bits + pieces: our bedroom

Confession: in any of the homes we’ve lived in during our 5.5 years of marriage, this is the first home in which I fully decorated our bedroom! I realized that it is kind of our oasis and it tends to be overlooks and usually is our messiest room of the house. The “catch all”.

Well, when we moved into this house (almost a year ago) I said I would make it just that: an oasis.  In the fall we swapped our master bedroom (our largest bedroom in the house) with our office/craft room (smallest bedroom) so we could be near Chase’s room which at the time we were across the house from him.

Over the past few years I’ve slowly collected this or that “vintage” or “eclectic” specifically for our room. This weekend I finally “finished” the basic decorating in our bedroom. Here are bits + pieces of what our little room looks like…

20130216-145119.jpgThis dresser is from my mother’s childhood. I absolutely love it and even though there are all kinds of tutorials for how to update old dressers, I just can’t bring myself to do it. Love it the way it is. I found the old springs on the side of the road and for now it holds Ted’s ties. I have a another plan for this, but it’ll take me a little more time. (the closet space is actually used to store things, so it is nice because we rarely have to get into it)

20130216-145051.jpgBrass lion heads…Love ’em.
20130216-145109.jpgThe inside of this beautiful vintage frame was actually fabric that had water damage. The fabric texture felt like canvas so I tried painting it a spa blue and was thrilled to see it worked! Also, don’t you just LOVE the details of this frame?

Right before Ted and I began dating, I made him this shadow box for his birthday. When we started dating I noticed he has dried and kept a small flower I had given him months before. BAH, love that he’s sappy-sweet like that :) He’s kept this shadow box over the years, it has even survived a fall onto tile!
20130216-151452.jpgI found chevron print curtains on Urban Outfitters that I loved, however, the price… not so much. So I decided to make my own! I was so excited to find a chevron print to go with our bedroom!
20130216-145152.jpgThis beauty (that currently holds our towels and guest blankets, etc) cost me $20 at a garage sale! In our previous home it was used as a pantry since we didn’t have an actual pantry. The umbrella is from Thailand. The frame was thrifted and painted. The pallet behind, of Jesus’ hands, was a gift. The ‘D’ still needs to be spray painted to look metal, but for now… :)

The old books are mine: a book of poems and an old Streams in the Desert and My Utmost for His Highest. The amazing old jar was filled with glass marbles (which are used as decor in the boys room in an old gum ball machine) only cost me $4! 20130216-144936.jpg

This old door I picked out of someone’s trash. The neighbors near them stared awkwardly as I lifted this BEAST of a door into my mini van. I have no regrets, I love her, broken glass and all. I have a plan for this as well… just for now, she simply holds a broken but pretty wreath!20130216-155816.jpg (The ONLY red in our bedroom is on this wreath. For those of you who’ve followed my blog or know me at all, you know this is huge. You could say, I’m typically a red-aholic. Teal – or more specifically here – spa blue, you cannot keep me away from apparently ;))


(above: older photo of our bed and headboard hence the different lighting :)20130216-144929.jpg

Headboard made from a room divider I bought at a garage sale for $5. I just added chalkboard paint and our ‘You + me’ banner.


I would still love to add some more photos but I am so very thrilled to have wedding photos hung! WHAT? It has only taken me 5.5 years haha

It is a work in progress but I must say this feels pretty good to have it oasis-like instead of our grungy-catch-all room!

Thanks for popping by, hope you are inspired by our room tour!

bits + pieces: Valentines Day

I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for Valentine’s Day :) Here are bits + pieces from ours…


20130216-191509.jpgChase and I made heart pancakes. I had seen an idea on Pinterest to use some sort of pancake pen but I used a ziplock baggie and snipped on small corner to “draw” the pancakes onto the skillet. SUPER FUN!



Chase + 2 babies + red washable paint (yikes!) + toilet paper rolls = a HUGE mess and a whole ‘lotta fun :) And of course, Shailo had to taste test it. 20130216-204532.jpgpirate, monkey (or ewok) and fishy. bath time after a messy craft time.20130216-191712.jpg

“Oh my gosh, did I just say I love you out loud?” ValentinesDayCollage5

(Ted is going to CRINGE majorly when he sees these photos hehe) I also took our traditional ‘paper hearts’ photoshoot. This year was SO difficult. I couldn’t get my camera on the right settings in time for the boys to sit still so I went with what I could. The photoshoot lasted maybe 3 minutes, haha! Last year we had Ted home and this year was … interesting hehe… it was fun though. I just let them do whatever (when I realized having “control” was making it worse) and snapped what I could :)ValentinesDayCollage1 ValentinesDayCollage2 ValentinesDayCollage6


my babies last year and yesterday

(sorry for the quality and colouring bahaha) I CANNOT believe how fast this little dude has grown over the years. OH MY HEART.



a little gift for mi madre20130216-173750.jpg20130216-174005.jpg

Dinner with my little loves and my momma who came for a “fancy” fish Valentine’s Day dinner. (Ted was asked to photograph Devotchka!)


sweet, simple, pretty from my love.

