Two Weeks Old.

It’s hard to believe that Chase is already two weeks old. He is getting so big too. Ted will be shocked at how much his little man has grown in one week. At his appointment Friday after we came home from the hospital he weighed 9 lbs 1 oz, which meant he didn’t lose any of his birth weight and I am anxious to see what he weighs at tomorrow’s check up.

Just a quick update on a few things while I have time…
Pray for him because tomorrow he is not only getting his blood drawn but also a circumcision :/ Poor boy! They didn’t want to circumcise him in the hospital because it would probably cause his blood sugar levels to drop back down due to stress and they had just gotten them up to a healthy number.
He basically eats, sleeps, poops… but when he is awake, he is so alert! I love it and can’t wait for his little personality to begin to show.
Breast feeding:
I was just thinking today about how smoothly this has gone for Chase and I both. Considering the fact that from birth he was given formula and a binky immediately (both of which I didn’t want him to have, but didn’t have a choice), he does awesome. He learned right away how to latch on! At first he was pretty impatient because he was used to being bottle fed and the immediate flow of food, but now he is a little pro. He eats all of the time, but he is a growing boy. I am never out of milk, I’m always filled and in need of the pump or him!
We had a lactation appointment at the hospital on Monday which went really well. They weighed Chase before feeding and after to see how much milk he was getting. Usually infants eat 1 1/2- 2 oz and Chase ate 3 oz and was hungry an hour later! So I’m not too worried about his weight gain ;)
Chase is really great at night time. I’ve heard horror stories so I really can’t complain. He eats around 9/10 pm and then again around 2 or 3, then around 5 or 6 am. Not bad. Plus I’ve enjoyed getting a really early start to my day and Chase loves to cuddle after the morning feeding…. I love it.
My healing:
It’s only been 15 days since he was born, and I constantly have to remind myself of that. My muscles are finally beginning to not ache as much everywhere. I know it sounds crazy, but I really do think the muscle aches were from the laboring even though they lasted a while! I usually feel like I’ve done a crazy workout and my muscles are feeling it, and we all know that didn’t happen :)
My incision, well I finally looked at it… It does look like a wrinkle and it’s a lot smaller than I imagined. I recently began to get scar tissue build up on the left end. It’s a lump under my skin a little bigger than a quarter. It freaks me out, but our Doctor told me it’s scar tissue so that helped my mind calm down a bit.
My stomach muscles are coming back. Weird… I really can’t even explain the feeling. It’s getting tight, I mean I still have what I am calling a “jelly belly” but I can feel my muscles, especially around my incision.
I am getting in and out of bed, chairs, the car, etc… a lot better now. I can bend and pick most things up on my own now too. I really believe which each new day I feel better and better.
I still have a long ways to go, but I am beginning to feel hopeful that I can get back to feeling great and like my old self again.
Chase is super precious and making this all worth while. I hope someday you all get a chance to meet our sweet boy!

2 thoughts on “Two Weeks Old.

  1. Anonymous says:

    how great, it seems like things are really coming alot. Before you know it Chase's personality will shine-you'll love it! I wanted to ask you about your incision, did they use staples or stiches or the glue? i had the glue. I hope you are healing more and more each day and i cant wait to hear more about chase!love youDanielle


  2. The Wellingtons says:

    What a great update. It sounds like you guys are doing awesome! I cried when they took Josiah for his circumcision… and again the first time we changed his diaper because he screamed so bad, but after that, it started getting much better quickly, and wasn't so bad… I just wanted you to know it really does start to heal quickly. Just a little tip… after the first day or so, be sure to pull back the skin a little each day so it doesn't reattach. I'm sure they'll tell you that. Anyway… it sounds like Chase is doing so well, and so are you. Josiah's had kind of a rough night, he's fighting sleep so badly, but hopefully tomorrow will be better.


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