Creating with what you have {Handmade gift idea 4}

I promise that there are gift ideas coming soon that aren’t based around a picture frame.  We’re waiting for payday in order to get the supplies needed to finish some gifts. Today I was feeling kinda bummed about waiting… so I searched through what I had and made this gift for a sweet loved one.

Found this frame just collecting dust. Find or buy one.

Spray paint it if needed (definitely needed in this case)

Cut tissue paper into circles of diferent sizes. (I usually never throw away tissue paper when given it and recycling it today into this was worth the storage space ;))

Crumble them (optional – i just liked the way it looked)

Layered them to your liking.

Find a center piece. I used a button for a fun touch.

Okay, it’s true… I’m a lover of the hand stiching. You don’t need to do this, you can draw it or glue something instead :)

Stick it in the frame (without the glass).

It’s not perfect but I kinda like that about it. Hope you’re inspired to create or encouraged that if you don’t have the supplies to make what you want currently, look through your closets and storage to see what you actually have. You might just be surprised what you come up with!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the {easiest} paper decor DIY project tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “Creating with what you have {Handmade gift idea 4}

  1. Danielle says:

    OMG!!!!! Jami this is beautiful!!!!!! Once again, stealing your idea!!! I never throw away tissue paper either and this is a WONDERFUL way to use it!


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