Hope that you feel loved always.

xx, Jami

a rainbow birthday party

RainbowPartyFinals (3 of 19)

I recently decorated (and photographed) a little girl’s Rainbow themed birthday party! It was pretty fun decorating for a little girl. Don’t get me wrong, I love planning boy birthday parties but the fun, bright colours were a blast :) I thought I would share just to kind of get my name out there to see if others in the area would ever want to hire me to help do the decorations (seriously, I love this!) I’ll let the photos do the speaking, thanks for stopping by :)RainbowPartyFinals (10 of 19)RainbowPartyFinals (7 of 19)RainbowPartyFinals (16 of 19)RainbowPartyFinals (12 of 19)RainbowPartyFinals (9 of 19)

RainbowPartyFinals (2 of 19)

RainbowPartyFinals (5 of 19)RainbowPartyFinals (8 of 19)
RainbowPartyFinals (11 of 19)RainbowPartyFinals (17 of 19)RainbowPartyFinals (1 of 19)(the gift baggies I did not make – her momma did these)RainbowPartyFinals (18 of 19)560060_10151304454306989_1730141643_nRainbowPartyFinals (13 of 19)RainbowPartyFinals (19 of 19)RainbowPartyFinals (14 of 19)

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you are either inspired or ready to hire me ;) hehe…

I’m currently working on a few wedding shower’y parties and Chase’s pirate themed 4th birthday party. Getting a head start here and there when I can! I get my love for party plannin’ from my madre! She threw us the most creative and unique parties!

{DIY} quote frame & mini chalkboard frame

This DIY decor is so resonably priced you may want to make many :) So many possibilities and they would also make great gifts!

DIY quote frame:

DIY_pictureframes (6 of 9)Supplies used:

– wooden craft frame

– paint & brush

-sharpie marker



DIY_pictureframes (2 of 2)step 1: paint frame
DIY_pictureframes (5 of 9)

step 2: grab a sharpie (coloured would work too) and your quote or a saying or your vows, etc… get to writing.DIY_pictureframes (1 of 2)

step 3: add a photo

DIY_pictureframes (6 of 9)

and you’re done!

DIY mini chalkboard frame:

DIY_pictureframes (2 of 9)

This might possibly be my favourite chalkboard in our home.

Supplies used:

-thrifted frame – I WISH I could have found my before photo because this frame with incredibly gaudy and was, in fact, a mirror.

-chalkboard paint

-paint & brush


DIY_pictureframes (1 of 9)

Now… DIY_pictureframes (8 of 9)

…to arrange, finish filling frames and hanging them in our bedroom :)

It’s only taken me 5.5 years to hang wedding photos!

Hope you’re inspired!

why you {should} buy that ugly thrift store decor.

Thrift stores have a ton of wood – all different shapes and sizes. Some with weird quotes or sayings, some with cheesy holiday paintings, etc. But oh the possibilities!


Here are a few reasons and ideas for WHY you should buy that ugly decor…

diys (6 of 9)

Yes, yet another chalkboard project, hehe. I’m obsessed. This gift was for our dear friends who got engaged over Christmastime!

I used a drill and added knobs I bought from Hobby Lobby so this can be used to hang keys or jewelry, etc.

diys (5 of 9)My sister is also getting married this year (August!)

diys (3 of 9)

She used this as decoration at her engagement party :)

photo 2-17

Supplies used (for the above projects):

-thrifted wood

-chalkboard paint (pictured above) -this particular kind I have found is my personal favourite! SO incredibly smooth. It is expensive but you wouldn’t believe how far a little bottle can go. $5/6 Hobby Lobby (probably any hobby store – and use a coupon! :)) and ALWAYS let the chalkboard paint dry for at {least} 24 hours preferably 48 hours before using it.

-stickers for the words – make them yourself or buy. I made mine with a Cricut.


-chalk – you can buy an assortment of coloured or white chalk (boxes) at Hobby Lobby for just $2 (for 48 pieces). You can either give an entire box (12 pieces) or use little baggies like I do with just a few pieces with the gift you’ve made them.

