Favourite Finds {2}

Pinterest. If ya haven’t already heard of this amazing site, you should definitely go check it out.

Basically pinterest is a collaboration of creativity and inspiration from all over the web but pinned in one place. It’s an amazing way to have all of your inspirations in one place. I get a little carried away because it’s so inspirational, you just keep pinning others finds without pinning things that I’ve found and want to save for future reference.

Well, I thought I would post a blog post on Sunday afternoons called ‘Favourite Finds’ with some good finds from that week or previous weeks that I’d love to share, but totally couldn’t get one out last night. So here we are :)

Below are 1-3 favourite finds I found the past few weeks from a few of my boards. Click on the image to direct you to the source. Side note: on pinterest you can organize your “pins” into inspiration “boards”.

Two “pins” from my Someday Soon DIYs board:

I absolutely love this idea. I would like to do something a little different but with the same idea. SO cute!

Super simple and cute idea. Framed pincushion.

Two from my Create Play Learn – with my Littles board:

This is a brilliant idea for whenever someone is “bored”. I know a lot of momma’s who’d appreciate me posting this one :)

I am making something like this as soon as possible. His art is always piled in odd places. This would be handy and Ted would get to see it right away too!

Two from my Jami Stylee boards:

I want one in each colour. These look so comfy!

Pretty vintage dress for date nights or just because.

Two from my Inspiration for a Hopeful Home board:

Okay, so first, I know you’re probably sick of teal or  teal and coral pink “talk” on here! I changed my blog back in April to these colours and they always remind me of Eisley-girl so I think I’ll always crush on teal and pink… annnd so you might here about it more than you’d like. ;)

This is such a pretty, pretty teal. This is the colour I picuture in our living room.

This is almost exactly how I pictured doing a room for Eisley. A little more coral pink than pinky-pink and no grey(although I do love how it looks, it just wasn’t apart of what I pictured). It kind of breaks me heart but I hope someday when we have another little girl and share with her the inspiration behind the colours, her sister. Someday. Whew.

Love this idea of a dream jar. This sparked two ideas in me; one representing healing for Ted and I.

One finds from My Oh So Lovely Tattoos board:

I just love this. “Anchor of hope” couple tattoo. I love the concept. Ted and I are getting a tattoo together for our 5th wedding anniversary (’12) and this placement I like. I like this tattoo but we won’t be getting this.

Two finds from my Inspirational Ideas for Our Bedroom board:

I had this idea to do a wall of unqiue and beautiful poses representing marriage, strength, bond, love, us, etc. We decided we’d both search for photos we’d love to have a friend take of us and frame them on one wall in our room. I saw this and found it to be so powerful, especially for where we are at right now.

I also want to incorpate sayings, quotes, verses etc that are powerful and also represent what I said above. I would love to use these words and put them on canvas or frame them!

Two from my ‘Hair Inspirations’ board:


To say I miss my super tangled mess of ringlet curls is a {huge} understatement. 3 months pregnant with Chase I began to lose my curls (Chase stole them! When his hair gets wet, it curls.) Now I have only a slight wave. I had two other friends who lost all of their curl while pregnant, one got all her curls and more back! I am hopeful. It makes me regret the years of straightening them now I would give anything to have them back!

Colour, length, hairstyle. Whoa.

Two from my The Sunshine Room board:

Incredible use of embroidery hoops. Would love to do this in the kid’s room.


Two from For My Little Sunshine’s board:

This Ah.ma.zing little reading nook.

Old nightstand transformed into a little kitchenette! How amazing is this?!

Two from my Home Furniture Projects board:

Old frame transformed into an beautiful headboard.

Vintage suitcase made into this amazing nightstand/end table. Hope to do something like this!

Okay, so that’s all for now. I wish I could post more here tonight but instead, hop on over to my boards at pinterest.com/colourherhope if you found this blog inspiring! There are so many brilliant ideas.

In fact, I’ve found there to be SO many amazing ideas but you can get carried away “pinning” other people’s ideas that aren’t 100% you. I do. I end up deleting some that I thought were amazing but later realized, even through they were a great idea, they just weren’t really me or something I would really do someday.

Anyhow…if you’d like an invite, let me know!  One way to know if pinterest is something you’d use… if you already have folders on your laptop or bookmarked or “stickied” a bunch of sites/ideas and inspirations. You. will. love. this. site.

{Forever Imprinted}- the full meaning behind my tattoo

While on bed rest I decided that I wanted to get a tattoo representing Eisley’s life and this season in our lives. I truly thought I would be getting a tattoo that meant or represented healing, because I truly believed our little girl would survive.

One week after we said our goodbye to her, I knew without a doubt, I wanted her footprints on me forevermore. I originally planned that I would wait until what would have been her first birthday to get this tattoo as well as one under my collar bone, above my heart (not literally) that represented her life and our time with her. It’s hard to tell you the reason behind why I did her footprints sooner that I had thought, but I will just say, I needed the daily reminder to be inspired by her life and the reminder to not let what we’ve walked through to ruin me.

I was afraid to share that I was getting this tattoo and even after I got it, I had to be encouraged by Ted to share it. I guess I was afraid that some people might call this an emotional whim tattoo. It truly isn’t there is so much meaning behind this tattoo. Here is the full meaning in the best way I can explain.

Her footprints:

The words to describe how healing it is for me to have her footprints on me are so hard to find.

Her tiny little footprint mold.

I got her footprints in the exact size, shape and imprint at are in the mold they created for us the day she was born. I saw my (amazing) tattoo artist 4 times beforehand to get it perfected. When she tattooed the footprints on me, she had the mold next to her to make it as similar as possible. {I love that she did that}

I got it on my right foot which was actually is important to me. I lead with my right foot. I hope to let her life inspire me and to be a piece of what helps me keep going. To keep moving forward and to live life fully.

