‘Not me Monday’

It hasn’t been a while since I’ve posted a ‘Not me Monday’!

Yesterday, in early hours of the morning, I was not so tired after feeding Chase that I decided the walk to the crib was too far away and he could just sleep with us. I was not awakened a few hours later by Ted asking, “Where is Chase?” which caused me to jump in fear and realize I had covered him up with our blanket at some point. He was sleeping soundly, but definitely nice and toasty.

I do not occasionally have an iced cold glass of caffeinated, carbonated, high fructose corn syrup-ed Dr. Pepper and enjoy it
thoroughly! Nope, not me!

Yesterday Ted and I did not, for the first time, wish that Chase could speak and tell us why he was screaming. I did not assume it was hunger, even though it wasn’t his hungry cry, and feed him over and over trying to soothe him. After the feeding didn’t work, I did not then assume it was gas. We did not spend spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to get the gas from his body and read that a warm bath and a massage might help. When I took his diaper off, and he immediately stopped his crying/screaming, I did not then realize the reason for all of the fuss! Slowly but surely the little plastic ring from his circ had been falling off of his penis on one side and pulling on the other! He didn’t have a gas bubble, no, he was hurting!!
Ted and I definitely did not cringe and feel awful.

After we realized Chase’s little peanut was hurting, we did not decide to let him take a extra long, warm bath and then remain naked for most of the night. Chase did not pee all over Ted during that diaper-less time :)

I did not (finally) get asked “when are you due?” while out running errands. I was not expecting this to happen sooner or later and this did not make me even more self conscience. This is why;
I couldn’t blame her for asking because I do look 20 weeks prego :/

During church Sunday, I was not embarrassed when Chase decided to poop during the service (he is a loud pooper- he grunts so loudly while doing so too). Nope, not me!

Saturday late evening, early morning I did not have a melt down and sit in bed sobbing as my little man ate. Nope, not me.

I do not usually have a “break down” in 1 out of every 3 days and usually during late night, early morning feedings.

I was not slightly embarrassed to write the above ‘not me’.

I did not take me over 4 hours to finish this between feedings, a quick shower after Chase threw up in my hair, getting one load of laundry started, making a pot of decaf coffee, rocking Chase to sleep. Nope, not me.

2 thoughts on “‘Not me Monday’

  1. Hannah says:

    Oh it all sounds so familiar! I definitely remember the emotions and the frequent breakdowns. It does get a lot better. Your little guy is so adorable. You are doing a great job :)


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