DIY gifts for grandparents (or other possibilities!) 

diys (9 of 9)

supplies used:

-thrifted wood

-mini canvases

-printed photos (wallet size)

-modge podge

– mini hooks (painted then screwed into wood) bag of 8 for $2

-ribbon (used hot glue to attatch them so the canveses to hang)

-stickers (I used my cricut but you could buy them)

diys (4 of 9)

My mom sings this song with Chase often so we thought this would be a cute idea :)diyblog
The above was for my mother-in-law. I am kind of regretting not doing something a little more in the middle – like a cute quote. This was for her office so she could see her grand babies everyday (she lives in AK.)

Supplies used:

-This particular project I actually did {NOT} thrift the wood – here is an example of a time it was cheaper to use a coupon and visit a hobby store (it also came with little hooks to hang it)

– ribbon

-photos printed – wallet size

-little mini frames (that actually had little canvases in them which I used for the above gift for my mom) Hobby Lobby $2.80 a piece but used for 2 gifts.

– little hooks (I just screwed them into the bottom of the wood)

-stickers or Cricut and vinyl

Other thrifted items turned gifts:


Left: Gift for my grandparents for their front yard.  Right Top: Jewelry holder for my sister Abie (knobs from Hobby Lobby) Right Bottom: I found a HUGE beer lid and couldn’t pass it up. Made this for my future brother-in-law.

Some things to look/look out for while sorting through thrift store decor:

-Look for ones with a way to hang the piece. Obviously you wouldn’t want to pay more on a piece of wood from a thrift store than one at a hardware or hobby store. The plus about thrifting it – even if the price may be similar to a blank piece you could buy – most of the time the thrifted piece already has a way you could hang the decor.

– Look out for paintings that aren’t smooth on the wood. Because you would most likely paint or modge podge, etc on the wood you would want to be sure the surface is flat. Sanding is an option too, but a little more work for you.

-Look for deals within the thrift store. After holidays most thrift stores put their holiday decor 50% off and I’ve even seen it 75%! This is a perfect time to search for pieces of wood to repurpose.

(not many tips, but I hope that helps)

Below is a photo to show that I DO indeed fail at things I try to create… I tend to show the things that have worked… well, here ya go ;)…20130123-103231.jpg

My friend Brittany and I attempted to make the Starbucks peppermint cake pops. BAHAHAHAHA.

Thanks for popping by! Hope you are inspired and that you look like you have HORRIBLE taste when you now buy that ugly thrifted decor you once turned away from.


12 Days of Creating: Pretty Muslin Banner (no sew)

Day 12! I just can’t even believe it, December 12th already?! Tonight is one I really love. I think the possibilities are endless! Fairly simple and oh so pretty! I found a pin on Pinterest of a banner while I was searching for ideas to help decorate a recent event. It is my inspiration for tonights post. (all photos below are taken with my iPhone)

AJL Art Auction (1 of 4)

Supplies used:

Muslin – hobby lobby with a 40% off coupon

twine  (or yarn – or rope)

hot glue gun (I had planned on using a HeatNBond type thing but totally forget to get one so I used hot glue instead and it worked just find… I think it would depend on your choice of fabric)

rotary cutter (or scissors)

other fabric – for the banner words

AJL Art Auction (2 of 4)

Step 1: Iron muslin and then cut it. Mine are all 5 inches long and 4 inches wide.

Step 2: After cutting it, lay material out in the exact spacing you would like your banner to be.

Step 3: glue twine to material carefully

AJL Art Auction (4 of 4) Step 4: Draw your letters onto the fabric. I used a sharpie which is all I could find at the time ;) Maybe use a disappearing ink one instead. hehe

Step 5: Cut out letters

Step 6: Glue letters to muslin (or to HeatNBond and then iron them onto muslin)

Chaseboy worked on his snowflakes while I worked on the banner for our bedroom :)AJL Art Auction (3 of 4)Step 7: Hang and admire.

LOVE IT. So simple!

Gotta run before 12. 12. 12. turns, 12. 13. 12 ;)

G’night (or mornin’) everyone!

12 Days of Creating: The Reasonable and The Practical (DIYs)

Day 11 is a combination: a super reasonable and fun craft for your kiddo and a few practical ideas for yourself.

