For both Chase and momma.


{Chase’s bottom two teeth have emerged}

I wondered when it would happen. I’ve heard they can teeth for months without getting teeth, so I held onto the hope that he would be one of those baby’s that didn’t get a tooth until one years or older!
And here we are. Chase.
5 1/2. months. old. young.
Too young, in my opinion and not just because I am afraid of being bit while nursing.
Although, that has already been a bummer. Oh man. I thought it was painful when I first began nursing, but this tops that by far. I can’t even express how hard Chase {bites}, already. This makes a girl want to call it quits on breastfeeding! Although it’s hard, I will say… no blood drawn yet. AMEN!
Speaking of “owwwwiiieeees”. Chase has a special way of saying “I love you”. Check it out.

Headbuttin’ Love (1) from Jami Davis on Vimeo.

Headbuttin’ Love (2) from Jami Davis on Vimeo.

Headbuttin’ Love (3) from Jami Davis on Vimeo.

I TRIED to capture it, haha. Coming soon: Pictures of his “teefers”… AND his 5 month photos once I edit them! (I am a slacker, yes)

"Those" kind of parents.

You know, the kind that video ridiculous things and post it for the world to see. Yep, that’s us! I used to laugh as how ridiculous other moms/dads were and now… we do the same thing! :)

Chase is constantly reaching and grabbing everything I have and last night, it was my water. He did this all by himself. Enjoy the video of our son… and ignore the part where I kind of freak out. :)

Chase and his first drink of water from Jami Davis on Vimeo.

WheneverOur Christmas present from Grandma Anisa (Ted’s mom), a canon video camera!! Totally beats the mac photobooth videoing i’ve been doing. More videos to come!!

Well-Baby Check up.

Chase is 4 months old today.

Chase is healthy as can be. Since his last check up (blogged here), he has gained 4oz putting him at 15 lbs 15 oz. He has slowed down in the weight gain and my little arms are ever so grateful. However, he is looong. 28 3/4 inches in fact, which dwarfs me. When I see my friend, who is my height (5’1), I cannot believe just how long he is. He makes me look even shorter than I am, if that’s possible :) And, just in case you’re super-duper curious; his head is measuring 17 inches. Also, f you haven’t already noticed, he has his daddy’s ears :) I think they are already as big as mine. Teheheee.

There was something different about this appointment… ah yes, the opinionated intern. She made my day. They had her do the well-baby check up. That part I didn’t mind, it was her opinions about how I raise my baby that bothered me. First, she asked me a list of questions, one of my answers sparked a lecture from her.
Intern: “When you go to get him from his crib in the morning, has he rolled onto his tummy?”
Me: “He sleeps beside our bed for most of the night and then when he wakes to eat at 4-4:30 am he comes to bed with me.”
Intern: “You know that is a bad idea, don’t you?”
Ted: “What? Sleeping on his back?”
Intern: “No. Sleeping him sleeping in your bed.”
Me: “I’ve heard the arguments but it is what we prefer.”
Intern: (The gist) “…at this age he should learn that he can soothe himself and that he doesn’t need you to comfort him all of the time…let him cry it out… besides, you won’t want him in your bed as 6 years old….” ect.

What?! Isn’t that apart of being a momma? Comforting your child who is 4 months old and does not know how to manipulate and is crying for a reason. Teaching him from early on that this is a safe and secure environment.

I disagreed with almost everything she went on to say, but kept silent. Part of me wanted to tell her the benefits of him sleeping beside or in our bed, but I believe that each parent is different in personality and each child as well and you can’t state that as fact. You shouldn’t tell someone that the way you parent is the way they should, because every child is different, every parent is different. You can share ideas, but you really cannot state it as fact: “this is what works for everyone.” What may work for us, may not work for you and visa versa.

I’ve read both extremes; Attachment Parenting by Dr. Sears and Baby Wise by Dr. Robert Bucknam. We lean more towards Attachment Parenting. I do like some things in Baby Wise but we prefer the AP. And naturally, on our own, so far the things we have implemented into our lives as parents work for us; we have a healthy, happy and super content baby that knows he is loved.

I express the way we do things on my blog because …it’s my blog. I hope that I never make it seem like the way we do things is the end all. The say. It’s not! It’s simply what works for us and what we personally desire!

Okay, enough of that. How about some cute videos?

Cute Lil Roller from Jami Davis on Vimeo.

This Lil Piggy is Yummy! from Jami Davis on Vimeo.

Telling me a story. from Jami Davis on Vimeo.

He does look upset, but he is really not. He is just talking :)
p.s. 4 month photoshoot pics to come


– does “crazy toes” like momma (Let’s just say my toes have a mind of their own, ha ha)

– giggles when we sing “if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands”

– enjoys watching mommy and daddy’s facial expressions
– is a silly sleeper.

– has many of his own cute facial expressions to tell us what he wants or likes (oooor dislikes)

– raises his eyebrows up and down when excited or staring at something intensely
– smirks

– when sitting in his carseat or lying on a blankie, will make a cute, sweet face, turn his head and “hid” it in the blankie or the seat straps or mommy with a lil grin like “I’m cute and I know it”

– is trying his best to be a thumbsucker. We are about to give in and let him win that “battle”…

– loves his turtle mirror, his musical mr. cow and his mr. moose
– has a love-hate relationship with mr. cow and will talk to, coo at, scream at or chew on him. ;)

– is intrigued by us eating and sometimes he even opens his mouth like “I want some too!”
– rolls over from back to tummy
– doesn’t like rolling over from tummy to back. In fact, he’s only done so a handful of times!
– loves his play mat (well, while on his back)
– while sleeping, prefers that only his soft blankie touch his face and nothing else
– sleeps by himself until around 4 am, eats then sleeps in bed with mommy and daddy until about 7 am.
– LOVES the morning. Wakes up bright eyed and excited. It’s like he thinks “it’s been hours since we hung out and played” or something. We love it.
– spends most mornings chillin’ with daddy.
– is a sudden screamer. The shrill, high pitched kind and most times just because!
– tries to copy sounds or noises mommy and daddy make. Here is one example;

Like Father, Like Son from Jami Davis on Vimeo.

– when first placed in his bumbo, his face shows how much he loves the independence, his facial expression says “mom look at me, I’m a big boy!”

– cuddles into mommy’s (sometimes daddy’s) neck and falls asleep

– loves rocking chairs/gliders
– prefers your arms or a sling over a stroller
– usually gets scared watching baby Einstein!
– loves his feet.

Mini ‘Not Me’ Monday…

When Chase peed outside of his diaper and all over me in an early morning feeding, I did notthink, “It’s okay, it’s only urine… and actually… it makes me feel a bit warmer!”…. Eww, nope not me! (I did change, really I did!)

When my tooth began to give me problems throughout the week, getting steadily worse and leading into a weekend of headaches galore… I did not decide to take the last 2 percocet I have leftover from my incision drama and I have not taken 1/2 a percocet the past two days to dull the pain temporarily. And of course I do not wish that I had an entire bottle left of the pills until I see the dentist… Not this girl who usually only takes asprin or ibuprofen as a last resort…. nope, NEVER me!!
I have not become one of those mom’s who post silly sometimes ridiculous videos of my child being cute or just because. I do not post silly videos of my son or both of us. Nope not me!