– does “crazy toes” like momma (Let’s just say my toes have a mind of their own, ha ha)

– giggles when we sing “if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands”

– enjoys watching mommy and daddy’s facial expressions
– is a silly sleeper.

– has many of his own cute facial expressions to tell us what he wants or likes (oooor dislikes)

– raises his eyebrows up and down when excited or staring at something intensely
– smirks

– when sitting in his carseat or lying on a blankie, will make a cute, sweet face, turn his head and “hid” it in the blankie or the seat straps or mommy with a lil grin like “I’m cute and I know it”

– is trying his best to be a thumbsucker. We are about to give in and let him win that “battle”…

– loves his turtle mirror, his musical mr. cow and his mr. moose
– has a love-hate relationship with mr. cow and will talk to, coo at, scream at or chew on him. ;)

– is intrigued by us eating and sometimes he even opens his mouth like “I want some too!”
– rolls over from back to tummy
– doesn’t like rolling over from tummy to back. In fact, he’s only done so a handful of times!
– loves his play mat (well, while on his back)
– while sleeping, prefers that only his soft blankie touch his face and nothing else
– sleeps by himself until around 4 am, eats then sleeps in bed with mommy and daddy until about 7 am.
– LOVES the morning. Wakes up bright eyed and excited. It’s like he thinks “it’s been hours since we hung out and played” or something. We love it.
– spends most mornings chillin’ with daddy.
– is a sudden screamer. The shrill, high pitched kind and most times just because!
– tries to copy sounds or noises mommy and daddy make. Here is one example;

Like Father, Like Son from Jami Davis on Vimeo.

– when first placed in his bumbo, his face shows how much he loves the independence, his facial expression says “mom look at me, I’m a big boy!”

– cuddles into mommy’s (sometimes daddy’s) neck and falls asleep

– loves rocking chairs/gliders
– prefers your arms or a sling over a stroller
– usually gets scared watching baby Einstein!
– loves his feet.

One thought on “Chase…

  1. Emma says:

    so the best thing is that when I watched that video, Bella started growling because she was sure that there was a wolf coming from my computer to get me and she had to protect me…hahah.. she is still growling… LOVE YOU!


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