A Random Scrabbled Blog.

Remember our 31 week maternity photoshoot? Well, we didn’t actually share them all. It would have given our names away! Here is one now.

Ted needs to edit them, because I did it tonight on picnik.com and it rarely turns out that grand. He will make the letters pop so you can actually read them :) Anyways, I just remembered we took these, so I had to share.

I chose this cloud layout for one day during the pregnancy and decided against it because it was too boyish. And now, all along it was just perfect. Let’s see how long it lasts. I am considering making a blog with my gmail account- that way all 3 of our blogs will be in the same log in and I can choose a different link name because we will definitely be having siblings for Chase (someday, a little overwhelming to think about right now, ha), so jami & baby bump doesn’t really apply anymore. Didn’t think that one through when I made this blog ;)
I had a bit of “free time” because Chase actually let me set him down in his bouncer. He’s wanted to be held since his appointment this morning and I have literally held him ALL afternoon and evening. I love his snuggles & his little sighs while sleeping, but I am wondering how tonight is going to go. We might be sleeping in the recliner tonight.
Oh and one more thing… please pray for our car to get finished at the shop so Ted & his mom can get back here. They are 6 hours away in KS and Ted was telling me tonight just how much this is killing him. I’m guessing he will be the one holding Chase all day when he returns. They are hoping to be back by tomorrow late afternoon/evening and are now 2 days late and Chase and I are missing them!
He’s awake, gotta run!!

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