A Handmade Thanksgiving; {free} fall printables!

Lately I’ve found {many} new inspirational websites and blogs (soon to update my ‘Inspiration’ page, stay tuned). My folder of diy projects and home decor projects is getting huge and makes me {super} anxious/excited for us to get our own home!

 One of recent blog find is an incredibly crafty momma at Craftily Ever After. She’s been making different versions of the ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ posters and they are free to print! Find an unused frame you have lying around (if you’re like us) and print one (or all) of ’em for the last few weeks of fall!

Click here to print ‘Keep Calm and Gobble On’, and  here to print ‘Gather here with grateful hearts’ and here to print ‘Keep Calm and Cranberry On’.

I also found this amazing free printable on The Vintage Dutch Girl

Cute and free :)

Tomorrow my Ted and our camera is back! I will be posting photos of a few fall projects (I ended up using my grandma’s point & shoot because I wanted to take step by step pics) and posting them sometime tomorrow!

My hope in posting ‘A Handmade Thanksgiving’ is that you’re inspired to create too!

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