2 months.

 here are my littlest man’s 2 month photos (he’s almost 3 months now, can you believe that?!)

be ready to {melt} from cuteness

big brother wanted to join in again this time. i. love. it. 

this past month we’ve seen the most change…so far. full of real smiles and coos. oh my WORD, he is a joy.

also, i could swear he’s teething already (Chase began early at 3 months but his first tooth didn’t pop through until 6 months)! chew, chew, chew. drool, drool, drool

he is a super chill, {peaceful} and happy baby (once i figured out a few things for his sleeping and stuffiness)

 he absolutely {adores} his big brother Chase and thinks he is HILarious. (like you see here, ha! no, but seriously, he does. ;)

{melts. my. heart} Chase thought Shailo was tickling him. so stinkin’ funny and cute!

he prefers to sit upright and look around at his surroundings. and while he really does adore his daddy and big brother, he is {such} a momma’s boy already. loves to be in my arms… and i love him there. he’s just a tad “spoiled” some would say.

Shailo Valour, we absolutely adore you and are so very thankful for you.

(in other news, kind of related to this… i have really struggled lately with our loss of Eisley. missing her being apart of even such things as our monthly photoshoots. i should be photographing 3 of my babies; my 2 month old boy, my 2.5-year-old Chasey-boy, and my 15 month Eisley-girl.it’s hard not to think about the “ifs”, especially when i’m reminded daily. i know it would be a tad bit crazier than it sometimes feels now, but i’d give anything for that. anything. the constant reminder that she’s gone is still really hard for me to grasp, especially some days. anyways, my heart just kind of aches a lot lately. i am so grateful for my boys and their LIFE. so very grateful, beyond words. yet i do still ache so much knowing one of my babies isn’t with me anymore. didn’t want to make a post out of this bit, just i guess asking for your thoughts and prayers for me as i walk through this new place that i am. thanks for stoping by and for caring.)

9 thoughts on “2 months.

  1. holdingtohope says:

    My dear friend. The boys are so precious. Love them so much. Friend I know Eisley will always be missed and hearts will always ache for her. I pray that the boys will bring you great joy and comfort this week in the midst of the heart ache. love you my dear friend


    • colourherhope says:

      you’re so right, friend. they will always ache for her but the boys do bring great comfort and joy while we wait for the promise of heaven. xoxo, love you dearly!


  2. Chey says:

    What?! Sorry i wasnt done yet, ha.

    All three of your kiddos are so dear to ALL of us. thanks for sharing your life and struggle with us.

    I am praying for you, and walking with you as you journey forward, holding the babies you can in your arms, and the sweet girl you cant deeply treasured in your heart. I’m proud of you.


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