{Inspiration Workshop ~ Holiday Decor}

Today is my first time linking up with a fave blogger of mine. Today’s ‘Inspiration Workshop’ prompt is ‘Holiday Decor’ :) I’m excited although there isn’t much to show around here this year, there are still a few Christmas-y things up! I honestly didn’t think that I’d find time/energy to do decor this year due to having a new baby, but I was wrong! I found little windows of time because it was important to me to create a Christmas-y feel for Chase and honestly, just to {create} – it helps me remember to be myself as well as a momma! Although it did take longer than it normally would have, it was fun and now adds a cozy touch to our little home.

Chase decorating our little white tree.

Our colours for this year (and quite possibly the next few years, it’s so cheery!); blue, teal, pink, purple and green.

 “E” for our Eisley-girl

One of those ‘You know you’re a momma to a boy when…’ moments. :) I was going to make a little felt tree skirt, but I see no need now. He’s has a new audience under the tree first thing every morning.

Chase’s great-grandmother “GGgma” gave him this little vintage nightlight.

Our advent calendar for this year. I really didn’t think I would do one this year but found this simple idea on pinterest to buy envelopes and hang them so. I made our envelopes from paper I already had. It took me {forever} to find the mini clothespins I had in my mess of a craftroom but I finally found them just two days ago! Yay :)

It’s kind of hard to tell in this photo but I numbered each envelope.

As I was deciding what we’d do each day leading up to Christmas morning, I had to plan it around our schedule too which was interesting to say the least. I also had to keep myself from going overboard with excitement and being too ambitious. Especially as I’m still in the mix of learning to maneuver with 2 kiddos at home or outside the house  (which is still a major YIKES to me!) ;) I kind of miss being a child again, anticipating the days fun event but not knowing what to expect. I love surprises, so maybe that’s why :)

For those curious or wanting ideas for next year (or this year, not too late to start!!), here are a few of the activities I chose for our advent this year (some we repeat weekly);

Decorate the tree as a family, Decorate the home, Make a Christmas playlist and sit under the tree lights, Make and decorate Christmas cookies, Make Christmas cards, Make gifts for grandparents, Put together cookie gift jars and decide who to take them to, Go out as a family and pick out this years Christmas book (we get a new one each year that the kids help pick out), Christmas family photoshoot, Have a nice Christmas-y family dinner, Open this years ornament from momma and daddy, Make a gingerbread house, Christmas movie night with hot cocoa, Read the Christmas story/Christmas-y books, do a Christmas craft, Take Christmas cookies to our neighbors, Open one gift (jammies from mommy) then bundle up and drive around to see Christmas lights (Christmas eve), After opening stocking gifts – put goals/wished for 2012 in stockings to read next year (for Ted and I this year – “read our goals we had this year, where we are now and then talk about next years goals/wishes/dreams” )… I think that’s it :)

A Pinterest inspired banner that I {love}! I stratigically placed it on my least favourite wall and it adds so much! (I want to hide our TV in an armoire but have yet to find one that I’d have to seriously re-purpose)

I hung pretty colourful jingle bells under the paper lanterns to add a cheery Christmas touch (50% off at Hobby Lobby for $3!)

I loved making the “Joy to the world” banner so much that I decided to make this one as well. Today I finally hung it :)

Chase keeps saying, “It’s so pretty!” :)  Yes, he can reach it but he knows it’s something he’s not to touch.

Well that is it for Christmas decor in the Davis’ Home this year! Hope you’ve enjoyed the little mini tour.

Merry Christmas!!



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