Birth Story (Part 2): “Pain with a Purpose”

You can read the prequel here or part 1 here.

Even though I am posting this almost 9 months later this is very accurate for I wrote most of this not long after his birth. And between Ted tweeting and my mom posting every detail, I have the most accurate timeline of the events. I’m so thankful though, because I wouldn’t have remembered the very hour and timing of everything!

Birth story continued …

Induction began immediately. At 9:30 am they placed the pill Cervidil on my cervix to “ripen” it. They told me to walk around in the halls to “get things moving” and they would check on me in 4 hours and put another pill inside. My body reacted almost immediately to induction and within 1 hour 1/2 in I felt cramping, like I began a horrible period. Soon I began having irregular contractions and surprisingly only 8-10 minutes apart.

At 1:30 pm they checked me and I had already dilated to 1 cm although my cervix was still high. I remember being incredibly excited. Progress already! They placed another pill inside and again told me to walk and they would check me in 3 hours. We did this and again 1 hour 1/2 in I felt even more intense cramping and contractions were coming closer together now, but nothing unbearable yet.

As the more regular and stronger contractions came, my mom or Ted began using the many pain coping techniques we had learned and/or brought with us. They would use a “head wizard” massager to relax me, we also had white noise playing in the background and Ted or my mom stood by my side soothing me with distractions such as back scratches or foot massages. My mom also read me the comments people were leaving on her facebook and mine to distract and encourage me :)

At 5:30 pm they checked my cervix again and this was when they began the Pitocin drip (the first time). I was still at 1 cm and my cervix was still high, but my contractions were getting stronger. I remember telling my mom and Ted that I had never in my life been so excited for pain to come. I knew it meant progress. “Pain with a purpose”. I remember this teaching our birthing class and it was helpful when the hard contractions began.

Around 6: 45 pm I began felt the most intense cramping and pressure yet. This is when I began my breathing that I had learned.  At this point I wasn’t walking around because I was hooked to the monitor, watching the baby’s hearbeats and my contractions, as well as on the pitocin drip. Sure enough, one contraction immediately followed the next putting them at 3 minutes apart!

The next few hours were very intense. My mind and my energy, all focused on getting through each contraction. I began moaning deeply through each and Ted and my mom were constantly by my bedside helping me along. We also tried different techniques that we had learned in our birthing class and rotated them often; the birthing ball, the glider chair and finally I asked to sit in the bath tub in hot water. The put a mermaid monitor on my belly and in I went.

That was such a relief to get through the contractions which now were giving me close to no break due to the fact that we were unnaturally induced. I found out later that my body reacted to be induced and this made my contractions literally fall one on top of the other. I remember we had been taught in our birthing class, one of the only times the contractions would be unbearable would be when you are induced and especially if you are on Pitocin. My mom also told me she once had to use Pitocin and she too felt “as though she was going to die”. That might sound dramatic, but seriously the most intense pain I’ve ever had.

Side note: Before labor I read the worst things about Pitocin; it could cause the baby to become drowsy and/or his/her heart rate could drop dangerously low or the opposite… just as much as the mommy may have little to no break between contractions… the baby also struggles and this could cause stress on him/her. (Later, most of these were true in our case.)

It was in and out of the tub for hours, rotating between the birthing ball, the glider and draining and refilling the tub with hot water for my comfort. At 10:08 pm, in the tub I felt “pop” from within and then a gush of something come out of me. (Weirdest. feeling. ever.) I told Ted I thought my water just broke so he flipped on the light (we mood lit the bathroom). I looked down to see the nastiest things floating around with me. My mom paged a nurse with the news. Ted and my mom checked it out and Ted said “baby, don’t look.” He later told me he wasn’t sure if it was normal and if everything was okay, so he didn’t want me to see. After he “examined” it  he said, “Baby, I think you pooped yourself.” And my mom agreed with him. I was still staring at the fluid and suddenly questioned myself, some of it did look like poop. Then I said, “I know that didn’t come from… there!”

