Our {Big} News.

We are pregnant with Baby Davis #3!We are already 5 months pregnant with this “little” one.

3 babies in less than 3 years. WHEW, who would have thought. Had Chase, 14 months later; our Eisley-girl, 14 months later; Boy S! WOW.

We’ve known it was a HE since 13 weeks, because this momma has seen so many ultrasounds – I just noticed and asked if that was “boy parts” and sure enough… :) (I’ll share more about how I felt about knowing this on another blog).

We have found the perfect name for him, which I won’t be sharing until the end, because I love surprises which means, I love surprising others too ;) For now I’ll be calling him Boy S on here.

Boy S has been measuring big almost from the beginning (already following in his big brother’s footsteps).

I’ve felt him move since VERY early on. I even asked if that could be possible, because I just couldn’t believe it. I began feeling him at only 10 weeks. I see it as a {huge} blessing and from the beginning have thanked God for his swift and sharp movements! Whew…

This pregnancy has been completely smooth and so far, perfect. We are so very {thankful} beyond words.

Nope, this little dude was not planned, in fact we were quite surprised (MUCH more on this later, there was a lot to process, which is why we haven’t shared for 5 months…). This was all God’s timing.

I was super sick with him but to be honest, I saw it as a blessing and embraced the sickness as I was never sick with my sweet Eisley-girl.

(4 months pregnant here. I showed VERY early with this little one! Probably because I never lost the weight AND my 3 babies are SO close together)

Because of constant fear and worry, I didn’t even find the strength to take a photo of my belly bump until 16 weeks when the reality began to set in even more – that this pregnancy is healthy. That we might just be able to go full term and have our baby in our arms, alive. ….. whew….

We’re thrilled as we get closer and closer to his birthdate. I would say due date, but we’ve already scheduled a c-section (more on this desicion later too) so his birthday will be November 2nd. :)

(Boy S and Chasers – 5 months pregnant)

Chase is THRILLED. He is adorable most times, kissing Boy S (which I can’t wait to share what Chase calls him, since he has a hard time saying his name… so cute). He is also rough with Boy S already, yep. He headbutts, punches and squeezes my belly :)

Well, there is a lot more going on inside of my head and my heart. I have been journaling throughout this pregnancy and really want to share a few things on another post. Just about this process and where I’ve been. But for now, there are some of the facts :) Please be praying for Boy S, for this pregnancy to continue to be healthy and for our hearts as we walk through this pregnancy so soon after losing Eisley.

14 thoughts on “Our {Big} News.

  1. Arleen McClenahan says:

    Congratulations to you…Ted and Jami. “God is good “. Chase will be a great big brother. So happy to hear this great news… We are praying for you to have a happy healthy pregnancy.


  2. rose says:

    Oh this is wonderful. Perhaps you didn’t plan it but I think God did. He has His ways and reasons. I am so happy for you.


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