want to be honest AND I also want to look back in 9 months from now and be proud of the weight lost (hopefully). Did you notice how I would update on my weight gain throughout the pregnancy up until the last 3/4 weeks? … :) Yes it is that bad.
Well, the last few weeks, I ate EVERYTHING in my path. I was so anxious and bored. Too very bad combinations. I ate everything I craved.
So how much weight did I put on? 48 pounds!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I can’t! Well, I can because it’s still hanging on me ;) So far I’ve lost 32 lbs and I would still love to lost another 20!
Secret exposed.
I’ve learned my lesson for the next pregnancy. Wow, I just gave myself chills saying “next pregnancy”. My goal of 2 children under 2 may have just changed. As of right now, I’m just a tad fearful of going through labor again!

Zero; A Photoshoot

Chase’s 3rd week has been a lot of fun; seriously! I find myself falling more in love with this little guy; with each smirk, grin, facial expression, coo, etc. I am bias, but he is the most adorable, lovable baby. Now, don’t get me wrong, we definitely have our cranky moments, hard times and rough patches! But we are adjusting well and learning and growing together as a family through these new changes.
Side note: in these photos he is wearing a “zero month” sticker. Each month we will do this. We got the idea from a friend who also did this with her kiddo. Interested? pickysticky.com
He’s a pretty playful little man and now gets really excited. We’re loving it!

As you can see, no worries in the weight department!

Probably one of my favourite things is his many facial expressions. He has us laughing a lot. This one I can his “stinky face”. He’s not upset, he just makes this face!

He enjoys looking at lights, our red walls and the “hooter hider” colors although he can only see the white, red and black right now.

He is a super alert little guy and has been since he came.

He loves looking directly into mommy’s face and he’s beginning to do the same with daddy. He watches our lips as we speak and our facial expressions like we are so interesting ;)
It’s so true what you read about your baby’s different cries and how you will learn them! Chase has many and I feel like I finally have them down; the sleepy cry, the overly tired cry, the “I’m hungry” cry (SO got that one down!), the “I want to be held” cry (which is quite pitiful and makes me laugh sometimes), the uncomfortable cry, and my least fav. the I’m in pain cry (circ week was awful).
“Quick” updates
Each night varies, but for the most part we still have 2 “bad” nights out of 7. Not too bad. This week was different because of his 3rd week growth spurt and wanting to nurse almost literally every hour. I’m serious. One night it was literally every single hour! We slept in the next morning. It wore Chase out too! I’ve been told the the feeding so often this week is him building up my milk supply (even more…?!) to be able to fit his needs as he grows.
I’ve had to really pray in the late evening/early morning feedings for strength and patience. I’ve asked God to keep reminding me that I am capable, adequate and able to do this and that I am giving life to Chase, with each feeding. You need to be reminded of these things, even though it should be so obvious, in hard/tiring times it’s really not!
I had a friend share some awesome advice with me about “taking one day at a time” and finding a “new normal”. So I have been doing both of those and have felt a lot better. Somedays our “new normal” is sleeping in because of a bad night, having cereal at noon, shower in the afternoon and dressed by the time daddy gets home. Somedays it’s getting up early, shower, cooking a meal. Somedays it running errands and then coming home and taking a nap. You get the idea. I am loving this week though, really I am.
I AM healing… Although I don’t always believe that, it IS happening. I just feel so odd. The nerves are so touchy around my incision. Lately they’ve been uncomfortable and slightly painful. Normal from what I hear, but I really hate the feeling. It has only been almost a month.
Sorry this is long… but I am so relieved to be able to have time to blog (obviously)! I really enjoy it and miss it when I don’t have access or time. I like to write immediately when I think of something to blog about, not days after. I feel like I am missing something I wanted to share :)