Easy DIY Party or Home Decor

Today I worked on one of the simplest DIY projects and decided to share. We’re throwing a party this weekend and as I gathered all of the party stuff we have, I realized, we didn’t have much for table decor. I knew I wanted to use some candles I had (because the BBQ part of the party will be outdoors) so I searched my craft room and found 4 hurricane vases I had bought from a thrift store a while back. I hopped on pinterest and found this  idea, which had plan rocks inside the hurricane lamps. I knew that it didn’t match our party theme or colours (I’m a little annoying with how much I want this party matchy-matchy), so decided to paint the rocks instead!

Here’s the simplest DIY :)

Supplies used:

Rocks (from our backyard)

Paint brush

Paint (you could even spray paint them)

Be sure to paint both sides. Well, I guess that depends on what you use them for :)

See how simple! I forgot to photograph them with the candles, but you get the idea :)

{Hope you’re inspired!} Have a great rest of the week!

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