Seconds later a nurse walked in and told me that my water had broke and that we actually were seeing poop. It was our baby’s meconium or “first poop”.

That was when the worst of the contractions began, much stronger than before. We spent the next two hours trying our dif techniques and nothing was helping. Contractions were barely 2 minutes apart, even with them having taken the pitocin drip off before the tub (due to Chase’s heart rate). So I got back in bed and began to moan through each one, my mom and Ted by my side.

16 hours in, 1:30 am, I was devastated to hear I was only 2 cm. Our nurse told us we had a ways to go and the offered us a two choices; an epidural or narcotics through IV.

Side note: I had researched a lot of the two and honestly, the epidural ruled out to be the safer of the two meaning an epidural would affect the baby slightly, causing him/her to have drowsiness when born. The drugs through IV would flood through my blood directly to baby and effect him/her immediately and could result in fetal respiratory distress along with extreme drowsiness.

I regret to say, I actually said yes to Stadol, even having known the side affects, (but only ONE shot) which caused me to feel the pain slightly but I was completely out of it. Ted and my mom said I kept saying “you have no idea, the pain I am in”.

When the Stadol wore off,  I talked with Ted and tearfully decided to do an epidural. I felt so dissapointed in myself, but knew this was the best decision, knowing that I wouldn’t be having a baby anytime soon. Ted told me when we made that decision he felt sick to his stomach. He knew if anything happened to our baby, I would blame myself. My mom left the room when we decided and later told me she had cried because she knew this wasn’t our dream birth plan, this wasn’t what I wanted.

Once I receieved the epidural (around 3 am) I slept so well. Until 6:45 when they woke me, check me, told me I was at 3 cm and began the Pitocin drip (again).

The next sequence of events still haunt me. Again, I know it sounds dramatic, but I am serious. To me, this was the hardest, scariest part of my birth story. I ask if  you are pregnant, please do not read below.

At 8: 45 am, I awoke to a loud beeping sound from the monitor. Chase’s heart rate has drastically dropped. Two nurses came in and rolled me from one side to another. It took them a few minutes to get his heart rate back to normal and those few minutes terrified me. I thought I was losing my baby.

From that moment on, I couldn’t take my eyes off the monitor. I watched my baby’s every heart beat and occasionally would shut my eyes. Ted, my mom and my grandma all tried to convince me that everything was okay, that I didn’t need to watch the monitor and that I needed to rest. I didn’t listen to them. They couldn’t convince me.

They then called the nurse in to have her comfort me and she tried but honestly, I was just too terrified.  She then put me on oxygen, checked me, told me I was 4 cm. She told me I must calm down and relax for our baby’s sake. I did calm and only watched the monitor every once and a while, trusting the nurses.

At 10:15 am I watch as my baby’s heart rate drops and then goes silent. Again two nurses come in, try to roll me to find a heart beat. Nothing. Another nurse walks in with a tool in hand. They have me lie flat on my back, insert a heart rate monitor inside and still find nothing. I panicked, we were so close and here I was losing my baby, or so I thought. Seconds later, they found his heart beat. I couldn’t calm down this time around, I was terrified. I just wanted our baby out and now. I wanted a c-section. The nurse and soon, Dr. Hill came and calmed me down. Apparently our baby wasn’t reacting well to not having breaks. Even though I couldn’t feel the contractions, the baby sure could and he wasn’t getting a break. They decided to take me off Pitocin for good.

Around 12 they check me and received good news. We were at progressing; 5 cm. At this rate, we would have him/her that evening!

We were totally wiped, ready to meet our little one, weary of the emotional ups and downs. But this was the good news we needed to hear to keep pressing on. Because each time they checked me, we were one step closer. Maybe, just maybe, we could have him naturally (vs. cesarean) after all.

The final part coming soon…

Birth Story Prequel.

It is finally happening. I am posting the birth story. And in a 3 part series with a prequel. Long huh? And I am even posting the condensed version! It has been a long and healing process to write this. I decided to post this by Chase’s 1/2 birthday which is Monday. And here we are, already!

