Paper Trees (the easiest DIY ever)

As I pulled out all of my craft stuff yesterday I noticed I actually had a lot of paper in teals and blues. I decided to make some paper trees. It took me a few shots but this is the best way I found. And it is easy!

All you need is paper, scissors and tape!

Cut paper into a big circle and cute out a piece like above photo.

So simple, so pretty! I love em’. Someone else loved them too ;)

And you can layer them if you want.

I put them “high” so Chase couldn’t get them or so I thought.

(yep, that’s my son standing on his rocking chair, he’s a daredevil and loves to test his momma!)

We don’t have a mantle at my Grandma’s (where we currently live, just in case you didn’t already know) so this was the best place for them. If you have a mantle, I’m sure they’d look pretty there! They add a pretty “Christmasy” flare. Remember you don’t have to do teals or blues. You can do actual Christmas colours!

Stay tuned next week for more crafts, decor, homemade gift ideas and maybe a Christmasy dessert! This weekend I may be posting more of how we’re doing as Eisley’s due date nears.

{Much love friends}


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