Gate Entrance Sign… Finished!


I needed a gate entrance sign, since our entrance is set back a little bit. I wanted it to be obvious where we lived, hence the bright colours. I had them match our living room colours, with a bit of a brighter yellow.

My inspiration was this amazing sign on pinterest. I usually don’t like to copy cat something but I am just LOVED this! I am also LOVING the chevron pattern so much plus I had 4 square frames just like the one they had pictured. And my flowers were already made! I did my sign a little bit different. I added chicken wire to hold the words on and for the look. I also added our family name and address number and BRIGHT colours :)

The chevron pattern seriously needs to be PERFECT to look awesome. To look chevron-like :) I painted and re-did this sign not once, not twice, but three times before I got the look I was looking for. I originally thought I would use painters tape but then became over confident in myself (or maybe just lazy) and thought I could use a sponge brush and hand paint this pattern… wrong! The first one was horrible, the second one was okay but I couldn’t live with just okay. I knew that everyday I walked up the path to our home, I would regret and hate the sign. Hah. Why didn’t I just go with my gut and use painters tape right away! So learn from my lesson… USE TAPE for the chevron pattern :)

I know love it!

Flowers add a pretty touch. I weather proofed my entire sign but I’m curious how it will hold up. Hopefully well!The final look! I am so thankful it’s finished and up…I love it! Now maybe the UPS guy will have an easier time finding us ;)




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