This blog is just a little background before I begin. If you’ve been following my blog throughout this journey, I’m sorry if this is repetitive!

Well… I’m ready, here we go!

During our birthing classes we were given an assignment which I’ve talked about this before on a previous blog, but let me refresh. We were given double sided index cards. One side would say something like epidural and the other would be the opposite, so in this case; natural. They had us lay out our ideal birth plan.

After that, they had us flip 3 cards over that we would be okay with changing. And then 3 more cards, which really made my heart drop to think about. Our instructor told us to really think about the possibility that our birth plan “A” and even “B” could be tossed out the window due to circumstances. It was hard, but really good for us to think about.

All of that to say, our birth plan was completely opposite of our “plan A” and even a step behind “plan B”. It was not what I had pictured, imagined or dreamed. We did not have a home birth, we did not have an all natural birth and we did not have a vaginal birth, but as a couple we grew more than we thought possible in our trust in our Father.

This is the story of the birth of our son, Chase Journey Davis.

{There is most definitely an unspeakable joy in this story but you have to wait until the end for that part}

Part 1 coming soon.

My Journey Begins…

7 weeks ago I had a 42 hour labor ending with a C-section to deliver my beautiful (and big) baby boy Chase Journey Davis. Since that day I have been on the road to recovery. Recovering from a C-section has been absolute hell for me. It’s not at all what I dreamed it would be, in fact it is the polar opposite. I always dreamt of having an easy, unmedicated and natural delivery, recovering in a matter of weeks rather than months and a chance to begin working back into my pre-prego body almost immediately.
That didn’t happen, BUT here I am. A hopeful momma on this journey back into being a fit me. I am excited about working out, more than I have ever been in my life. I hope this excitement stays. Here’s to hoping!
This blog is dedicated to my journey of becoming healthy and fit. I will blog about the struggles and the victories as I make my way back down to my natural size. I am determined to become healthy and fit again but most importantly, this time I am determined to learn to love my body throughout this journey. I am determined to have a healthy view of myself and my body image, which is something that I have struggled with even when I was at the unhealthy size 1/2!
I want to have a healthy perspective now more than ever before because I want my son and the children to come to be secure in who they are. Mommy needs to show them this. Oh boy, here we go!
I still have a little less than 3 weeks before I am able to work out. Doctors orders due to some complications my incision has had. I am going to s l o w l y ease into working out and it shall begin with walking! I can’t wait!!
I must say, making a blog about this new journey of losing the baby weight, already makes me feel 10 lbs lighter! Now if only that could be literal. Whatever the case, I am loving it and I am excited to begin this journey!

Our Journey: Chase Journey Davis

It wasn’t what I had imagined/pictured, but it brought our beautiful son.
We decided if we had a boy, we would name him Chase Journey and as it turns out the name suits him quite well. It was quite the journey to bring him into the world. 42 hours of labor which ended with a cesarean. We are just so thankful that he is well and here with us! We are in awe!

Waiting to meet our baby. The longest wait.

July 18th @ 2:12 am
8lbs 15oz 21in

He had a rough start because of the long labor. He is so strong though!

My first time holding my little Chase.

My little sunshine is here! It’s so surreal!

He has his daddy’s eye shape, my nose and lips.

Holding onto mommy.

Ted is already blowing me away with how great of a father he is.

Daddy & Chase

He is so perfect, even in spite of his battle wounds :)

To Be Honest…

I’ve calmed down a little bit since yesterday, although it is still pretty hard to keep my head on straight right now. To find peace the surpasses everything.

