Gate and Front Entrance – {Before and Afters 1}

Our little “Hopeful Home” is the bottom level of a duplex. When we first saw this place, I had to imagine it the way we would decorate and make it homey, otherwise, there was just no way. Thankfully I’m actually really good at seeing the potential and visualizing the end result (with most things). We’re slowly making the inside homey and us. But the outside was another story until recently! Here are the before and after photos with the little progress we’ve made so far! I’m a little embarrassed to show you the before photos, but this definitely needs before photos so you can see the progress!

But first, a photo of our cutest little garden helper and “heavy lifter”. :)

My friend CayeDee came up and we knocked this out in a few hours. We pulled weeds and prettied up the place the best we could for now.

I originally wanted terricata planters and wanted to paint them and stencil them, but that was too ambitious to knock out in the time Ted was away, not to mention expensive! My mom told me Wal-Mart had these pretty coloured planters for a reasonable price, so there I went. I was super thrilled to find our colours! Red and teal plus a little yellow (there is also green and blue if you’d want to check it out!)

I envisioned red mulch and now that it’s down, I love it! The little white things strewn throughout it are from the tree :) The rocks we found in the “rock garden” or whatever it is on the side of our yard. I have a plan to use other large rocks to write words, quotes or verses and draw pretty things on them and place them in the flower garden as well.

Now I look outside our window and see this! It’s so {HOPEFUL}.

I bought a bunch of yellow flowers because they reminded me of “You are my sunshine” :)

This is the walkway to our home. We put in solar lights and planters with flower and even just that little bit adds so so much! I also made a gate entrance sign with teal and white and the chevron pattern but I still have to put words inside and waterproof it and then I’ll show you the finished look!!

This is the way out. Pretty and sunny!

I taught Chase how to help me water them. He is now obsessed and has even watered the dandelions in our yard :)

He was an awesome helper. He gave the “pretties wa-wa” as he still never says water, haha.
Hope you enjoyed the first before and after photos. More photos as things progress!

8 thoughts on “Gate and Front Entrance – {Before and Afters 1}

  1. patti says:

    Verycute…love how the colors have brightened up the yard…and Chase is adorable…what a wonderful little gardener!


  2. Michi says:

    I’ve been browsing your blog, and your home makeover ideas (and baby shower ideas!) are ADORABLE. Hubby and I are currently in the process of looking for a new place to call home – I hope I can brighten it up as much as you have with yours. :) And your baby boy is so CUTE!


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