DP Free!

I am officially 3 pounds away from my goal of losing 10 pounds by Christmas!! Remember my last post, one month ago?! Yeah, since then I’ve lost 7 pounds! Okay, so not a lot or even double digits but something.

I am {encouraged}.

I’ve been walking when I can and I have dropped Dr. Pepper completely! Yes, It’s true and I think I am even more proud of THAT than even the weight loss! When I did decide to have a glass on a date night with Ted is just wasn’t as satisfying. I don’t need it anymore!

I’d like to thank my own personal Jillian Michaels (biggest loser) aka CayeDee Rhoades for really, really challenging me to move forward and not settle for where I am at.

When I am home with Chase I will sometimes watch morning shows, like Regis and Kelley, the Today Show  or Rachael Ray and it seems like lately they’ve everywhere I turn it’s about walking, running and being fit! I also watch the Biggest Loser and am inspired. I want to be running by the time Chase is 6/7 months!

WOOHOO. So, so encouraged! I can do this!

FOREVER 21 here I (almost) come!

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