Why a Home Birth?

Many ask me, why did you choose to do a home birth instead of a hospital birth? Well, today I will answer and hopefully thoroughly. (With my mind these days, that is a lot harder than it may sound).

*Now for a disclaimer, let me say this. Many women I know and love, choose hospital births. This is not a blog about bashing hospital births and medicines and all that jazz! This is what I have chosen personally! I know a ton of women who have had incredibly midwifes in hospitals, and have super healthy kiddos now. This is nothing against you, if you are or have done this! Seriously, I hope you all see my heart is what I’m about to share! *

A little bit of history… when I was around 12 or 13 I attended a home birth for my mom’s dear friend. As much as I was shocked to actually see a birth, I remember really enjoying the calm atmosphere, and the fact that they wanted to bring this baby into their own home and most importantly, a home embellished with God. Until I was married (which ironically I swore I would never marry), I didn’t think about this again.

When we found out we were pregnant after months of trying and trusting God, I immediately wanted to do a home birth, but knew it would be hard to share that with Ted, and with my extended family. I knew they would be hesitant, but only because they wanted a safe enviroment for the baby and I. I shared my heart for wanting a home birth, and Ted was worried.

We ended up deciding to head to the doctors, and went ahead and planned on having a hospital birth. I won’t lie, I was bummed but I understood Ted’s hesitation was out of love for me, and the fear of the unknown. Well, our first appointment bombed. We were treated terribly (and I’m not exaggerating). The lady that checked the baby and I out, was very impersonal and actually quite rude. We left the clinic that morning feeling discouraged, and we both didn’t feel peace, but Ted still wasn’t ready to commit to a home birth understandably.

The weeks in between our first appointment and our 10 week check up, we frequently discussed a home birth. I also spoke with other mothers, (which there are 2 at our base), who have done home births. I asked them a lot about it, and with their encouragement- Ted met with one of the fathers to see what he originally felt about them, and what the process involves. We were still very undecided by the time we went to our 10 week checkup.

We saw the baby for the first time. For Ted, this made the entire pregnancy more real. The weeks of sickness made it real enough for me. We were treated a lot better this time, and still both walked away feeling no peace. So we then prayed, and decided to pursue a home birth.

I have many reasons for doing a home birth, but here are my most important, and heartfelt reasons for why I chose a home birth.
– First, I want to set the tone and atmosphere. I want to bring our baby into this world in an atmosphere of praise and adoration to God. I want to be able to spend however long labor is, in prayer and worship. I want our baby to come into the prescence of God first and foremost.
– I want to be with my baby immediately after labor. I want to hold him/her, despite how exhausted I am. I don’t want someone to wisk my baby away. I want the first precious moments.
– I want to give birth naturally. I am a weakling, I know this more than anyone, and I want to remain focused the entire process of delivery.
– I want to be with my loved ones, while going through labor. I want my friends and family to be the first ones who welcome our baby into the world.

Can you do this at a hospital? I am sure you can and go for it!! A home birth is what we feel peace in pursuing.

I met our midwife yesterday, fell in love, and had total peace.( She believes in God, and will let me set the tone for the day) Oh, and Ted liked her too. In fact when she asked, “Do you guys need more time to think about this..” I was surprised and overjoyed to hear Ted answer first, saying we are set on doing a home birth and having her deliver our baby!!

We have totally peace, and I personally can’t even share with you how excited, thrilled, anxious… I am for the next months to pass and to meet our little one! Hope this made sense! :)

Jami & the kickin’ baby E

7 thoughts on “Why a Home Birth?

  1. Roger says:

    I am so excited for you guys! you will absolutely love having a home birth! I have done it both ways and you can’t pay me enough to do it in a hospital. have you read Supernatural Childbirth by Jackie Mize? It is amazing how you can have a pain-free birth. i have experienced it 4 times…no lie! that book changed me, you have to read it. Who is your midwife? when is your due date? if you ever need anything, let me know. i love homebirth!!!!!!!


  2. Dan and Ashton Shjandemaar says:

    That’s awesome, the atmosphere is what really and truly makes the difference! Still haven’t decided what were going to do, i really want a birthing center and Dan is well where Ted was. Neither of us are completely sold either way, still weighing it all out! I’m so excited for ya’ll. Let me know how it goes and everything, your due first and i just get to learn from you! hahaAll our prayer to you guysAsh


  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Jami!It’s big jami here (remember you used to be little jami-ha ha), from IL. I just wanted to tell you how excited I am about your homebirth! It will be everything hope for and more. Chris, as expected, was very unsure in the begining. He came around, but didn’t fully embrace the idea until after the birth! Ted will get there! Anyway, I wanted to lend my support and let you know we are praying for you. olive’s birth was one of the greatest blessings of my life, and I know you will also be richly blessed by your homebirth. Take care!jami scott


  4. Bowker Family says:

    Jami, You and Ted are the ones who first and foremost receive wisdom from God about how you should bring this baby into the world and how to raise it. If you realize and rely on that now, it will save you much grief over worrying about other peoples opinions. God gives us each wisdom for our own situation. You will find that those who know this and are secure in who they are in Christ can happily wish grace and peace on you in your decision making and not feel the need to question or critique you and Ted. So, blessings and grace to you and Ted in all your decisions regarding this little one…Madre


  5. Gwen says:

    Dear Jami,I was to touched by what you wrote. I am so happy and excited for you. I have truly loved every one of our homebirths (4 in all- 4 hospital ones as well). There was always such a peace and prayerful attitude when we were able to have them at home. Probably partly because we could pray without constant interruptions and our family was close by. I was more relaxed also. But I know everyone is different. You know that you and Ted need to follow God’s direction and do what is right for the two of you. I’ll be praying for all of you. Gwen


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