A Recommendation and An Update.

A friend let me borrow this book and I am now purchasing our own copy because I can’t stop looking things up and realize how much I really need this! Check it out Mommas!

A few quick updates (Chase is napping and I am on my way to nap with him);
Still eating a ton and gaining weight. I love his little chubs! He has been pretty clingy since his circumsision on Monday but Ted and I are loving his cuddles and comforting our son. He is alert when awake and trys to hold his head up when you place him on your shoulder. I don’t want him to grow up too fast, but I really can’t wait for more of his smiles and his personality to come out. He has such a serious face when he is awake, it’s hilarious!
Okay, so up until last night, things were going really well. What happened? He was awake for most of the morning yesterday, slept then entire afternoon and into late evening (minus the waking up for feedings). So last night he was wide awake for 4 1/2 hours all together. I was wiped out by this morning’s feeding and had to lie on my side, for the first time since the c section, and feed him. After that feeding, I slept until 10 am and I am still pretty wiped out. Let’s pray tonight is different!
Breast feeding:
I am a milk machine. It’s actually quite amazing that God creates our bodies to do this. I had to begin pumping more often now because my milk supply feels like it just doubled. It’s actually painful sometimes. Yesterday I pumped 4 1/2 oz from one side in only 8 minutes (then stopped because I was sore)!! I actually just finished pumping again because of the engorgement. It’s nice to have bottles ready, but I rarely use them because I’m afraid he is going to become used to instant gratification again, like when they fed him formula in the hospital. What do you think? I also don’t want to waste perfectly good breast milk, but I just don’t want to form bad habits for him!
I am feeling GREAT! I didn’t expect to feel this good after only 19 days since his arrival. I also never thought I’d recover though, haha. I can finally laugh, sneeze, cough, and get up and down with minimal to no pain. Thank you God! Seriously. For those of you who’ve had c sections, you know what I mean. Laughing even hurts sometimes!
I’m not even going to really touch on this subject. I keep getting my hopes up as I step on the scale each morning and realize the number keeps going down… but how long can that last? Really? Yeah, I need to just quit that right now.
p.s. since this is my blog, I can write the “TMI” stuff here; did i mention i finally went number 2? Yes, I am saying this. It was a miracle and I even thanked God! My mom told me to weigh myself after, I did and weighed 4 pounds less. Sickening!!!!

3 thoughts on “A Recommendation and An Update.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I can totally relate to everything here, even the TMI stuff which is very true its your blog write what you want lol. i was so relieved when that happened for me too! hey an odd thing that happened to me during pregnancy is my voice changed..did you experience this too? thanks for the updates JamiLove youDanielle


  2. Simply Me says:

    freeze that breast milk friend! they make special bags you can do it in or just small ziplocks (so you can freeze a bottls worth at a time) and it lasts in the freezer FOREVER! You'll love having it later on when you and Ted go on a date and you need to be able to be gone more than an hour or 2. Save that trash. Also I would recommend giving him a bottle at least 1 or 2 times a week…only because I NEVER gave lyric bottles and then all of a sudden when I wanted to she wouldn't take them. Ever. not once did she ever eat through a bottle. It made weaning super hard because she didn't get it at all when I tried to give her anything but nursing.


  3. Kim H. says:

    Dr. Sears is my favorite and changed my life for the better a mere two weeks before I had my first baby over 15 years ago. I also recommend his other book-The Discipline Book: How to Have a Better-Behaved Child From Birth to Age Ten!


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