I’ve held back a lot in how I am really doing and feeling about this new situation. Honestly, due to fear of man and what people might think of me.
If you have kept up with our baby blog since day 1, then you know my greatest heart’s desire is to have our baby safely. Whatever it may take. I wrote a note on facebook letting everyone know what was going on and not all of the responses and messages were encouraging. Causing me to be thankful that I didn’t express more of the honest feelings going on inside of me. Which now I realize is pretty lame, because it is what I am feeling. What good does it do to deny them or keep them in?
I felt as though people judged me yesterday for asking for prayer for a natural delivery. That was hard for me, because obviously my heart is to have a safe delivery first. I hope you can all see that and I didn’t come across as being selfish.
I was afraid to express my questions and fears, but today I am going to do just that. Because I need to.
So, to be honest…
When I first heard the news my stomach dropped and it took everything in me not to cry until we left the Doctor’s office. I made it out the door and then came the tears.
I was thankful that our baby is doing amazing despite his/her super tight quarters, but was really hoping they would tell me everything was ready and we would be meeting our baby soon.
During our birthing classes they had us take double sided cards, one side would say something like epidural and the other would be the opposite, so in this case; natural, and they had us lay out our ideal birth plan. After that, they had us flip 3 cards over that we would be okay with changing. After that they had us flip 3 more cards, which really made my heart drop to think about. Our instructor told us to really think about the possibility that our birth plan “A” and even “B” could be tossed out the window due to circumstances. It was hard, but really good for us to think through. Yesterday I felt like we’d totally lost our birth plan and I couldn’t help but feel disappointed.
I am left really trying to trust God in all things, which is already hard for me. I feel like I’ve been on this journey of learning to trust Him in everything my whole life and sometimes I feel like this journey gets harder and harder.
It’s hard to understand. Why is it that sometimes our heart’s desire doesn’t come to fruition?
My heart’s desire was to have an all natural home birth. We began with such a wonderful midwife who not only respected my birth plan but supported it as well. When we found on that I had Group B Strep (at 6 months), Ted really felt like we should transfer and do a hospital birth. I trust Ted so much, that he hears God and knows what is best for his family, and I am now seeing this was the best decision for this pregnancy.
My heart’s desire was to have a baby and it took a while, but here we have a beautiful baby growing inside. I do remember this and I am grateful.
One of the big disappointments of yesterday was walking away from another appointment, knowing I have an appointment scheduled for Monday July 13, which meant… we probably wouldn’t meet our baby for at least another 4 days. That is hard! We are ready and waiting and anxious! 4 days seems like eternity right now and I can’t even tell you how serious I am being right now.
My fears/concerns about having a cesarean:
  • I want to be a mommy to many. I still don’t know how many but I want at least 4 kiddos.
  • I am afraid if my 1st is a c-section, my second will need to be as well.
  • Getting an epidural/spinal is my only option if I want to be awake for our baby’s first cry and the moment where they tell me “it’s a boy/girl…”. The good news about getting an epidural for a cesarean is that the epidural/spinal does NOT effect the baby at all! He/she comes out quickly after I get medicine.
  • General anesthesia wouldn’t affect the baby, but it would put me under and I would miss our baby’s first cry and a friend told me, up to an hour of his/her life! Also, coming out of that would be a nightmare.
  • The healing process of having a cesarean. It’s longer.
Right now, I’m at work and someone at the desk beside me is listening to a tutorial video out loud and someone at the desk beside me is listening to kelly clarkson (in headphones but loud enough to hear). My mind is kind of overexposed, haha, so this will be it for today’s blog.
Monday during worship, someone shared the verse below, saying it was a verse to meditate on for the week. During today’s worship, they put this verse up again and it meant something more to me. I am going to try and trust God and whatever his will might be for our baby’s delivery; cesarean or natural. We shall see soon!

Now this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us, whatever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we have asked of Him.”
1 John 5:14-15

Prayer Request.

Our Doctor is asking us to come tomorrow to see if things are progressing and to talk about what is next if nothing is happening.

Please, please pray that our baby decides to come on his/her own! Ted and I never really expected to be talking about induction and it’s just hard that the baby has pushed itself back out of where he/she needs to be.
Since our baby is measuring “8lbs” which they said at least expect 7 1/2 lbs, I would like to have him/her soon so the baby doesn’t get any bigger. They aren’t worried right now about my height and frame being able to deliver naturally, but if the baby gets any bigger, than maybe.
Please pray for us to make the right decision! We are really seeking God in this and we are hoping for the baby to naturally on his/her own, to come today, tonight or before tomorrow’s 10:20 appointment.
Thank you!