The words;

“You are my sunshine” … I sung the words to this song over and over to her during my time with her. I could cry even now as I think about my time in the hospital with her and how, in those moments when all seemed hopeless, I’d lay with my hand on my belly singing her this song and also the simple song I wrote her, “Grow Eisley Grow”. 

I combined the two meanings into one for the tattoo. I used the words “you are my sunshine” and wrote them in the exact, broken handwriting I used to write her the “grow Eisley grow” song.

The handwriting is broken and isn’t perfect and that is what I {love} about it. It represents that time when I wrote to her, broken and afraid, yet believeing and holding onto hope. It represents where I was and am at now. Broken, yet moving forward holding onto hope and truth.

It also represents inspiration. The way I was inspired with her inside of my womb, I want to continue to be inspired, in an even greater way, by her life and the imact she had/has on me.

It represents my children. Eisley and Chase, they are my sunshines. That might sound dramatic or even cheesy, but Chase in his enthusiasm and joy, encourages me so very much on a daily basis. Eisley and Chase are my little sunshines. I’ve never yet called them my prince or my princess and maybe someday I will think of them like that but I’ve {always} thought of them as my sunshines from day one in the womb. I sung this same song to both of my children every night they were in my womb. I now still sing it to Chase but usually find myself in tears before the end of it. He still finds it comforting and I do too.

My tattoo as a whole:

I wrote before about her impact on my heart and my life, and now it’s even a physical reminder of the impact she had on me.

It’s a reminder; It’s a reminder to be inspired by her life and how deeply she touched and changed mine. It’s a reminder to keep pushing forward in that inspiration instead of letting this overcome me.

I want to look back years from now knowing that we grieved and mourned the loss of our daughter yet that we didn’t let it overcome us. I want to look back and see that we we were inspired by her little life and her impact on us. I want to look back and know we became better people because of her. I long to be her voice, and to be inspired and find pieces of her in how I create and look at life.

I want, in a very good way, to be changed and to never ever be the same again.

The date:

December 17th- the date I got the tattoo also has significance. I felt it would be healing to get it on the day she was supposed to be due. The pain of getting the tattoo was both healing and significant. There were moments it hurt terribly, but more than anything it was emotionally painful and healing all at once. There was a part of me that kept thinking that I should be feeling the pain of labor instead and then there was that part of me that sat in awe of Eisley’s little footprints on my foot. The size of her tiny little feet on mine… I am crying even now. It’s hard to put into words the moment when she first placed the outline of my little girl’s footprints on me. 

My tattoo artist told me that the tattoos she had that were linked emotionally were actually some of the more painful tattoos. She was right. It was a lot more than the physical pain that caused the tears streaming down my face. I also shared Eisley’s story, I spoke it aloud, which was hard and healing simultaneously. Two times Ryan, the tattoo artist, had to stop and put her face in her arm to cry and even that was healing. Eisley’s life and story and legacy was touching another person. …I can’t find the words to tell you how much that means to me…

One thing I didn’t think about when I got this tattoo was of how it could impact the life of another. Ryan was the first and already, less than a week of having this tattoo, I have shared her story with a bank teller (seriously) and Eisley’s life touched her as well… the first of many, many more times to come I have a feeling. I will always share her story and it will probably always be painful yet healing.

I keep looking down and seeing her little imprints on me forevermore. It blesses and heals my heart more than I can find words to share. The physical reminder that she is with me is very healing. I had a  hard time finding the words to express fully what this tattoo means to me and I hope I was able to clearly portray the meaning. Thanks for “listening” and caring and loving us like you do.

Baby girl, do you see? I’ve got you now physically on me forevermore. You’ve impacted and inspired my life so deeply. …………..

Meeting An Inspiration.

Yesterday, Ted, Chase and I attended a “mckgathering” at Focus on the Family, where we met Jenniger Mckinney aka MckMama and her husband Isreal. I’ve been following her blog since I was about 3 months pregnant and it was so nice to meet this amazing, inspirational woman. She, and her family of (almost) 7 have walked through a lot. Her perseverance alone inspires many, including me. She also inspires me as a mother and a blogger.

There was a Q & A time as well where they answered questions about blogging, their family, where God is leading them, etc. The thing I loved the most was how real they were about their life and hearing of how she began blogging and why.

Some of you know of her and follow her blog. So what is MckMama like face to face? She was very personable and I could tell she cared about meeting us. During the q & a time, she was so real, honest and raw about their lives, their family and their struggles. I know if we lived close, we would be friends.

In fact, I felt like I had finally met my friend, because I knew so much about her through her blog!

Now I know what it is like for our friends (who we know personally) that read our blog but that have never met Chase. A few of them have met him after reading all about our journey of pregnancy, his delivery, etc and have told me they felt like they knew him personally. That was how I felt when I met Jennifer.

We weren’t able to stay for the hangout and tour of Focus on the Family afterwards, but we were able to be apart of the group photo which you can see here. We are on the far left, 3-4ish people in. I am not looking, but Ted is. Hopefully I will be able to get that photo for memories sake.

I am SO grateful for the opportunity to meet her, but if it weren’t for Ted I never would have!

I didn’t have the courage to do it alone. Silly, I know…but if you know me, you know how I can be :) When I first told him about the “mckgathering” he told me we should go because he knew she was an inspiration to me. He said if he has an opportunity to meet someone who inspired him in photography or blogging, he would definitely do so. He encouraged me and even took the day off to make it a family outing!

And, Chase did awesome! There were many mothers with their kiddos, so Chase was entertained just watching them run around. Okay, just wanted to share!

{Happy weekend!}

The Mckinneys are in incredible family, if you’re interested, please check out their site and read the amazing story of their son Stellan!