Favourite Finds {2}

Pinterest. If ya haven’t already heard of this amazing site, you should definitely go check it out.

Basically pinterest is a collaboration of creativity and inspiration from all over the web but pinned in one place. It’s an amazing way to have all of your inspirations in one place. I get a little carried away because it’s so inspirational, you just keep pinning others finds without pinning things that I’ve found and want to save for future reference.

Well, I thought I would post a blog post on Sunday afternoons called ‘Favourite Finds’ with some good finds from that week or previous weeks that I’d love to share, but totally couldn’t get one out last night. So here we are :)

Below are 1-3 favourite finds I found the past few weeks from a few of my boards. Click on the image to direct you to the source. Side note: on pinterest you can organize your “pins” into inspiration “boards”.

Two “pins” from my Someday Soon DIYs board:

I absolutely love this idea. I would like to do something a little different but with the same idea. SO cute!

Super simple and cute idea. Framed pincushion.

Two from my Create Play Learn – with my Littles board:

This is a brilliant idea for whenever someone is “bored”. I know a lot of momma’s who’d appreciate me posting this one :)

I am making something like this as soon as possible. His art is always piled in odd places. This would be handy and Ted would get to see it right away too!

Two from my Jami Stylee boards:

I want one in each colour. These look so comfy!

Pretty vintage dress for date nights or just because.

Two from my Inspiration for a Hopeful Home board:

Okay, so first, I know you’re probably sick of teal or  teal and coral pink “talk” on here! I changed my blog back in April to these colours and they always remind me of Eisley-girl so I think I’ll always crush on teal and pink… annnd so you might here about it more than you’d like. ;)

This is such a pretty, pretty teal. This is the colour I picuture in our living room.

This is almost exactly how I pictured doing a room for Eisley. A little more coral pink than pinky-pink and no grey(although I do love how it looks, it just wasn’t apart of what I pictured). It kind of breaks me heart but I hope someday when we have another little girl and share with her the inspiration behind the colours, her sister. Someday. Whew.

Love this idea of a dream jar. This sparked two ideas in me; one representing healing for Ted and I.

One finds from My Oh So Lovely Tattoos board:

I just love this. “Anchor of hope” couple tattoo. I love the concept. Ted and I are getting a tattoo together for our 5th wedding anniversary (’12) and this placement I like. I like this tattoo but we won’t be getting this.

Two finds from my Inspirational Ideas for Our Bedroom board:

I had this idea to do a wall of unqiue and beautiful poses representing marriage, strength, bond, love, us, etc. We decided we’d both search for photos we’d love to have a friend take of us and frame them on one wall in our room. I saw this and found it to be so powerful, especially for where we are at right now.

I also want to incorpate sayings, quotes, verses etc that are powerful and also represent what I said above. I would love to use these words and put them on canvas or frame them!

Two from my ‘Hair Inspirations’ board:


To say I miss my super tangled mess of ringlet curls is a {huge} understatement. 3 months pregnant with Chase I began to lose my curls (Chase stole them! When his hair gets wet, it curls.) Now I have only a slight wave. I had two other friends who lost all of their curl while pregnant, one got all her curls and more back! I am hopeful. It makes me regret the years of straightening them now I would give anything to have them back!

Colour, length, hairstyle. Whoa.

Two from my The Sunshine Room board:

Incredible use of embroidery hoops. Would love to do this in the kid’s room.


Two from For My Little Sunshine’s board:

This Ah.ma.zing little reading nook.

Old nightstand transformed into a little kitchenette! How amazing is this?!

Two from my Home Furniture Projects board:

Old frame transformed into an beautiful headboard.

Vintage suitcase made into this amazing nightstand/end table. Hope to do something like this!

Okay, so that’s all for now. I wish I could post more here tonight but instead, hop on over to my boards at pinterest.com/colourherhope if you found this blog inspiring! There are so many brilliant ideas.

In fact, I’ve found there to be SO many amazing ideas but you can get carried away “pinning” other people’s ideas that aren’t 100% you. I do. I end up deleting some that I thought were amazing but later realized, even through they were a great idea, they just weren’t really me or something I would really do someday.

Anyhow…if you’d like an invite, let me know!  One way to know if pinterest is something you’d use… if you already have folders on your laptop or bookmarked or “stickied” a bunch of sites/ideas and inspirations. You. will. love. this. site.

9 thoughts on “Favourite Finds {2}

  1. Gingko says:

    Thanks to you, I have discovered Pinterest some time ago.. I am already in love with this platform.. this is such a great idea to be able to give some order to my thoughts in a visual way..
    Hope you’re doing fine today.


  2. So Resourceful says:

    Wow, I love all of these ideas! Thnak you so much for shairng.
    I just stumbled across your blog on tag surfer and I’m so glad I found it, will have a look through your archives now for more inspirational posts and photographs.


  3. Stephanie says:

    That kitchen picture totally pulls together all those colors you want for your home! Its gonna look great! PS I had such a great time hanging with you today. Sorry I was a bit out of it. I’ve been so tired lately.


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