"Fairly Quickly"

Today was our 40 week check up and I left kind of confused but encouraged.

When our Doctor did the check up, he told me the reason I hadn’t gone into labor yet was because our baby decided to move back OUT of my pelvis! Which meant all of those “launches” I have been feeling, was actually the baby backing out of where he/she needed to be. I was bummed to hear that and the fact that I still wasn’t dilated. I mean, can you believe that?!
I almost cried when he told me that, but then he said we were going to check the baby’s measurements to see if we were measuring right on, or early or late. That cheered me up, because I knew it meant we would get to SEE our baby for the first time since I was 24 weeks.
He measured the baby and me and we’re measuring right on. In fact, baby is measuring in at 8 lbs! I was shocked when I heard this! 8 lbs? I was only 6 lbs, but Ted was 9 lbs! If that makes any difference. Probably not.
He told me once our baby engages in the pelvis again, then we should go into labor and quickly. He left us saying “I expect you to go into labor fairly quickly here” which I totally couldn’t help but to take to heart… even without the dilation and the baby being head down but not low enough.
I asked Ted if I was holding on too tightly to what Dr. Hill told us, and he said no because he was too :) Hopefully soon I’ll be introducing you to our little chubby baby!

Week 26: Finding Perfect Peace.

Baby: The network of nerves in baby’s ears is better developed and more sensitive than before. He or she can now hear both Ted and I’s voice as we chat with each other and when we sing to it at night. Baby is inhaling and exhaling small amounts of amniotic fluid, which is essential for the development of his or her lungs. (These breathing movements are also good practice for when baby is born and takes that first gulp of air.) And I can tell that baby is continuing to put on baby fat. He or she now weighs about 2 pounds and measures 14 inches! Quite the mover still. I awake to him or her kicking up a storm, usually around 4 am, consistantly! I think it’s God preparing me for the night wake up calls for feeding! I don’t mind it though =)

Momma:This past week has been the most stressful week yet. I’ve given into fear, and being stressed out more than a pregnant woman should. But I am seeking His perfect peace (Isaiah 26:3) in all of the newest changes. This morning we had a checkup at the clinic and this was the first time I had to go without Ted, which was hard. I haven’t had the best experience in the clinic, and today was yet again, a disappointment. It’s hard to have a birth plan and place totally altered. I used to just get through the appointments knowing that I wasn’t going to be them throughout this entire, incredible process. Now… this is my reality. I am going to be going through this clinic, and having one of their 6 midwifes deliver my baby. I will say I have been treated nicely by 4 out of the 6 midwifes (so let’s pray I get one of them). There are two that I really like, and I am praying one of them will deliver our baby.

Anyways, if you think about it, please pray for us. This has been a really rough week and I am seeking peace, but I honestly am not quite there. Ted is feeling total peace about having the baby at the hospital. I am NOT against hospitals I promise, it’s just that I had a birth plan and it’s gone… maybe that’s a bit dramatic.

Alright, well photos to come. I have now gained 20 pounds, which freaked me out a bit, cause I’m only 6 months 1/2, but thanks to advice (thanks Hannah), and the fact that we are down the mountain, and living in a safe neighborhood to walk in… I’m hoping to only gain 10 more pounds at the most.

Please know too… my greatest heart’s desire is to see our baby born safe!! Although I keep talking about our altered birth plan, this truly is my hearts desire.

On a much lighter note… I’ve started to get “charlie horses” like none other. I’ve never really dealt with these before, I sneeze and my legs cramp up SO bad. One night I freaked out, I was in so much pain, that I woke Ted. Poor guy! Thought I’d share cause it’s kinda funny!

Thank you for caring and for praying for us!
Jami & our little sunshine =)
(Photo above: i found a bib and onesie that had “daddy’s little sunshine” on them, and I will purchase them someday soon)

Prayer Request: A Change of Plans.

