Birth Story Prequel.

It is finally happening. I am posting the birth story. And in a 3 part series with a prequel. Long huh? And I am even posting the condensed version! It has been a long and healing process to write this. I decided to post this by Chase’s 1/2 birthday which is Monday. And here we are, already!

This blog is just a little background before I begin. If you’ve been following my blog throughout this journey, I’m sorry if this is repetitive!

Well… I’m ready, here we go!

During our birthing classes we were given an assignment which I’ve talked about this before on a previous blog, but let me refresh. We were given double sided index cards. One side would say something like epidural and the other would be the opposite, so in this case; natural. They had us lay out our ideal birth plan.

After that, they had us flip 3 cards over that we would be okay with changing. And then 3 more cards, which really made my heart drop to think about. Our instructor told us to really think about the possibility that our birth plan “A” and even “B” could be tossed out the window due to circumstances. It was hard, but really good for us to think about.

All of that to say, our birth plan was completely opposite of our “plan A” and even a step behind “plan B”. It was not what I had pictured, imagined or dreamed. We did not have a home birth, we did not have an all natural birth and we did not have a vaginal birth, but as a couple we grew more than we thought possible in our trust in our Father.

This is the story of the birth of our son, Chase Journey Davis.

{There is most definitely an unspeakable joy in this story but you have to wait until the end for that part}

Part 1 coming soon.

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