Gifts made with modge podge.

I am pretty crazy about modge podge and here are a few simple and cute ideas using this amazing stuff! I follow the Prudent Baby and she absolutely inspires me. She posted a few easy coaster DIYs on her blog and I decided to do these as a small gift for a bunch of my extended family members.  Because I know a lot of my family reads our blog, I will post some that I made for our (future) home!

I made gift sets of coasters and magnets and will be sharing both on this post. So heads up, this is probably going to be a long post!

Supplies used to make coasters;

6 3×3 tiles – (16 cents a piece from home depot!)

modge podge

paint brush

crafting paper/scrap paper – (I bought individual sheets at Hobby Lobby because then I could pick, choose and piece together what I thought matched my family member’s homes or personality)

paper cutter (or xacto knife or scissors)

felt (or cork) for the bottoms

hot glue gun (or rubber cement) to put the bottoms on


Trace and cut

I cut mine a little less an 3 in by 3 in because I like the white edged look. You’ll see what I mean in a sec :)

paint one layer of glue on tile and carefully place paper

set a timer for 20 min and then add a layer of modge podge on top. Set time again for 20 min. You’ll do this a total of 5 times.

(optional part) Once completely dried,  dampen #400 sandpaper and lightly sand until smooth.

The final step is to add felt or cork to the bottom and then you’re done!

(I did ours to match my dream living room colours. I’ve shared before but our colours are teal, with black and white accents and splashes of pink which remind us of Eisley :))

How to  make magnets:

Supplies used:

glass gems (big pack for $3 at Hobby Lobby)

paper scraps from coasters

modge podge :)

paint brush

scissors or xacto knife

magnets for back

hot glue gun (for magnets)

How to DIY:

Trace and cut.

Add a light layer of modge podge and carefully place paper in center.

I let it try for 20 min, added a layer on top. I did this twice.

Once dried, hot glue magnets to back and you’re finished!

(This is a little saying I like and a cartoon my grandpa cut out for my brother)
These are fairly simple and hopefully the recipients will enjoy them!

This will be my last DIY post for this week (probably). Please keep us in your prayers as it’s already proven to be an incredible hard week but we’re pressing into each other as we miss our sweet E. Thanks for loving us so.

Much love, Jami

11 thoughts on “Gifts made with modge podge.

  1. Melissa says:

    Now I told you on your last post that I’m not patient enough for crafts… but these two I am going to HAVE to try. I LOVE it! Both of them are so cute… and I have a ton of scrapbook paper that I had no plans for. I don’t scrapbook… but I love the paper so I buy it and then it sits waiting for someone more creative to come along and use it! haha!


  2. Melissa says:

    by the way… I’m hoping Justine doesn’t see this post, because I think she’d love a set of both for Christmas. :) Justine – if you just read this, let’s make some together for people!


  3. Ariel says:


    I’m not a crafty lady, but I LOVE these! I am always looking for just the right coasters…haven’t found them yet! :) Maybe, I’ll roll up my sleeves and make some. :) I love the papers you picked too! I bet the ones for your family are so cute! They are going to love them. Thanks for showing/teaching us all!


  4. Diane Clemens says:

    I tried these before Christmas as I wanted to give for gifts. However, I had a problem with mine bubbling under the paper. What did I do wrong and how can I correct. I used the same tiles and Mod Podge. Help


  5. Stephanie says:

    hey we should get together to make magnets and a wreath and then later on we can pick up some pillows from the thrift store and some fabric and we can make pillows together… I’ll teach you the simple ropes of pillows… even though you said you’ve done some. :)


  6. kailey says:

    Hey! Are you planning on adding some of the coasters to your etsy store because i would so buy them! Do they hold up to cold drinks because we have some that mess up if we place cold drinks on them…. :)


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