A Handmade Thanksgiving; DIY Felt Leaves.

Taking a break from the Thanksgiving Day prep and festivities to share a cute little DIY project with you that I found here on Dana Made It. I feel bad that I’m sharing so late, but save the idea for next autumn! I enjoyed making these and they really add an extra fall coziness to the house.

Felt “falling” leaves. Pretty simple, just a little time consuming, but fun and worth it in my opinion. And I bet- even more fun when the kiddos can actually join in and help make them too. I can’t wait for when Chase will do projects {with} me! He pretty much just ran around with the felt and tried to steal my fishing line like twenty times :)

Supplies used:

Felt  (in fall colours) – you can get 4 for $1 at a hobby store

Leaf outline (found here)

Scissors, thread, needle, sharpie marker (I used fine point)

Fishing line (if you want to hang them)


Google a leaf outline or print this one off.

Trace and cut it out.

You now have a few options for the leaf look. You can either hand sew simple lines (i personally like that look) or you can use a sewing machine like they did…

Aren’t they cute?! I love them!

I had a super chill day when I did these but if you don’t have time to hand sew or sew them…

you can do this;

Super easy, very quick!


Once you’re finished you can either place them on a coffee table or hang them. I personally can’t leave them laying pretty on ours because little hands come and swipe them! :)


So pretty, I hung them in 3 windows and saved some for centerpiece decor for Thanksgiving Day.

Save the project for next year if you like it. I am going to be doing some kind of winter garland and snowflake project for this Christmas and I WILL post those in time so you can do them too!

I am disappointed in myself for not getting everything I wanted done for the “Handmade Thanksgiving”. I had some pretty hard down days and am behind in showing and sharing with you so YOU could do projects too. I’m sorry friends! I hope you were still inspired by the few things I did share. Stay tuned for some Handmade Christmas Decor ideas coming soon :)

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