“I’m Chase and I’m two!”

Monday was our Chasey-boy’s 2nd birthday! He will proudly tell you, “I’m Chase and I’m two!” enthusiastically and while holding up not TWO fingers but ten :)

Chase Journey Davis – July 18th, 2009 2:14 am – 8lbs 15oz 22in

42 hours of labor ending with a C-section because of his size. He was beat up, bruised and tired (and I guess had a massive cone head from being stuck for so long, but I never saw that). I’ll never forget the first time I saw him, while lying on the surgical table. Dr. Hill held him up to peek over the top of the blue sheet before me and said, “Hi mom!”. After that I zonked out and lost totally memory of what happened next due to meds and exhaustion, but I do remember that moment and always will. He was immediately sent to the NICU due to his breathing and low glucose levels and was there for 5 days. Sunday, July 19th, they wheeled me in I held him for the first time and was in awe of his size, beauty and blonde hair.


You can read more and see more photos of his arrival here.

(newborn and 2)

His first year was full of non-stop growth and firsts and milestones. I seriously documented EVERYthing. It’s so fun to look back and see exactly where he was just the year before. He officially started walking at 9 months and has been running ever since 11 months, I swear. It’s always go, go, go, go, go with this boy.

I watch his personality and character grow with each month still and it’s incredible. I see a little bit of mommy, a little bit of  daddy and a lot of just Chase. I’ve realized lately just how much he has changed in this last year and stand in awe. Besides physically, he’s grown intellectually more than I would have imagined. He constantly surprises us with how quickly he picks things up from other kids, us, a movie, or just by observing people.

(left: 1 year, right: 2 years)

Chase is very active, prefers the outdoors, loves going for walks, playing at parks and swimming – no amount of time is enough for this boy to swim- he is a fish!

He is very quirky and particular, both of which I find amusing (most of the time). He loves to peel stickers or price tags off of things (that’s his job after we go thrifting!). He loves lining his cars, trucks, trains up in a perfect line. He will lie down to play with a car and watch it’s wheels move back and forth. He points outs if a kid is doing something that is a “No no” for him. It bothers him a lot if something is out of place, whether it be an item in the house or a spilled drink or a broken toy, etc. He isn’t the snuggler he used to be but if someone needs comforted, he becomes a little comforter and even wipes away tears and hugs your head real tight to his. He loves the colour blue and points it out wherever we go. He notices backhoes, trucks, trains, motorcycles and airplanes way before we ever do. He is always asking us and those around;  “What is that?”.

(1 year and 2 years old…Chase  still lies in the grass and giggles as it touches his ears. LOVE!)

He is a funny one. Constantly cracking us up with things he does or says.

(Showing me where his baby brother S is)

His desire to be the center of attention has grown immensely since he now knows there is another baby in mommy’s tummy that she talks and sings too. He was so young when we were pregnant with Eisley that he would just say “Baby” but didn’t understand much at all. With Boy S, oh he knows. He rolls his eyes at us sometimes when we ask him where his baby brother is or if he could give Boy S a kiss. Other times he just walks right up and says his nickname for his brother and kisses or pats my belly.

He still loves music and his love for music makes me curious of what the future holds for him but we shall see. I will invest time, energy and money into whatever he is passionate about, but I want him to decide what that is as he grows without influencing him one way or another. But I have a feeling music will always be apart of his life, just like his daddy :)

(a photobooth photo from each year)

From the beginning Chase and motherhood have taught me so much. Chase is constantly reminding me to see the world of endless possibilities that we seem to forget as we become adults. He has inspired me to enjoy the little things in life again. He’s shown me incredible, selfless and unconditional love. He’s challenged our way of thinking and living and inspired us in more ways than we could have imagined.

Excited to see what this next year holds for this awesome, inspiring, challenging but incredible 2-year-old little man!

Love you, Chasey-boy!

7 thoughts on ““I’m Chase and I’m two!”

  1. teri lynn says:

    Happy Birthday sweet Chase! He is such a blessing and amazing boy! I love the all the photographs and seeing how much he has grown over the past two years! I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for him!


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