A Handmade Thanksgiving: Paper Acorn Garland

Inspired by another crafty momma over at Smile and Wave.

Here is my…

Paper acorn garland.

You can go here for the supplies she used. I did mine with just paper instead of contact paper and chipboard, but you should still check her list out just in case you want something more durable.

Supplies (I) Used:

two tones of wood scrapbooking paper (craft store)

sisscors, hole punch, hot glue gun

natural jute -it was cheaper than twine and I ended up liking the look better (craft store)

How to DIY;

Simply download acorn and print.

trace and cut out. glue pieces together. punch holes.

string and hang for a super cute (& fairly simple)  fall decor.

I’m currently obsessed with cross process editing (hence the above photos) but here is a photo of the actual colour;

I actually got a little carried away and made enough to string them in the dining room and the living room.

I love it and so does Chase :)

Here is a sneek peek of a {incredibly} simple and cheap DIY I’ll be posting tomorrow;

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