"Fairly Quickly"

Today was our 40 week check up and I left kind of confused but encouraged.

When our Doctor did the check up, he told me the reason I hadn’t gone into labor yet was because our baby decided to move back OUT of my pelvis! Which meant all of those “launches” I have been feeling, was actually the baby backing out of where he/she needed to be. I was bummed to hear that and the fact that I still wasn’t dilated. I mean, can you believe that?!
I almost cried when he told me that, but then he said we were going to check the baby’s measurements to see if we were measuring right on, or early or late. That cheered me up, because I knew it meant we would get to SEE our baby for the first time since I was 24 weeks.
He measured the baby and me and we’re measuring right on. In fact, baby is measuring in at 8 lbs! I was shocked when I heard this! 8 lbs? I was only 6 lbs, but Ted was 9 lbs! If that makes any difference. Probably not.
He told me once our baby engages in the pelvis again, then we should go into labor and quickly. He left us saying “I expect you to go into labor fairly quickly here” which I totally couldn’t help but to take to heart… even without the dilation and the baby being head down but not low enough.
I asked Ted if I was holding on too tightly to what Dr. Hill told us, and he said no because he was too :) Hopefully soon I’ll be introducing you to our little chubby baby!

3 thoughts on “"Fairly Quickly"

  1. Anonymous says:

    thats great new Jami! i'm sure baby will move down soon because there isnt much more room for him to move around..i'm guessing if not tomorrow he'll come right on your due date! or else i hope lol i really want to see pictures!!love you girldanielle


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey Jami, I am Mark Davies sister Hannah. I don't know how I stumbled upon your blog, but I wanted to write you with encouraging words. I know you are at the stage in the pregnancy where its this little game of hide and seek, and your thinking " WHY isn't this little person coming out?!" Your probably hearing everyones birth story and are desperate to have your own. Well one more story for you! haha… my sister in law was getting towards the end of her pregnancy like you are! She never dilated, and the baby went back "up" like your little one is. Two days after she got that news, she had the baby, a day after her due date! So keep your head up and that baby bump out! He/she will be here very soon. No matter what, that baby can't stay in there forever! It's such an amazing experience and I wish you the best with your labor! God Bless! Hannah


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