30 Day Photo Fun {Week 1}

I’m doing a photo challenge with a few friends and decided to post one blog at the end of each week, with that weeks photos. Enjoy :)

June 01:: Self Portrait 

Me; frizzy hair, makeup less, freckles and all.

(I was a little discouraged to find self-portrait as the first day, however, not only did it challenge me in photography as I rarely do self-portraits, it also challenged me on a personal level which is good I guess ;)

June 02:: Your Favourite Shoes

Roxy sandals/flipflops have been a summer favourite since I was 16. Every spring I get a new pair because I usually wear them out each year. So, favourite shoes currently, these.

June 03:: Hands

Chase’s hand inside an imprint my brother did a few years back.

June 04:: Clouds

June 4th there was not a cloud in the sky until the sun was beginning to set. I texted my friend (who lives in OK) earlier in the day and she too had a cloudless day! Not that we were complaining! How funny :)

June 05:: Breakfast

Mmm. Leftover chicken with hash browns, green chili and eggs.

This week was fun! Excited for the next week. It’s not too late to join in if you want! You can play catch up or just start tomorrow. Here is the list if you’re interested; {30 Day} Photo Fun.

7 thoughts on “30 Day Photo Fun {Week 1}

  1. Jill says:

    Your pictures are GREAT! I especially love the hands one. And I agree, your self portrait is gorgeous! This reply form is asking me for my website so I left it for you so you can see that you inspired me to join in the fun, as well! Thanks!!


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