Pretty Storage Boxes (an easy-peesy DIY)

I don’t know about you, but I’m always in need of more storage space for crafty purposes and for memoury type stuff. I wait for sales at hobby stores but even then you’re spending $4 or more for the super cute storage boxes. (I’ll totally admit, I’ve spent more money just because they were cute!) Well, today my mom pointed to a stack of boxes we had sitting out and asked if I had seen the cute storage boxes at Michaels (a hobby storre we had just gotten back from). I misunderstood what she said and that’s where this idea sparked from;

Why not make our own cute storage boxes today?!

Supplies used:

shoe boxes

modge podge

spondge brush

pretty paper!!

paper cutter or xacto knife

Here’s the DIY. It’s super simple!

Measure the paper to fit the box.

Apply modge podge, one section at a time and carefully place the pretty paper on.

Smooth out any bubbles. I did not add a layer on top but you can if you want to be super safe.

(mine remind me of spring, hope!)

And now I’ve got super CUTE storage boxes that cost close to nothing!

Hope you’re inspired! Another DIY coming soon :)

15 thoughts on “Pretty Storage Boxes (an easy-peesy DIY)

  1. Stephanie says:

    I love your dIY projects! I always look forward to reading them they brighten up my day LOOVE them! especially the magnets! I went out and bought a whole container of mod podge! I just started blogging so I’m very new to this whole thing and I just stumbled upon your blog and really enjoy it and can really relate. I’m going to enjoy making these boxes tomorrow.


      • Cai says:

        O.k. Thank you I’m not sure if we have a Hobby lobby here in Fl, however I sure any craft store may carry it. Thanks


  2. iamaveronica says:

    Hi there! I discovered your blog months ago on Pinterest and instantly fell in love with this idea for a craft. It was one of my first “repins”! For my sister’s bridal shower, I made her one using your instructions as my basis, then added some other things like embellishments. Please have a look: and tell me what you think?
    You’ve inspired me for this gift and she loved it!


  3. angel343 says:

    Love modge podging boxes, they look much better than plain old boxes. With all the lovely scrapbook paper out there, it gives me a reason to buy more!


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