Prayer Request.

Our Doctor is asking us to come tomorrow to see if things are progressing and to talk about what is next if nothing is happening.

Please, please pray that our baby decides to come on his/her own! Ted and I never really expected to be talking about induction and it’s just hard that the baby has pushed itself back out of where he/she needs to be.
Since our baby is measuring “8lbs” which they said at least expect 7 1/2 lbs, I would like to have him/her soon so the baby doesn’t get any bigger. They aren’t worried right now about my height and frame being able to deliver naturally, but if the baby gets any bigger, than maybe.
Please pray for us to make the right decision! We are really seeking God in this and we are hoping for the baby to naturally on his/her own, to come today, tonight or before tomorrow’s 10:20 appointment.
Thank you!

3 thoughts on “Prayer Request.

  1. The Wellingtons says:

    I'll be praying for you. I'm starting to wonder if my baby did the same thing yours did.. because over the weekend I felt lots of crazy pressure down really low and thought he was moving down… but at my appt. Monday, she said he was quite high (and he'd been low the weeks before)… sigh… just another reminder that we're not the ones in control. I pray you'll have peace whether it's to go natural or be induced. God's in control either way.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I prayed hard for you! i keep thinking that you are in labor (its basically always on my mind) and then i log into my email or facebook and there you are :-) Baby will be here soon! I love you and I will keep praying!danielle


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