Hallway Wall {Before and Afters 1 }

So today I finished step 1 of our hallway wall display and just wanted to share the process. When we lived with my grandparents I began thrift shopping and garage sale shopping for items for our someday “Hopeful Home”. So, I have almost everything I need to decorate our home, it’s all just sitting in my craft room, ready to be hung or painted or put together, etc. I decided to knock out the hallway wall today after much thought, arranging and prepping on the living room floor :)

This is just step 1, keep that in mind when you see empty frames and space :)

I am loving the progress already! The chalkboard was a $.25 find at a garage sale and I painted it to match our colours. I plan on putting a new quote, verse or saying up on it each week. The frames were all either gifts to us (one birthday I asked all of my friends for black picture frames and an artsy photo they took!) or they were thrifted finds.

This shelf was also a thrifed find. It was a brand new shelf from Target – being sold at Goodwill for $1 because of a small chip in it! Score! I am painting wooden EST. 2007 letters and putting them up in the blank space underneath. The Kodak Duaflex was a thrifted find as well!

The keys were a gift! I spray painted the smaller one black but loved the antique look of the larger black one!

Some frames need photos and some need to be replaced, but for now this is what it looks like :) The hardest part for me will be choosing what photos of ours to print off! I know I was some of Chase, a newer family photo, something to represent our Eisley-girl… but it’s going to be hard to pick and choose through all of our photos!

Just wanted to share! Our little home is coming along, slowly but surely! Photos of more outdoor and indoor before and afters soon!


9 thoughts on “Hallway Wall {Before and Afters 1 }

  1. Chey says:

    AMAZING. can’t wait to see it in person. when i first saw the picture i thought “that must be something on pinterest she liked” then i was SHOCKED to see you did it! it looks so professional! NIIIICE.


  2. Candice says:

    Jami, it’s beautiful! Wish I was still out there so I could come over and see it in real life. You inspire me so much.


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