Yesterday morning Ted and I found out that I am Group B Strep positive. I took a test for a bladder infection and they found not only a bladder infection but that I was GBS+. Clinics usually do a screening between the 35th and 37th week of pregnancy, but because of the bladder infection test, they found this out a lot sooner for me. I am so grateful.

What is GBS?

Group B streptococcus is a type of bacterial infection that can be found in a pregnant woman’s vagina or rectum. This bacteria is normally found in the vagina and/or lower intestine of 15% to 40% of all healthy, adult women.

Those women who test positive for GBS are said to be colonized. A mother can pass GBS to her baby during delivery. GBS is responsible for affecting about 1 in every 2,000 babies in the United States. Not every baby who is born to a mother who tests positive for GBS will become ill.

Although GBS is rare in pregnant women, the outcome can be severe, and therefore physicians include testing as a routine part of prenatal care.

How does someone get group B strep?

The bacteria that causes group B strep normally lives in the intestine, vagina, or rectal areas. Group B strep colonization is not a sexually transmitted disease (STD). Approximately 15-40% of all healthy women carry group B strep bacteria. For most women there are no symptoms of carrying the GBS bacteria.

Now that I have tested positive for Group B Strep infection…

If you test positive for GBS this simply means that you are a carrier. Not every baby who is born to a mother who tests positive for GBS will become ill. Approximately one of every 100 to 200 babies whose mothers carry GBS will develop signs and symptoms of GBS disease. There are, however, symptoms that may indicate that you are at a higher risk of delivering a baby with GBS. These symptoms include:

Labor or rupture of membrane before 37 weeks
Rupture of membrane 18 hours or more before delivery
Fever during labor
A urinary tract infection as a result of GBS during your pregnancy
A previous baby with GBS disease
In this case your physician will want to use antibiotics for prevention and protection.

According to the CDC, if you have tested positive and are not in the high risk category, then your chances of delivering a baby with GBS are:

1 in 200 if antibiotics are not given
1 in 4000 if antibiotics are given

How can I protect my baby from Group B Strep infection?

If you test positive for GBS and meet the high risk criteria, then your physician will recommend giving you antibiotics through IV during your delivery to prevent your baby from becoming ill. Taking antibiotics greatly decreases the chances of your baby becoming ill.

For women who are group B strep carriers, antibiotics before labor starts are not a good way to get rid of group B strep bacteria. Since they naturally live in the gastrointestinal tract (guts), the bacteria can come back after antibiotics. A woman may test positive at certain times and not at others. That’s why it is important for all pregnant women to be tested for group B strep between 35 to 37 weeks of every pregnancy.

How does Group B Strep infection affect a newborn baby?

Babies may experience early or late-onset of GBS.

The signs and symptoms of early onset GBS include:

Signs and symptoms occurring within hours of delivery
Breathing problems, heart and blood pressure instability
Gastrointestinal and kidney problems
Sepsis, pneumonia and meningitis are the most common complications
Newborns with early-onset are treated the same as the mothers, which is through intravenous antibiotics.

The signs and symptoms of late-onset GBS include:

Signs and symptoms occurring within a week or a few months of delivery
Meningitis is the most common symptom
Late-onset GBS is not as common as early-onset
Late-onset of GBS could be a result of delivery, or the baby may have contracted it by coming into contact with someone who has GBS.

The information from above is taken from the link at the bottom of this blog.

Jami speaking now:

Of course I hoped for a healthy pregnancy, and this doesn’t mean I still can’t have that. I was a mess yesterday, I ended up making myself sick and I even got my second migraine (of my life) from the stress and the crying. I slept the afternoon away, trying to calm myself down for the baby’s sake. I am asking for your prayers, because I am very up and down about this. I am afraid, I won’t lie. I think the hardest part for me is feeling to helpless in this. I have 15 weeks until our baby will come and until then it’s just waiting this out, once labor hits I will get an IV with antibiotics every 4 hours during delivery, in order to protect the baby from GBS. So that hard part is the waiting for the day of delivery, and waiting to see if my baby will have GBS or not. Please pray for our baby’s safety!