The Reasonable: Chase and I found little creatures in (you’ll never guess where?! ;)) the $1 section at Target and we picked out 3 to paint for Shailo and him. PaintedToys1 (yes, he is often in just his underwear hahaha) Grab some finger paints or washable paint and let them go for it!PaintedToys2 I was actually pretty impressed with his fishy paintin’ ;)

DIYsupplyholder5The Practical:
DIYsupplyholder3I have a problem with messes all over our counter space. About a month ago, I decided I wanted to get the ironing supplies OFF the counter but I knew I needed them super handy because I iron a lot (Ted’s work clothes and sewing projects mostly). I found this tin “planter” (at a thrift store) and turned it into an ironing supplies basket. This might seem so simple and meaningless but in fact, to me it’s huge! What kinds of little things might you have lying around that could help you clear the clutter? Or maybe make a list and head to the thrift store in search of something to help! Think past the colour you may see and imagine what it could be with a little paint! Like this planter turned ironing supply holder:afterglow

Here are a few other ideas:
DIYsupplyholder6I use the Dollar store often for little baskets to help me organize. Like you see here, to store fruit on the counters (without the baggies) or to store food in our fridge.

I had a friend just recently tell me she turned the hanging IKEA book racks into a type of hanging command center! SO smart! Off the counters that tend to oh-so-easily clutter!

Tonight is a weird, kind of all over the place post but I hope you are inspired!

12 Days of Creating: Simple Holiday Tree Decor

Day 10 is a super simple way to add some Holiday cheer to a mantle :) You may remember a Paper Tree DIY from a few years ago (shown below)… Well, we’re adding a few simple steps to create a new look.

First, follow the steps from this previous post I wrote DIY paper trees – to make the base. (Excuse the quality of all of the below photos – taken with my phone like most of my DIYs of late!)DIYHolidayTrees-1Once you’ve made your paper trees, grab a hot glue gun and begin winding your material around them. I would start from the tippy top. For material – I used leftover beads, gaudy silver garland ($1 Target section) and lace I had.

534079_10151166887361989_954852192_nMy cute little helper!DIYHolidayTrees-3

9658_10151166888256989_1399975745_nTa-da! You’re done :) Chaseyboy even helped a little!DIYHolidayTrees-4Super simple, and they add a fun, festive touch :)

Our “mantle” until we have a real one someday.


<3, Jami

12 Days of Creating: Christmas’y Beverage Gift

Day 9 is a gift idea for your hot-beverage-lovin’-friend or family member :)
12DaysofCreating (14 of 15)

I made a few with hot cocoa and this particular one with cappuccino mix shown below.12DaysofCreating (2 of 15)

Supplies used:

Paint and paint brush

Glass bottle

Cocoa powder or other mix

Hot glue gun

Two different pieces of fabric (scraps, you don’t need much!)
12DaysofCreating (10 of 15)

Step 1: Peel of sticker and scrub sparkly clean 12DaysofCreating (11 of 15) Step 2: While glass is drying, paint the lid. (I painted two coats total)12DaysofCreating (12 of 15) Step 3: (Make sure bottle markings like this expiration date are hidden towards the back) Glue fabric piece onto bottle.12DaysofCreating (13 of 15)

Step 4: Make a pretty bow (more steps here if needed)
12DaysofCreating (4 of 15)

Add powder mix and marshmallows and you’re finished!

Hope this helps for those who (like me) are cramming to get gifts bought/made … finished!

x, Jami

12 Days of Creating: Christmas Party or Holiday Decor

Are you having a Christmas party anytime soon? Or maybe just looking to decorate your home for the holidays? Day 8 (a day late) is just for you :) Easy, cheap Christmas Party or Holiday decor.

Supplies used:

Cardboard box

Frame (I think it’s safe to say that most have frames lying around, unused!… or maybe that’s just frameaholics like me? hehe)

Rotary cutter (could use scissors instead)

Napkin (could use scrapbook paper or even fabric) – I just used on napkin from the pile I had for our party! (In case you are wondering, napkins are from Target!)

Modge podge


12DaysofCreating (6 of 15)Step 1: Measure and cut cardboard to fit tightly into frame.12DaysofCreating (7 of 15)

Step 2: Lay napkin (or paper/fabric) down to see where you’d want to position it.

Step 3: Modge Podge little bits at a time and smooth as you go.12DaysofCreating (1 of 15)Step 4: Ready your stickers… for me this happened while nursing. Haha! That little chubby thing beside my arm is indeed Shai’s leg… no worries ;)

12DaysofCreating (4 of 15)
Step 5: Place stickers on board and you’re done!12DaysofCreating (3 of 3)

As you can see, this particular one was made for a Ugly Sweater Party we had here!12DaysofCreating (1 of 3)

Another one, a funny one I made for our party  – the “ugly” for our sweaters but of course ;)

This also takes no time at all, which is perfect for party planning!

Hope you’re inspired!