DIY fabric scraps to tassel decor.

DIY fabric scraps to tassel decor

This image of a ribbon backdrop I found on Pinterest sparked inspiration. You see, we live in the bottom level of a duplex (just for 2 more months, yay!) and the perimeter walls are {all} solid cement. Makes decorating interesting and room walls somewhat creepy. We recently rearranged out bedroom to fit our family’s needs currently. To maximize the most space for our small room, we ended up needing to put our head of the bed against one of the cement walls. Ugh. I didn’t like it at all.

(Side note: Please excuse the quality of the photos. Most were taken with a phone)
I decided I’d had enough and would do the best I could with what we already had to make something to somehow “pretty” up that wall until we move. (I do have a headboard idea – I bought a wooden privacy screen for $5 and plan to paint it but am not able to do that at the moment due to cold weather and no garage to paint it in) Okay, enough chattin’.

Supplies used:

scissors, twine, fabric

How to DIY:

1. Cut fabric into strips of whatever length and width you’d like.

2. Lay  fabric strips out in a pattern

3. One by one tie then onto the twine.

…and you’re done! It’s that easy!

 You can stop here. I did for a few weeks and then decided to add a bit more…

I decided to add words to our tassel “headboard”.

4. draw letters onto fabric

5. cut letters out

He is my little crafting buddy joined in, of course :) I decided to do ‘You + me’ for two reasons; one, it’s cute and fitting. two, it was the song we danced to for our first dance at our wedding.

6. spray with fabric stiffener (a step i did not do but totally recommend, ours letters are a bit flimsy)

7. pin them to the tassel decor – you could so this for a birthday party and pin a name or word(s) to it as well! All kinds of possibilities!

Call me crazy but this simple decor really does help our room feel more welcoming and cozy!

Let me know if you do this. I always love hearing of others who do the DIYs I post and enjoy seeing pictures of your work too. Thanks for stopping by!

{Happy Sunday} and for some {Happy SuperBowl Sunday} :)

the boys’ room {part 3}

I’ve been doing a little series with photos of the progress on the boys’ room. If ya want, you can check out Part 1 here and Part 2 here. See what we started with :) Their room is really small and one of the main walls (with the window) is all cement (ick!) I was considering painting but since we’re renting and I’ve already painted on huge wall in our home (I needed colour in the living room for my sanity ;)) We decided against painting and instead have made the most with what we could. It’s turning out fun and bright! Chase is loving it! Especially the paper lanterns which he calls balloons :)

I added the boys’ names to the cement wall for colour. Boy S’s name isn’t being announced until Tuesday next week, so I couldn’t share a photo with his name. His name is painted in the aqua blue.

Not much change here with the changing table. A few baskets and the elephant my mom sewed for Chase when he was a baby.

The canvas you see was canvas I got on sale a year ago. I finally used all but two up! The paper lanterns I got on sale at (AMAZING prices!) The curtain was thrifted at the price of $2.50! It is super thick and retro-ish but matches pretty well. I still need to cute and sew the bottom so it fits the window better, but for now…

This was a seriously fun project. I used tape to make my own chevron style pattern. I also used my cricut and vinyl to create the words you see. The “puffy” words are from 2 packages of stickers I bought half off at Hobby Lobby!

The boys’ closet is tiny so we added 3 poles to hold clothes and also a over the door rack for their coats and hoodies and such. I’m in awe how much a tiny closet can hold :) When I shut the door, I can pop up this thrifted green chair which I sit on sometimes as Chase falls asleep in his bed.

I still have some work to do on this wall but here is what it looks like currently. I need to move the You are my Sunshine canvas up so I can add a frame with a copy of Boy S’s footprints and stats.

I still need to hang this IKEA bar and hooks below the frames and above the dresser to hold little buckets of things.

The little tricycle you see was a thrifted find that I painted to make it a bit more modern to fit the boys’ room style. At some point, I want to hang the kid skateboard up on the wall (which isn’t pictured because it’s blank and unfinished) above S’s bed. I have a plan to do that entire wall with shelves like the skateboard and photos from pregnancy, newborn and different stages in both boy’s life.

The boys’ room is really, really bright during almost all hours of the day. This curtain is pretty thick and it helps to keep the room looking softly lit for the boys’ naptimes.

I’m pretty excited that their room is {mostly} finished before S comes in just {6 days} now!! Thanks for popping in :)




Gate Entrance Sign… Finished!


I needed a gate entrance sign, since our entrance is set back a little bit. I wanted it to be obvious where we lived, hence the bright colours. I had them match our living room colours, with a bit of a brighter yellow.

My inspiration was this amazing sign on pinterest. I usually don’t like to copy cat something but I am just LOVED this! I am also LOVING the chevron pattern so much plus I had 4 square frames just like the one they had pictured. And my flowers were already made! I did my sign a little bit different. I added chicken wire to hold the words on and for the look. I also added our family name and address number and BRIGHT colours :)

The chevron pattern seriously needs to be PERFECT to look awesome. To look chevron-like :) I painted and re-did this sign not once, not twice, but three times before I got the look I was looking for. I originally thought I would use painters tape but then became over confident in myself (or maybe just lazy) and thought I could use a sponge brush and hand paint this pattern… wrong! The first one was horrible, the second one was okay but I couldn’t live with just okay. I knew that everyday I walked up the path to our home, I would regret and hate the sign. Hah. Why didn’t I just go with my gut and use painters tape right away! So learn from my lesson… USE TAPE for the chevron pattern :)

I know love it!

Flowers add a pretty touch. I weather proofed my entire sign but I’m curious how it will hold up. Hopefully well!The final look! I am so thankful it’s finished and up…I love it! Now maybe the UPS guy will have an easier time finding us ;)




Hallway Wall {Before and Afters 1 }

So today I finished step 1 of our hallway wall display and just wanted to share the process. When we lived with my grandparents I began thrift shopping and garage sale shopping for items for our someday “Hopeful Home”. So, I have almost everything I need to decorate our home, it’s all just sitting in my craft room, ready to be hung or painted or put together, etc. I decided to knock out the hallway wall today after much thought, arranging and prepping on the living room floor :)

This is just step 1, keep that in mind when you see empty frames and space :)

I am loving the progress already! The chalkboard was a $.25 find at a garage sale and I painted it to match our colours. I plan on putting a new quote, verse or saying up on it each week. The frames were all either gifts to us (one birthday I asked all of my friends for black picture frames and an artsy photo they took!) or they were thrifted finds.

This shelf was also a thrifed find. It was a brand new shelf from Target – being sold at Goodwill for $1 because of a small chip in it! Score! I am painting wooden EST. 2007 letters and putting them up in the blank space underneath. The Kodak Duaflex was a thrifted find as well!

The keys were a gift! I spray painted the smaller one black but loved the antique look of the larger black one!

Some frames need photos and some need to be replaced, but for now this is what it looks like :) The hardest part for me will be choosing what photos of ours to print off! I know I was some of Chase, a newer family photo, something to represent our Eisley-girl… but it’s going to be hard to pick and choose through all of our photos!

Just wanted to share! Our little home is coming along, slowly but surely! Photos of more outdoor and indoor before and afters soon!