Our plans for a home birth, as of right now, are put on hold. We’ve been advised to have the baby at the hospital, so I can be hooked to an IV with antibiotics, and just in case the baby is born with GBS they can take fast action. As you all know, my heart’s desire was to have a home birth, but my greatest heart’s desire is to have our baby safe and healthy.

If you know of anyone who has had this or if you have had this while pregnant, please talk to me! I want to hear a bit more about this, and just how serious or not serious this could be.

Thanks for listening & thank you for praying for our baby!

Why a Home Birth?

Many ask me, why did you choose to do a home birth instead of a hospital birth? Well, today I will answer and hopefully thoroughly. (With my mind these days, that is a lot harder than it may sound).

*Now for a disclaimer, let me say this. Many women I know and love, choose hospital births. This is not a blog about bashing hospital births and medicines and all that jazz! This is what I have chosen personally! I know a ton of women who have had incredibly midwifes in hospitals, and have super healthy kiddos now. This is nothing against you, if you are or have done this! Seriously, I hope you all see my heart is what I’m about to share! *

A little bit of history… when I was around 12 or 13 I attended a home birth for my mom’s dear friend. As much as I was shocked to actually see a birth, I remember really enjoying the calm atmosphere, and the fact that they wanted to bring this baby into their own home and most importantly, a home embellished with God. Until I was married (which ironically I swore I would never marry), I didn’t think about this again.

When we found out we were pregnant after months of trying and trusting God, I immediately wanted to do a home birth, but knew it would be hard to share that with Ted, and with my extended family. I knew they would be hesitant, but only because they wanted a safe enviroment for the baby and I. I shared my heart for wanting a home birth, and Ted was worried.

We ended up deciding to head to the doctors, and went ahead and planned on having a hospital birth. I won’t lie, I was bummed but I understood Ted’s hesitation was out of love for me, and the fear of the unknown. Well, our first appointment bombed. We were treated terribly (and I’m not exaggerating). The lady that checked the baby and I out, was very impersonal and actually quite rude. We left the clinic that morning feeling discouraged, and we both didn’t feel peace, but Ted still wasn’t ready to commit to a home birth understandably.

The weeks in between our first appointment and our 10 week check up, we frequently discussed a home birth. I also spoke with other mothers, (which there are 2 at our base), who have done home births. I asked them a lot about it, and with their encouragement- Ted met with one of the fathers to see what he originally felt about them, and what the process involves. We were still very undecided by the time we went to our 10 week checkup.

We saw the baby for the first time. For Ted, this made the entire pregnancy more real. The weeks of sickness made it real enough for me. We were treated a lot better this time, and still both walked away feeling no peace. So we then prayed, and decided to pursue a home birth.

I have many reasons for doing a home birth, but here are my most important, and heartfelt reasons for why I chose a home birth.
– First, I want to set the tone and atmosphere. I want to bring our baby into this world in an atmosphere of praise and adoration to God. I want to be able to spend however long labor is, in prayer and worship. I want our baby to come into the prescence of God first and foremost.
– I want to be with my baby immediately after labor. I want to hold him/her, despite how exhausted I am. I don’t want someone to wisk my baby away. I want the first precious moments.
– I want to give birth naturally. I am a weakling, I know this more than anyone, and I want to remain focused the entire process of delivery.
– I want to be with my loved ones, while going through labor. I want my friends and family to be the first ones who welcome our baby into the world.

Can you do this at a hospital? I am sure you can and go for it!! A home birth is what we feel peace in pursuing.

I met our midwife yesterday, fell in love, and had total peace.( She believes in God, and will let me set the tone for the day) Oh, and Ted liked her too. In fact when she asked, “Do you guys need more time to think about this..” I was surprised and overjoyed to hear Ted answer first, saying we are set on doing a home birth and having her deliver our baby!!

We have totally peace, and I personally can’t even share with you how excited, thrilled, anxious… I am for the next months to pass and to meet our little one! Hope this made sense! :)

Jami & the kickin’ baby E