3 thoughts on “Week 32: Baby’s Little Bum.

  1. Ashton Shjandemaar says:

    You did AWESOME on your toes! whoa, hopefully ill be able at 32 weeks! I laughed so hard with the horse and goose picture…Oh man the perfect pictures for this post! The video is the most adorable thing ever, oh man, i almost cried (so happy for you guys)! Hope your getting your sleep in, and Ted for that matter, your little sunshine is on their way! Dan is now convinced its a BOY, im still going for girl. Your looking good, STILL, you just look pregnant, some women look BIG all around, and have gained alot of weight all around…your just cute!AshI may have to go get a cream soda now….thanks! lol


  2. Adrienne says:

    i love the video. i was never able to paint my toenails when i was that far along. did you really do that?! being pregnant really is hard, but you are right.. so worth it. especially when you get to hold your baby and watch them grow. it’s incredible and SO SO worth it. you are going to be a great mommy. i love your heart. thanks for sharing.


  3. Bowker Family says:

    Jami, You are so adorable. Great job on the toenails! Are you sure you did them…? Can’t wait to see you this weekend, and to hold that little squirmer soon! As always, your loving Madre!


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